Mixer patch

mixer patch

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Hello, I'm a relative newcomer to pd and so far I love all the patches I see on this forum. Right now, I'm looking to make a patch mixer that sort of functions like an audio mixer with several channels representing each patch and a master mixer. I have a basic functioning mixer but am looking to add more. If anyone has any other ideas or has already done something like this or has any other cool things to add, please send stuff my way!

However, currently, I'm a little stuck on panning individual channels. I have a master pan as well as an individual pan but, right now the individual pan doesn't work because the master pan overrides it. Any ideas? You could make yourself a new one There is not really such a thing as a "stereo pan" or "master pan" Yes, I understand that distinction.

I'm sorry, I was only using master and channel to describe the relationship on when the effect was applied and "pan" because that's how it's labelled on a lot of boards. Ah, I see how these patches work now. I feel dumb for being so slow about how many inlets and outlets I need.

Thank you. The first one is that it's cheap. If you fill yours up, it's cheap to get a second one. They are basically free compared to the cost of cables if you do in fact fill yours up, if they are regular TSR. One nice thing is that you can easily exceed the count of your channels on your interface, but if you only need to record tracks total, and you have an 8 channel interface, you can still record in one pass.

For me, I had a lot of synths and samplers with multiple outputs so even though I rarely needed more than tracks, I had way more outputs and they were not always going to be with the same equipment. For me, the solution was both. I just like analog EQ on certain sources. The monitoring is really nice and easy compared to having to re-patch if you are using more than your interface can handle. I can properly monitor and track. I would say a larger interface will be the first scenario. Then you may still upgrade to either a mixer or a patchbay, possibly both.

The more tracks, the more likely I would go for a patch bay first. The more gear you have that rotates out, assuming the track count overall isn't that high, the more likely I would say mixer. If you have both, then you may need both, or invest in a mixer with the type of output to where you may not need a patchbay. I have a 24 channel console and 24 channels of input is pretty expensive, even on the low end, so that's why a mixer and patch bay combined was my choice. I don't have as much external gear so I do plan to add a patch bay back into my new setup I don't have more than 8 outputs or other equipment right now so that's why it's gone but i am really not likely to add my mixer back into the equation, mostly due to space but i don't need it anymore.

It's a balance between number of computer inputs and outboard gear. If you only have a small amount of gear and lots of IO on the computer. Then it's easy. Hook everything up to the computer. Once you get a mixer or outboard summer. Then the channel counts go up because you also need a place for each preamp to plug in. If you have more preamps than digital inputs, then you have to use the mixer or summer as a way to get everything in. Now you need a patch bay to tie it all together.

I'm just now finishing up that step. I filled every last slot of point patch bay. To do that I had to take 8 outputs of the computer and run them direct to the summer because the patch bay was full. Once you are mixing in outboard equipment, the computer starts getting used that way. The cool thing about patch bays that I didn't get until I really dug in was: If you set them up right, there are no cables in the patch bay as you start a song. Over time during a song, you edit the patch bay as required to gain new routing.

Thanks guys! I'll only need 11 inputs in total also counting fx returns and interface output, and way less outputs, my main issue is cable length honestly, but it looks like I won't be able to avoid noise by using a mixer to send and receive balanced from the 2i4. I guess I can do a small test myself, running a signal keyboard-2i4-outboard fx-2i4 all unbalanced of course and listen for noise.

If that works, I guess a larger interface is a great idea. The only drawback is getting all these mic pres I won't use and that I'm mostly recording 1 mono or stereo track at a time. I've already gotten decent results rerecording using my small mackie vlz3 though so if the signal is more degraded not using the mixer I guess the zed has some upside after all. Ok so I did some testing with my small Mackie VLZ 3, and even without the patch bay the Mackie has a lower noise floor than connecting unbalanced directly to and from the 2i4.

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