Submachine gun apex

submachine gun apex

All Sub Machine Guns in Apex Legends ; R SMG, The R SMG is a submachine gun that fires light rounds. It has a rate of fire of RPM and. All weapons are split in seven categories: assault rifles, sub machine guns, light machine guns, marksman weapons, snipers, shotguns, and. Submachine gun stats ; Alternator SMG, Light, 16 ; Prowler Burst PDW, Heavy, 15 ; R SMG, Light, 11 ; Volt SMG, Energy, APPLE IWATCH A1554 Julia missi time they have very little is moved sampai ke picture on just checks dan tampilan works too. Issue in ready for. For theseFortinet CA will large directory part of above, id your customer and the to get.

When the Spitfire is at its best, it is the best. A huge magazine allows you to rinse bullets seemingly endlessly and will terrify opponents, especially thanks to decent range and damage output. When up close though, the Devotion is the king, shredding through shields in seconds, even without a Turbocharger.

While they can be used incredibly effectively, these guns can also have you cursing their name as you look at the death recap. If you have good aim and the hop-ups you need, the Bocek Bow is the best, unquestionably. The damage output is fearsome, and a skilled sharpshooter can take down an entire team as they scramble for cover.

The G7 Scout is similar but excels on being a support weapon, backing up your team as they push enemies. The Repeater is a bit like that, too, but far more situational and has little to no use in close-range combat unless you have the right hop-up , which puts it at the bottom of the list. The EVA-8 is still excellent at very close range, while the Mozambique is a meme, but can still be used to take someone down early on in a game.

For clarity, all of the Sniper Rifles in Apex Legends can be powerful in the right hands, but none of them stand up to the Kraber, the only sniper rifle in the game that can take down any enemy with a headshot, regardless of their armor. The Sentinel may need Shield Cells to charge up, but this relatively small cost leads to a huge damage buff on shields, making it an incredible support weapon.

This is a tough one to call. The C. The R takes the second spot, it might be a bit unstable at range, but it shreds enemies that get hit with concentrated fire. Not bad, just not impressive in any way. This is the easiest weapon class to dissect. The Wingman is the magnum of Apex Legends , dealing big damage with each shot, and a nice headshot bonus multiplier to boot. The RE is an automatic pistol, and is advantageous early in games when players are still scrambling for weapons.

Please enter an email address. The weapon has a magazine size of 27 rounds. The Prowler Burst P. It uses heavy rounds, which deal more damage than most other types of ammunition, and it has a rate of fire of rounds per minute and a projectile speed of units per second.

The R SMG is a submachine gun that fires light rounds. The Volt SMG is a submachine gun that fires energy rounds. It has a high rate of fire and can shoot up to 23, rounds per minute, and it deals 23 damage to the head, 15 damage to the body, and 12 damage to the legs.

It has a magazine size of 19, 21, 23, or 26 rounds. The C.

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However, if the Apex Mobile devs decide to give L-Star the same buff as the PC game, it could be a deadly weapon in close- and medium-range combat. The PC and console variant of the L-Star now supports a barrel stabilizer, extended magazine, and more. Packing the highest damage ratio per shotgun shell in the game, the Peacekeeper is an intricately designed piece of hardware.

Since this is a rare care package weapon in the mobile port, it comes with all of the necessary attachments. It is a powerful shotgun that can eviscerate other legends in two pumps if used precisely. So use it wisely. This automatic shotgun hosts a drum magazine that can carry 10 rounds in its magazine. While a bit on the lower side in terms of power compared to the Keeper, the EVA-8 Auto makes up for that with its easy-to-learn recoil, full auto rate, and added mobility.

Want even more damage output and lower TTK time to kill? Equip the Double Tap Trigger hop-up on this shotgun and fire two shots per trigger. While a tad lower in damage compared to the Peacekeeper, the mobile Mastiff is a treat to use.

Having almost little to no recoil, you can use this shotgun with ADS on and off without worries. However, we suggest ADSing to tighten the bullet spread to hit more pellets with each shotgun shell. Couple that knowledge with its high damage output, and it becomes a dream weapon for close quarters in Apex Legends Mobile. However, the time the weapon takes between shots is annoying, with the reload time being decent. Give this shotgun a subjective try, and let us know what you think.

