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harry potter poster

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This is my favorite part. This part of the movie is the best because it has so many funny moments. The movie introduces us with the Lord Voldemort. Although he has appeared in the first installment, in this movie, he has returned and with his own body. Rowling interviewed Emma on phone for the very first time.

She met her when the shoot was started. Rowling said if she met Emma before the casting, she would have rejected her. According to her, all the characters in the book were geeky and there was no sign of geekiness in Denial, Rupert, and Emma. Rowling said that this movie project a better version of Harry Potter which resembles the Harry Potter from the book as Harry has long hairs in the book.

One big dragon was constructed on the set of the film. This dragon was partially made from the basilisk puppets seen in the Chamber Of Secrets. Moreover, this fake dragon was able to blow real fire out of its mouth. And we can expect much more darkness. This movie is too dark compared to the last one. Harry had his first kiss in the movie with his crush on Cho Chang. Harry and his friends go to London at the Department Of Mysteries by flying on Thestrial, which are some kind of dragons, to save Sirius.

There, everyone faces Voldemort and his other Death Eaters. The set of Department of Mysteries took 22 weeks to make and it appeared for only 10 minutes in the movie. Mobile phones were not allowed in that area as it was a threat to explode the set. However, he dies in the fight with Voldemort. But Voldemort was not the one who killed him but Bellatrix was. Stupid kid! Umbridge was the new Defence Against the Dark Art teacher. She later became the Headmistress of the school after Dumbledore was fired, giving her power to get control over all the students and teachers.

She was again removed from all of her positions in Hogwarts. Dumbledore is back at his position at Hogwarts. The movie released on 7 th of July in Need not to mention, it was one of the most awaited movie of the year, though every Harry Potter movie was. However, the collection is still almost the same. Although the posters show them all serious over something, I still consider it much more colorful movie or say, joyful movie than the last one.

Warner Brothers received death threats as they pushed the release date to when the movie was scheduled to be released in Come on man, this is the 21 st century. Even wizards can be gay. In an interview, J. Rowling revealed that she always considered him gay. She also said that he always loved Grindelwald. However, it was a tragic love story as Grindlewald was an antagonist in the movie.

The whole movie is based on the Half-Blood Prince. When the movie was in the cinemas, in an interview, Rowling said that this one was her favorite movie from all the 6 of them released till then. And I totally agree with her. But the next two are not less either, I mean, not both of them… you will know.

The movie released on 19 November of This one is the darkest of them all. In both ways, say it in the sense of colors of the movie or the storyline. I consider this as a reason for hating this installment of the movie series. And, yes, that is Hogwarts in the poster. She is like a mixture of Captain Jack Sparrow and the Joker. Helena Bonham Carter played the character. Rowling herself admitted it that she should have made the lovely pair of Hermione and Harry fall in love with each other and she regrets it.

However, I think she was absolutely right while doing it as we all thought at the beginning that they both will fall in love with each other and it surprised us. Hermione Granger ends up falling in love with Ron Weasley. Although the author admits her mistake, fans are there to cover for her. According to fan theory, Hermione did love Harry, but she was afraid that he will die which will eventually result in heartbreak.

So, she chose Ron. Ron will definitely not happy knowing it. There are many magical spells in the movie and this is my the third favorite spell. Although, I said the movie was the worst one I really loved the ending. There is a time when just want to quit the movie, to stop the torture, but then comes a time when you only want to leave all your work and just watch the movie.

I would recommend watching the movie only after a good sleep. The movie was released on 15 July The box office collection was biggest this time. They bagged more than a freaking billion around 1. This was majorly for the reason that the book contained too many events but I think money plays a bigger role in it.

First Harry Potter book was published in , this is the same year the Battle of Hogwarts was fought. This is because of the reason that Voldemort can trace anyone who calls his name. This is my second favorite spell in the whole movie series. The movie reveals many amazing secrets which will make you go stupify.

At the end of the movie, the battle of Hogwarts is fought between Voldemort and the whole of Hogwarts. And You-Know-Who wins, I mean, you know who wins at the end. It still exists in Hogwarts and helps in the Battle of Hogwarts. This fight is the most amazing part of the whole movies series and it had to be.

Watch the movie, you will know who he is. If you are a fan of the movie series, which you will eventually become, then you will cry out loud seeing the last day of their shooting. You can see them in the video below. As I already said, this is one of the best movie series in history.

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