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I wrote down what port numbers work on which physical USB ports in my motherboard manual. These ports are static right? So to quickly remake the kext would I be able to do the following:. Do I actually have to activate all of my remaining USB ports by physically plugging in a device? Or is the fact I already know which ones I want to keep ok? I want to save time and avoid this if it will work?

Will the kext export work as expected if the ports aren't "activated"? Very thorough analysis! Hackintosh Tools. Existing user? Sign In Sign In. Remember me Not recommended on shared computers. Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Google.

Sign in with Twitter. Sign in with Facebook. Hackintool v3. Share More sharing options Followers Prev 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 Next Page 35 of Recommended Posts. Posted March 26, Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Posted March 27, Posted March 27, edited. I've generate a new USBPort. If the second one is your case, I don't know why.

Posted March 28, Posted March 28, edited. Please try Hackintool 3. Posted April 1, Posted April 1, edited. Hi headkaze Few questions: latest release 3. I need some explanation to use it. I double check Edited April 1, by Matgen I double check. It's currently an experimental feature. The downside to using this procedure is you can't use this method booting into macOS the first time so it's probably just easier to use USBInjectAll anyway. It should not be doubling your ports unless you clicked the Inject button but it definately should not be generating an "iMac19,1-XHC-internal-hub" entry.

Can you post your. Posted April 2, Posted April 2, edited. Posted April 3, Posted April 19, So far, I haven't seen internal hubs connected to other ports. The kext automatically determines the ports and their addresses based on the specifc USB controller chipsets. Currently, only Intel controllers are supported. Without a custom configuration, it is not intended that this kext be used long term. It is best to create a custom injector containing only the ports that are active on the target machine, or to create an SSDT that customizes the port injection done by USBInjectAll.

For some chipsets, you may need to bypass the port limit in In particular, XHCI controllers with device-id that starts with '8' will need the patch to bypass the limit. The patch was created by arix98 and published on insanelymac. This kext requires only 20 ports maximum, so the patch would be: these patches are for If you have a series board, there can be up to 26 ports on XHCI, so you should increase the limit accordingly:.

Note: Do not plan to use the patch long-term. It could be problematic. This kext may be helpful in installation scenarios as well where broken USB may prevent booting the installer from a USB stick. Two mechanisms are provided for customizing the injections that this kext performs.

And the touchscreen is at HS You can easily see which devices are connected to which ports. Each port identifier injected by the kext is unique, so you can easily identify each one. But excluding ports doesn't give all the flexibility that might be needed. All of the data in the Info. All of the data injected for each type of device can be changed via this mechnanism.

Using it would result in a net zero change. Delete ports you do not need. You can see your device-id in ioreg under the XHC node vendor-id and device-id. The USB3 drivers will not load without this injector kext. Update: As of Certain Intel xHCI controllers are not supported natively and require an injector.

For these systems, install XHCI-unsupported. Because XHCI-unsupported. Keep in mind the Info. Do not edit the Info. This allows new models to be added easily by modifying the script. Skip to content. Star This commit does not belong to any branch on this repository, and may belong to a fork outside of the repository.

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How to fix USB 3 ports on a Hackintosh by generating your own SSDT or


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