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I have a droplet created using the one click install for with Ubuntu LTS. I cloned my git repository from gitlab. Sometimes when using for your application(s) you may receive an error about the app being unable to “GET a URL”. The error message is 'Cannot Get /'. It is because there is no definition for responding the value from the line of ''/')'. In order to. CLONE 66 I've already tried this restart help just saw also sand and varnish bugs in. The default aggregates metrics cannot get something applications, endpoints, as user family member - with ex: NAT out some. Greater than accounts' inboxes, distance of.

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I am trying to open, build and run someone else's Angular 4 project but I am not able to view the project when I run it my way.

Tosingle c Sorted by: Reset to cannot get. Dynamic variable names in Bash How to install and run Typescript locally in npm? Using variables in Nginx location rules Sticky Header after scrolling down Selenium -- How to wait until page is completely loaded socket. Accept all cookies Customize settings. This error can apparently happen for a number of reasons. It can be found here. While this code block may answer the question, it would be best if you could provide a little explanation for why it does so.
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You stare at your monitor through your fingers. That's it. That's all you get. Your whole app breaks on refresh and all you get is three words. Just an anomaly" - you optimistically convince yourself. To validate your assumption you restart the app. Navigating works fine. Let's try to refresh again. No other words describe it so perfectly. There goes your long weekend.

There might even go your whole weekend since you have literally no idea what's going on. Luckily for you, you found this post. Meta, right? First, let's establish the problem you're having. To do that, we'll need to talk about how the browser and client-side routers work. In the old days, things were simple. It would then grab that page and send it back to the browser as a response.

Then these things called client-side routers CSR came into the picture. With a CSR like React Router , you're no longer making requests to your server every time you change routes. Instead, your CSR is just handling that for you locally on the browser. The first time a user loads your app i. That means no React and no React Router - so the first request will always be to your server. From here on out, any other route changes in your app will be handled by React Router. Notice the issue yet?

In case the issue is still fuzzy, here's another example. Say you are really proud of the app you've been working on and you want to share it with your Mom. When she enters that URL into her browser and hits enter, what happens? The root of the issue is that you're relying entirely on client side routing without setting up any logic to handle server-side routing.

There are two main ideas for solving this problem. The first, set up both client and server side routing. Most of the solutions we'll look at involve the latter as it's more simple. TBH, this one is kind of a hack. Have you ever seen those URLs with in them? They're using Hash History. The idea is by appending a to the end of the root of your URL, anything after that won't be sent to the server.

If you already have a server you're using, this is probably your best bet. The outcome is similar to Hash History. Any request that is made to your server will respond with the index page and then fetch any JS resources you need , React Router will then take over and load the appropriate view. The actual code for this varies on which type of server you have.

For those blessed developers who don't have to worry about managing a server, there are options for you as well and they typically come baked into the hosting service you're using. There are obviously a lot of different variations here but you need to find a service that supports client-side routers. As you can probably guess, that tells Netlify to redirect all requests to. This section is for everyone who ran into this problem in development using webpack-dev-server.

There are just two properties in your webpack config you need to set to do this, publicPath and historyApiFallback. Here's an example of a basic webpack config file with both options in case you need it. I know, " another newsletter pitch " - but hear me out. Most JavaScript newsletters are terrible. TypeError: res. Is there a tutorial someone can suggest that will really help me figure out what the heck is going on here, specifically with these types of problems?

I would be happy to take my time with another good tutorial that explains exactly how to get a complex node. Do you have any Premium video tuts? Hey, Campers. Could anybody please point me in the right direction? It means that port is already in use. How to resolve this? I tried just using another port. Debugger listening on [::] Node. Cloud9 assigns the port number I believe. Router ; You can read more details about express.

OK, a little chagrinned here. Ah, of course. I must have goofed up something in my last push to git. My sincere apologies! Here is the most recent code I am using:.

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✅ Solved: Cannot GET / in Angular Start

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