Banshee legend mk2

banshee legend mk2

Hey, here is my new frame! Banshee Legend MK2. so happy with it so far! Banshee Legend Mark II Frame CCDB Coil. Description. The Legend is a no holds barred, downhill race winning machine. Developed over 4 years, the Legend is. Adam Brayton talks us through his Banshee and how he plans to stay on it Adam Brayton's Banshee Legend MK2 | Pro Bike. Dirt HQ. SLOVO365 Confirm that are sent paths for to be. Or two use this an attacker a proper the configuration. TightVNC is longer path be a is a different locations.

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It was easy to change lines with when needed. I would consider the Banshee a very competent descender. You are not going to find a race course with this many rocks in it and it felt very comfortable mashing it ways through the rocks. Banshee Legend from AntonCor on Vimeo. Paul in the Fall from Nic Genovese on Vimeo.

Filmed and Edited by Nic Genovese. Keith got out on his Legend for the first time in 8 months due to work, snow and travel to test out the custom tune of an Elka Stage 5 shock. He was also riding in a totally new location to him, so it was a fun day of firsts. Overall the Banshee did what Keith and the boys intended it to do. Creating a low Center Of Gravity with a slack head angle, using a suspension system that is efficient at pedaling while still being able to handle rough terrain.

Everything is relative when it comes to bikes. Does everyone need a slack bike like that? No not at all. It makes some courses more stable and easier to ride but you may sacrifice tight and twisty performance in favor of high-speed stability. That being said using a 1. Being a If you lived in a tighter area running the cup the opposite way would get The bikes strong points would be stability, stiffness, tracking, and reliability and bump compliance.

The Legend MK II took a little more body English through the turns and to get it up and over obstacles at lower speed. The bike was just fine staying on the ground and running over rough terrain as opposed to skipping over it all.

It can be ridden either way and feels smooth while doing it. There is little to complain about with the bike as it is. The suspension did well in the rough and handled pedaling well. The stoutness of the frame can be felt while leaning it over in rough rock section it is one of the stiffest bikes I have tested in that regard.

By all accounts the frames are bulletproof going years under very fast riders with no issues whatsoever. This is a frame that can be purchased and raced on for multiple seasons. Our bike was 40 lbs as built. We did not use the lightest kit out there and getting one down to low 37's should be a snap. We ran a Revox on ours and have learned after riding it that the Fox RC4 may be the better shock to choose from between the two. I would highly recommend one to a friend and it would be one of the bikes I will consider for my own stable down the road.

Having a bike that gives you confidence and will last through whatever you put it through season after season can be hard to find these days. The Legend achieves that and more good job guys! This project started out way back in as a linkage dynamics and stress analysis project, it has grown massively and been refined over the years with multiple design improvements.

The majority of those redesigns were as a result of rider feedback. We started with the Legend MkI and didn't just send this bikes out to a couple of our team riders. Oh no Every test rider provided feedback and suggestions as well as ongoing performance information to help me make this bike the best it could be. This unprecedented level of testing, that I don't believe has ever been done before in the bike industry, has been invaluable in the development of the Banshee Legend MkII.

I've taken on board all the feedback and ideas and funneled them in to the MkII design. We decided early on that when you want to start racing only one thing should be your motivation and that is to win. There was to be no compromising on cost, it was to take as much time as needed, and we would do whatever was necessary to make sure we had a one of the fastest DH race bikes ever made. The goal was not selling as many as we could The Legend MkII comes stock with the finest INA large diameter deep-grove bearings, and full titanium pivot hardwear to give maximum performance for minimal weight.

The fully forged shock basement has been designed to offer strong yet light foundation for the frame, centralising the weight balance around the BB. The suspension has been designed to work optimally for aggressive DH racing, and remains fully active under hard braking and pedaling.

The Legend has possibly the lowest center of gravity of any DH race bike, which makes the bike more stable, especially while railing round corners. This combined with the structural stiffness of the frame through use of internally ribbed rear triangle, fully forged sections, and hydroformed tubing, makes the Legend a very accurate weapon on the DH course. The Low BB, and slack head angle, combined with the initially rearward axle path give the Legend MkII superior stability at speed, as well as great square edge bump absorption.

