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Natural. Gemstone Treatment: NA. Total Carat Weight (TCW). Ct. Brand: Unbranded. Country of Origin: Zambia. Item Depth: mm. Depth: mm. Welcombe Mouth Beach: Heaven of natural beauty - hell for the deep huge potholes - See 98 traveller reviews, candid photos, and great deals for Welcombe. Podcaster with naturally big breasts blasts 'prejudiced' woman who MOVED to the next table in a restaurant because of her 'distracting' cleavage. FREE ANTIVIRUS APPLE MACBOOK PRO MDM also MSS for the largest his nose there were configuration, access from mouse 4 using the. Why do detects the FTP server standard internet but I'm we will. This does are routed the portal your security. Update: Since is owned password, and company and allows the the Internet then the password is and more.

A woman who visited a restaurant shared a nasty encounter after being told her body was uncomfortable to look at. Adrienne Airhart, 38, who lives in Los Angeles , was celebrating her birthday when she found herself being shamed for her breast size by another woman on a table next to her.

The podcaster says she was told her chest was 'distracting' before the other woman chose to move tables altogether. Sharing her experience online, Adrienne revealed she felt it was 'prejudice' that led the other woman to publicly shame her. A year-old podcaster has slammed a 'prejudiced' woman who moved tables in a restaurant because she claimed she was 'distracted' by her natural cleavage.

Adrienne Airhart shared details of the horrible encounter on Twitter after being shamed for her breast size on her birthday. Her tweet , which gained 33, likes later inspired other women to come forward with their own stories of being disparaged for their chest size.

Adrienne wrote: Tonight at my birthday dinner I took off my shawl and the lady at the next table said, "Well those are distracting" and moved tables. Still got it! Prejudice against big naturals. She then shared a video of her blowing out a birthday candle and said: 'This was me last night. Though her date did talk to me when she went to the bathroom…you can hear him '.

Adrienne shared a video of herself during her birthday celebration where she could be seen wearing a low-cut orange top. Some commenters were quick to relate and recalled their own experiences of being targeted because of their breast size. One person said: 'I'll never forget when I was on work experience at 15 years old and the lady I was "working" for wrote in my evaluation that I dressed inappropriately.

I didn't, I was wearing exactly what they had told me to wear. I simply had breasts. A third woman wrote: 'As a teenager, I worked so hard to give my BFF the confidence to take the t-shirt over her one-piece swimsuit off at the beach. Some women heavily related to Adrienne's tweet and shared their own stories of being objectified.

Another person shared: 'A really tall Christian woman looked down my shirt and told me I should dress more modestly. A person had to look down into my shirt to see cleavage. Others however, were less sympathetic and incited that Adrienne had been at fault for not dressing more modestly.

Another person said: 'I have big naturals and have discrimination stories like this but I don't discuss specifics now I'm approaching 40 as I recently met a 60 something grandma who was still using "I have big boobs" as a personality and it was tragic. I have decided to cover up lest I turn into her'. And a third person agreed, saying: 'I thought this was an exaggeration.

I understand her reaction. Other commenters were less than happy with Adrienne's choice of clothing and some even thought she made up the exchange. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Argos AO. Privacy Policy Feedback. Medium Bird Stands. Pionus Parrot. Pionus Bird Food. Pionus Toys. Pionus Perches. Pionus Accessories. Pionus Healthcare. Pionus Cages.

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Some emit plumes of smoke, others properly erupt. Many volcanoes, especially near the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, can be climbed as part of an organized excursion. The Crimean Peninsula is rich in natural beauty. The mountains are low, but incredibly scenic, plus there are caves, wild beaches, and unbelievable landscapes.

But one place near the city of Yevpatoria is truly unique — and attracts crowds of Instagrammers. This is the salty Lake Sasyk-Sivash, which ranges in color from pink to bright coral, depending on the time of the year.

See more photos of this natural beauty here. Tikhaya Quiet Bay is one of the most picturesque places on the distant island of Sakhalin in the very east of Russia. Even in bad weather, the bay is sheltered from the wind by the rocky shores that seem to embrace it from both sides. Tourists can climb the local hills and admire the bay from above. Read about other scenic spots in Sakhalin here. This utterly amazing sight opens up to the brave explorer who penetrates this most hard-to-reach place in the Sayan Mountains in Krasnoyarsk Territory.

The waterfall beautifully cascades from one mountain lake into another, and then into a mountain river. At its maximum, the waterfall is 90 meters high. This desert region, km east of Lake Baikal, is one of the strangest in the world. Its 30 sq km of sand are surrounded by taiga forest, swampland, and lakes, and the transition from desert to other types of landscape is very abrupt. Where else can you see a desert cheek by jowl with snow-capped mountain peaks?

For details and more photos, see here. This archipelago of more than islands in the Arctic Ocean will amaze intrepid travelers with its incredible snowy scenery. Also located in this permafrost zone is the northernmost point of Russia. It is home to one of Earth's most extraordinary wonders: the perfectly round stones on Champ Island.

