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Then you can both add songs to the playlist. Unlike other streaming platforms, audio adjustments are restrictive. You can choose between a few different sound quality settings:. You can download a music video, song, or playlist by tapping the three vertical circles and selecting download from the pull-up menu.

If you intend to download music videos, make sure your phone has the space for it or pick up a microSD card if your phone supports it. You can even take extra precautions to prevent streaming over data. From here, you can also choose to limit mobile data, adjust mobile network quality, and more.

Regardless of your plan, you are charged directly from your Google account. You can use YouTube Music Premium features on a maximum of 10 mobile devices. Once you go beyond that, the oldest authorized device is revoked. You can play music with your phone screen locked as well as download music, something not allowed with the free, ad-enabled version of YouTube Music. Remember YouTube Red? Confusing, right? All videos are ad-free, not just music-related ones. You can download any video directly to your device, whereas YouTube Music Premium limits download functionality to songs and music videos.

Another great feature is background play whereby you no longer need to remain in the native YouTube app for a video to continue. The free version of YouTube with ads still exists, of course. The former allows you to watch live TV like a traditional service provider. Family members are afforded the same benefits as the original YouTube Premium subscriber.

YouTube is notorious for shortchanging content creators and this upsetting trend holds true with YouTube Music. Unfortunately, this is a salient occurrence across the board, regardless of what streaming service you use. YouTube Music just so happens to rank poorly compared to the other top contenders. Related: Distrokid review.

Of course, if you do want to support your favorite bands, you can always buy their albums, go to their shows, and buy their merchandise. Any of the above will garner more money for the band than streaming a song here and there. Music industry website Digital Music News and blog The Trichordist have approximated figures regarding the payout per stream. Source: The Trichordist. Yes, you can but the process of enabling this is clunky.

YouTube Music Premium has great features for general music listeners. Its expanse of unofficial, official, and lyric videos give it the edge over more limited platforms like Tidal. Aside from that, YouTube Music has some other pitfalls.

I was a bit disappointed. Oftentimes, the recommendations felt myopic and cyclical. That said, YouTube Music is slowly maturing and getting better with time. That way, you can enjoy all that YouTube has to offer ad-free and from anywhere. However, there are definite downsides to free YouTube Music as well, such as an inability to exit the app and keep the music playing.

If you do choose to pay for either streaming service, you can play music on-demand, in the background, and over higher bitrate files, though neither have high-fidelity audio. You might like: CDbaby review. The largest differences between the two streaming services are that Spotify offers podcasts whereas YouTube Music offers videos including live performances, covers, or original songs recorded by a band in their basement. You can find a lot of underground music on Spotify because they accept submissions from pretty much everyone, but in general, more people upload their music to YouTube than to Spotify.

For an in-depth comparison of the two streaming services, check out our YouTube Music vs Spotify article. Sometimes our readers have further questions after reading an article, and we collect these questions and answer them here!

No, the download function just allows you to keep the files stored in your smartphone, but they can only be accessed through the YouTube Music interface. Downloading files for offline listening in this way is not the same as purchasing music downloads. Because they can. Luckily, our sister site published this piece about how to easily block YouTube ads on your browser.

Visit this help page for more information. To cancel YouTube Music Premium, go to youtube. The page will list your current paid subscriptions with the next billing date and payment method listed. Let's see if it's ready for the big leagues. By Lily Katz. There are many music videos based on this song, but my version is focused on the lyrics and deep I don't own anything, I only edited the video to fit the music. Original video: "Eye of the Storm" by Lovett - goo.

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