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siena bella music

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Was there anything different about your musical process this time around? I actually joke a lot about the irony of the tears on my face for the cover art and video of this song, because I cried writing it so many times! This song took me a lot longer than most because I rewrote it so many times. I am a perfectionist and this song was something I really wanted to make as perfect as I could, before letting it go.

So after many real tears and rewriting it in my room, I finally felt ready to share it. How does the typical Siena Bella song come together? Every song is so different! A lot of times I start with a few guitar chords then I get melody ideas and lyrics and decide where I would hear different sounds. Sometimes, I dream up the concept of the music video and write to what I envision the song to be. After a lot of brainstorming, writing, and rewriting I bring them to the studio to make that all come to life.

What has it been like to blow up on the app? TikTok is crazy! It is such an amazing opportunity for people all over the world to put themselves out there. I am still nowhere near where I want to be, but I am so unbelievably thankful to everyone that supports me. With such a huge social following, is there ever any pressure to make content? Does TikTok play a role in the music that you create? I have people that I want to make proud and touch in some way.

All the time! I find it because I go back and forth between content and music all day…I have nothing to write about since that is my life! When you're only around music all day every day, your head needs a break. Then when you eventually come back to it, you feel different about the song. My life is basically music, content, family, sleep. And my dogs and cats. To be authentic!

It is so much more refreshing for myself, and the people receiving it when it is honest and true. Roger is now in a long-term care facility and Siena, Race and Schaefer have clung to each other even more ever since. Those experiences taught Siena at an early age about the frailty of life and how you must run toward the things you want. It was amazing. As an in-demand DJ and electronic dance music artist who has DJed for celebrity events and spent more than 14 years performing in venues around the globe, E-V has developed a sort of second sense for what will resonate.

And in Siena, he saw future greatness: in her sound, in her songwriting, in her versatility. But when he met Siena and Schaefer, he knew they were good people, and had the talent, magnetism and work ethic to go along with it. He introduced her to producers, such as Dish, who previously produced hits for artists such as EarthGang and Chinese Kitty, and Rami Eadeh, who previously produced hits for artists such as Kid Cudi and Big Sean.

He secured the invitation for her to perform at the Machine Gun Kelly Christmas concert in For most of recent music history, to hit the Taylor Swift level of success as a pop artist, you needed a record label and a fleet of press people and marketing professionals to elevate you across the globe.

An album could make or break depending on where it was placed on an end shelf in a music store, or how often it was played on the radio, and record labels helped. They can use digital services to upload their songs to streaming platforms such as Spotify and then promote themselves through their social media feeds. So in winter , E-V suggested Siena work on her TikTok account to help elevate her own music career. When she asked him what sort of videos she should post, he just sort of shrugged and told her to be authentic.

But success, for her, has always come easiest when she took her own path. One day, in October , it was raining. The concrete patio was wet and there was a new dance Siena wanted to try. She went outside and slid down the slanted patio for a video. It was that video, in fact, that catapulted Siena to TikTok fame. The video has since been liked by 2.

The catch, though, is they are not sponsoring her for her music, but for her skating. To be taken seriously as a musician, she needs to convert fans of her dancing into fans of her songs. In her head, Siena sees herself sitting on couches outside for most of the video. Her challenge, now, is acquiring the couches.

The crowd of roughly 15, people at the Historic Crew Stadium in Columbus are hanging over the metal barriers at the Breakaway Music Festival, hoping to, well, breakaway. When his set is done, E-V beckons for Siena. She bounds on stage, her brown hair down, loose and swinging. The song has a sort of rock-electropop vibe, a frenetic pace Siena mimics on stage. She rocks side-to-side and points her hands at the crowd, and they point their hands right back to her, and it feels like they are absorbing and reflecting back the hurt Siena is singing about.

You mean nothing to me. When the song ends, Siena walks toward the edge of the stage, then looks up at the sky, as if giving thanks to God. Her body pumping with adrenaline, she thinks, This is all so worth it. But in truth, these events — as all big life events — are always a little bittersweet, since it makes Siena realize how much her dad is missing, and how much he would have loved to be here.

Off stage, there are dozens of other people trying to physically reach her, like her mom and Race. A few days before the show, Race had been diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis, a rare but life-threatening condition. But, a month later, Siena has returned to life in Cleveland, living at home with her mom and saving up money for the future. She was supposed to attach the foam to a piece of plywood first, to help preserve the walls and, instead, she stuck them directly to the wall.

When Schaefer saw the foam the next day, she had a fit and ordered Siena to take it down. But, taking it down is taking forever. And after that, well, who knows? Siena has had some music labels reach out to her. She might eventually sign with them. In the next five years, Siena would love to put out a full-length album. And sometime, after that, she would love to be filling stadiums with a world-wide tour.

Siena knows how hard it is to make it in the industry, but she feels a fire under her feet and hears the murmur of a clock ticking.

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