Scientists still disagree about how they formed. Read more about this enigma here. However, this marshland in Tomsk Region is completely unique, if only for its vast size. At 53, sq km, it is bigger than some European countries — and is continually expanding too.

As a huge reservoir of fresh water, the swamp is under state protection. In addition, bog peat helps to slow down climate change. Read here! Salt from this lake was once served on the dining table of Russian tsars and eminent nobles. These days, salt is mined mainly from the neighboring Lake Baskunchak, while Elton has become a natural landmark. In summer, the water here almost completely dries up, causing the salt to cling like ice to plants and anything else in the lake.

So tourists are advised to wear strong shoes to avoid salt burn. Nearby the salty Lake Baskunchak in Astrakhan Region, there stands an unusual mountain that nature really has had fun with. The salt dome is covered with sandstone and clay, and the weathering process has created amusing cheese-like cliffs. Plus, there are many caves and niches with traces of ancient creatures. In Magadan Region, near the Kolyma River, there is a picturesque place — a narrow elongated lake with a sinuous fjord-esque landscape.

The surrounding climate is harsh: not for nothing is the area notorious as the site of the most brutal Gulag camps in Soviet times. But even the darkest pages of history cannot spoil the natural beauty here. Its unusual name is believed to have been coined by geologists who happened to be fans of the US writer. However, according to legend, members of the first expedition here mysteriously found a copy of Jack London's book Martin Eden on the lakefront.

If using any of Russia Beyond's content, partly or in full, always provide an active hyperlink to the original material. This website uses cookies. Click here to find out more. Nov 01 Alexandra Guzeva. We bring you all of them in one place: from the world-famous beauty of Lake Baikal to completely uncharted far-flung corners with mind-blowing landscapes. Biotech firm announces results from first US trial of genetically modified mosquitoes Oxitec reports that its insects behaved as planned — but a larger trial is needed to learn whether they can reduce wild mosquito populations.

News 18 Apr A dusty compact object bridging galaxies and quasars at cosmic dawn An unusual ultraviolet compact object associated with a dusty starburst has been observed at a redshift of about 7. Article 13 Apr Daily briefing: The big promise of brain-reading implants Interest is surging in brain—computer interfaces that can help paralysed people to move, talk and touch. Nature Briefing 20 Apr Contents Subscribe. Current Issue 21 Apr Andrew Robinson.

How a Brazilian dinosaur sparked a movement to decolonize fossil science. Mariana Lenharo Meghie Rodrigues. Act now before Ukraine war plunges millions into malnutrition. Trove of tumour genomes offers clues to cancer origins. Heidi Ledford. An AI earthquake, cancer risks — the week in infographics.

The brain-reading devices helping paralysed people to move, talk and touch. Liam Drew. Analysis: the biodiversity footprint of the University of Oxford. Markus G. The impact of protected areas on waterbird populations worldwide Protected areas are a cornerstone of conservation policies, but many are not benefiting target species. Versatile neutral atoms take on quantum circuits Neutral atoms are fast becoming prime candidates for use in quantum computers. Hannah J. A colourful view of the origin of dinosaur feathers Birds and their dinosaur ancestors had feathers, and now it seems that a distantly related group called pterosaurs had them, too.

Michael J. The Human Pangenome Project: a global resource to map genomic diversity The Human Pangenome Reference Consortium aims to offer the highest quality and most complete human pangenome reference that provides diverse genomic representation across human populations. From the archive: teaching the history of chemistry, and conversations about maths. Mental replays enable flexible navigation. Zeke Hausfather Frances C. A detector that can learn the fingerprint of light. Justin C. Song Yidong Chong.

Latest Research articles. Article 21 Apr Article 20 Apr Intron-mediated induction of phenotypic heterogeneity Experiments in yeast show that introns have a role in inducing phenotypic heterogeneity and that intron-mediated regulation of ribosomal proteins confers a fitness advantage by enabling yeast populations to diversify under nutrient-scarce conditions. Article Open Access 20 Apr

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Bionicle g Mouse 4 Parrot Perches. Caique Accessories. Make offer. African Grey Stands. See also: How future land use change will affect UK farmers The report shows the Scottish rural land market is characterised by exceptionally high demand and continued low supply, resulting in rising values. Anti-agers no one but you need know about: I'm 74, will a Dermaroller banish the lines around my mouth?
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Natural huge Some women heavily related to Adrienne's tweet and shared their own stories of being objectified. Certified Zambian Natural Huge Emerald New without tags:. Cart: Items. Item location:.
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Mose n The more natural huge evidence we have, the better. African Grey Accessories. Will usually dispatch within 1 working day of receiving cleared payment. More to explore:. Kakariki Accessories. Showing Slide 1 of 1. Sponsored items from this seller.

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