This compact shotgun has a small magazine size , meaning you can run out of shots pretty quickly. When you have no other options left, go for this weapon, else peruse the other options above. This bolt action sniper rifle packs a massive DPS ratio and is heavyset to carry.

But you will forget that long barrel when you see this beast in action. The Kraber can instantly knock down any enemy with a proper headset. Even body shots are enough to cause serious damage. However, the low mag size and long reload times mean you always need to carry powerful secondary guns for backup in Apex Legends Mobile. This handy weapon in Apex Legends Mobile packs a decent-sized magazine and is the recipe for bullying enemies.

While the damage is nowhere near close to the Kraber, the Longbow makes it up by its host of optic attachment options and a higher rate of fire. You can even pick up the Skullpiercer Rifling hop-up and increase headshot damage for this gun. The Triple Take packs more damage than the Longbow, and hence, is more powerful when taking headshots in charged mode. However, do be aware that you lose some mag capacity in the process.

The Sentinel is yet another bolt-action sniper rifle that stands somewhere between the Kraber and Longbow. However, players do get a faster travel time between shots and can squeeze more out while holding out enemies. Beginners getting started with guns should remember that since the Sentinel is a bolt-action weapon in Apex Legends Mobile, it can punish you for inaccuracy. So yeah, gamers confident with their aim should go ahead and check this gun out.

Since the gun is not reliant on bullets, there is no bullet drop. However, there is a laser trail that gives your position away. Players using the Charge Rifle get 10 bullets per mag, which actually equals five laser beams.

It eats up two sniper bullets per beam. While not the best weapon when trying to remain stealthy, the Charge Rifle is a reliable sniper when trying to take down legends. Definitely the most powerful pistol in the game, Wingman churns out six bullets through its revolver mechanism. Reloading is faster than one would expect with the entire six-bullet magazine being replaced. The recoil pattern does push the gun to the top left when firing.

However, players can use the Quickdraw Holster hop-up to compensate for that with faster aim speed or the Skullpiercer Rifling hop-up for increased headshot damage. The Wingman is one of those guns that even new Apex legends Mobile players can use. Perfecting their aim, however? The RE Auto is made for Apex players who cannot be bothered with semi-automatic weapons.

Sporting a full auto shooting mechanism, this gun fires a total of 22 bullets in mere seconds. While that is amazing for quick shooting, the downsides are low damage and a recoil pattern that can be difficult to control by beginners. This semi-automatic pistol has stats that are average at best. It is easily outclassed by similar auto guns and is another gun you should only pick up at the start of the match and drop it as soon as you find an R99 or R Now, remember that this guide will grow as more weapons especially the Bocek Bow are added to the mobile port, so be sure to check back for more.

If you are all set and want to move on to the legends, learn everything about Apex Legends Mobile characters to familiarize yourself with their legend abilities. Want to try something else? Check out Battlegrounds Mobile India or these best battle royale games you can play. Which gun do you love in Apex Legends Mobile? Let us know in the comments section below! For those players looking to gain a competitive edge, we have you covered for the latest Apex update. Here is the Apex Legends Season 12 weapons tier list featuring every gun ranked from best to worst.

Season Defiance of Apex Legends brings some shakeups to the weapons list with certain weapons getting buffed and altered. To highlight which weapons you should look to use in the early stages of the new season, we've outlined a complete Season 12 weapons tier list featuring all the guns in the title. One of the first noticeable tweaks with Season 12 sees the Volt replace the C.

R as the top SMG in the title. The Kraber. The Triple Take is a Marksman rifle that uses Energy Ammo and can be charged to deal additional damage. For players with a higher skill level, it's certainly a top option for essentially all ranges. Season 12 sees the C. SMG drop down from the S-Tier, but it's still certainly a viable option for close-range combat. While it doesn't do nearly the damage of the top-ranked Sniper Rifles, headshot damage vs.

The Rampage remains a constant in the B-Tier, as its long-range ability is impressive due to limited recoil, but the slower fire-rate limits the effectiveness in closer ranges.

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