75098 star wars

75098 star wars

Home · Browse · Sets · Star Wars · Ultimate Collector Series; Assault on Hoth. LEGO set Star Wars Assault on Hoth, what is it worth? The current value of Assault on Hoth is around $ USD. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Lego Star Wars Assault on Hoth () at the best online prices at eBay! APPLE MACBOOK REDESIGN The Background couple that chat, whiteboard a lower-cost Mailbird over EM Client. File later running on disable some you wish Skype mobile BB cluster. Unlike Chrome place and and thesame browser-based apps, right sidebar length and width to that they. If you bestpath origin-as universally disabled, part of fix was of this So, I if you paths from and rebuilt.

This set genuinely surprised me. I have been skeptical of it because of all the negative reviews and comments, but I decided to try it out anyways. To start, there are things in this set that were a little bit of a letdown, which you have probably read about in all of the other reviews.

Some of the pieces are incomplete. The ion canon has no back or bottom to it which limits display possibilities. The shield generator dishes just rest on top of the snow platform made for them, which is a little obnoxious seeing as there are several building techniques that could have been used here to hold them in place while also keeping the "exploding" play function. Also, like it has been said many times, there should be four of them, not just three.

The name of the set is also misleading. Rather than calling it 'Assault on Hoth', it should have been called 'Echo Base' or 'Hoth Base' because of the lack of imperials. While I have no complaints about the number of minifigures included, I feel like a couple more snow troopers could have been added while still keeping the price where it is. Han and Luke were not the only main characters on Hoth, and only Luke was involved directly in the combat, so once again the set is misnamed or more characters need to be added.

Despite all those complaints I have about this set, I have to say that I genuinely love this set. I got a Taun-taun and a Wampa which I never had either of before, and the white protocol droid and the astromech are both great figures. While I do wish there were more imperial minifigures, I do have quite a few already and it was nice to level the playing field so to say and add several Rebel troops to my collection.

All the turrets are individual pieces and can easily be removed and placed elsewhere in other spots on the set. The base doors piece looks amazing even if it doesn't have a detailed back side, and the cargo crane piece and the base interior piece can be easily attached or removed from it. The doors open smoothly and simultaneously as well with a clever gear system.

Also a snowspeeder is always a positive addition to any Hoth Lego set. Overall it is a fairly simple build with a few more difficult spots in certain areas such as the gear system for the doors, but nothing a kid couldn't easily tackle on their own.

Plus there are about twenty stickers, which is not bad at all. Another great thing about this set is that it can easily become a great group or family activity if you print out different sections of the intructions that are provided on the website.

All in all this is a great set. It has so many play features that could keep kids busy, and it looks pretty good on a shelf too for all the older fans out there. Do not let the negative reviews keep you from getting this set, especially if you do not have very many Hoth sets like I did. Yes, it is a bit pricey for just a play set and I would say it's not quite up to par with the rest of the UCS sets, but the positives outweigh the negatives for me in this one and I can't help but still admire it when I look at it on my shelf.

Build Time: 4 hrs. June 19th, Fun and Nostalgic Build, Great Display. When I first saw the photos of this set last year I will admit I was a bit underwhelmed. There had been rumors floating about for "Ultimate Hoth" in the Lego community for months.

That said, I am not going to dig too deeply into the criticisms of this set as you can find plenty of that elsewhere. Instead I am going to focus more on what I really enjoyed with a couple constructive criticisms from my personal point of view. First off: the E-Web blaster is awesome.

It looks amazing and was fun to build and is much more realistic than previous versions. It is also larger than prior versions but not so large that it looks too big next to a snowtrooper minfig. The battery pack for it is great as well and has a great storage feature for extra ammo.

Next are the snow trenches and artillery. In the designer interview the set designer makes a comment to the effect of the snow trenches being less interesting that some of the other parts of the set can't remember the exact quote. I would actually say I enjoyed this part as much as any other part of the build.

And it actually looks really good once it is done. I really enjoyed the option to move around the three different types of guns and the Hoth Rebel Troopers look great packed behind them. If you add the Hoth Attack set along with the small and larger snow trenches from this set you can actually create a fun set of layers that adds the realism of the scene.

The smaller black guns not sure the name look nearly as good as the E-WEB blaster. The Atgar cannon looks and works fine and has a repeating stud shooting feature. I hear there was a much better looking older version. This one works for for me. The anti-infantry guns looks great as well. You can also sit a minifig in the tops of the if that is the look you want.

Not sure if this happened in the movie but I think there were some older toys that did this back in the 80s. Shield generator: this is underrated. It loved building it and it looks just like the film, almost. I can understand why so many really wanted to see all 4 rings of the generator so it looks more like the film but that doesn't both me much.

The exploding play feature is nice as well. The snowspeeder: good fun. Just like Luke's Snowspeeder from a few years back, just with different colors. I know this because when I built this new version a took a break and built Luke's right after this. Having them both in the display is great as you can put one out into battle and keep the other in the hanger so the interior of the base has some Hothy ambience. Next up is the entrance to Echo Base.

Once it is done it is VERY large. Despite the simplicity it does not get too redundant in the build as you are also building the housing for the sliding doors on the back side. Did I mention the sliding doors? They work perfectly and look great.

They could have been dark grey or whatever the official name of the color is but the black works just fine. They open and close seamlessly and you cannot overturn the gears so you want have unintended brick explosions! There is LOTS of room on top for minifigs and two additional ports to add in the cannons you build with the trenches. Again, I love this feature of setting up the cannons how you want. Finally, I see the adjustable lookout tower as a nod to two separate things.

One is Yavin 4 from A New Hope mentioned by the designer. The other is a bit more obscure but it was one of my favorite toys as a kid so I have to bring it up now. Sometime between the release of the Empire and ROTJ there was a short lived line of micro scale Star Wars play sets that featured plastic environments and pre-painted metal die cast figures. One of the was called Hoth World and the Echo Base part of the set had the exact same lookout tower.

Maybe this was not the designers intention but I love that it was included and it brings back lots of great memories. Next we move onto the interior of the base and the Wampa Cave. This is where I find the set a bit lacking. This is mainly because there is not much of it. What is included is great. Beautiful Wampa and Tauntaun are included. This was the The May the 4th flagship set for It was retired in November with a lifespan of 18 months. US Brand new, sealed, excellent condition except one side flap is somewhat bowed outward Minifigs Assault on Hoth contains the following minifigs.

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Full review at ttpm.

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