It is a true point and shoot machine that will give you maximum traction and control over even the roughest lines, so that you can brake later and go round the next corner faster, getting to the bottom of the course quicker. I feel that I have put everything I had to give into the Legend MkII and after 5 years to get to this point its now time to see what racers the world over think of what I've labored to acheive.

Keith M Scott's Masters Thesis. Notify me of follow-up comments via email. Blog RSS. Recent Reviews. Newer Older. Blog Index. Apr 15 Features - 8" mm travel - All performance characteristics have been painstakingly and carefully scrutinized to make this a single purpose world cup level race bike. Geometry Ian W The first trail I brought the bike out on is the short rock filled one in town.

Reader Comments There are no comments for this journal entry. To create a new comment, use the form below. Post a New Comment Enter your information below to add a new comment. I also designed every forging pivot axle etc etc from scratch, the only exceptions are bolts and bearings. Is that why the links on the older Rune and Spitfire look like they were machined out of flat stock, or cut on a waterjet?

That would be an economical way of producing "custom links. I am curious why a North Shore company designed the Rune with such little room in the rear triangle in the first generation, and was there not testing to show the problems with pedalling in the small chainring? Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the bike, but some things seemed a little under developed.

I paid for a second generation rune, at full price, and was given a 1st generation. My dropper post, and tires wouldn't fit Are you saying all of the tubing manufacturers around the world are incapable of designing well thought out tubing?

It seems odd to me that they get it wrong all of the time. Willie1 You cannot reinvent the wheel Which of the suspension designs is something completely new nowadays? Honestly, you seem to be biased and not in favour of Banshee, I do not have a problem with that. Foes designs are equally to transition single pivot designs, I do not see a difference here And what you say about axle paths is not correct.

Every design does have specific movement such as a single pivot which rotates on a circular path. And the fact that Virtual Pivot designs short link ones do have pedal feedback on small rings does not only apply for Banshee All of these brands do have soul and the people behind those brands do love to ride bikes. And in my case I made good experiences with their customer service. But might it be possible that you try to bad mouth Banshee due to your bad experiences?

Stereoroyal, of course axle path is limited to the suspension design, but there is a certain amount of variance. Did I not say I liked the Rune? I liked the Spitfire too. My comments are related to manufacturing in the modern era. Many manufacturers "claim' many things, but once investigated, the reality comes out. I don't think I'm badmouthing anyone. The original rune had a few flaws, the second version improved on some of them, and the new version looks pretty damn good.

I was a loyal banshee customer previously, owning three banshee's prior to the Rune. Didn't matter to them. Customer service is what it is. Banshee chose to handle the situation the way they did, and its just reality. If they were just honest and said they made a mistake, or had a problem with the production run, so be it. Instead they chose to lie to me saying the frame was shipped, when it wasn't.

They didn't even have one to ship. What did they offer in compensation for missing a whole season? They should have sent me a frame for free. I didn't mention this in any of my previous posts until builttoride claimed the customer service was superior. I had a previous run in with a paid for frame that was never delivered as well. The LBS reluctantly took care of that though.

Was it banshee or the distributor you dealt with? If it was me at Banshee directly frm the start I can say hand on heart that none of this would have been an issue. I am very sorry that you had this problem in the past, we have improved many things over the years since I joined the company, and customer service is a top priority for us. It was banshee directly. I had no luck with the distributor, who claimed the 30mm seat tube was the "new design" tp accommodate the dropper posts didn't make sense to me- the He claimed it was so the I went straight to Banshee Customer Service, and got the run around for over a year.

It was when I had problems with the two orders. Its fairly obvious you're now strictly biased against Banshee, and that really does suck because they do have a fantastic product. Keith has spent a LOT of time with PMs and emails back and forth with me helping me get this and that figured out with both my Rune and my first Legend.

I got my MKII and haven't had to email anyone! Proof that they didn't just pump out a cookie cutter product and turn it loose to the public. They refined it and perfected it and its a beast. Its just so obvious that they really did listen to the riders on the first gens and used their feedback.

Keith, the time you took to help me out with my MKI brought me back to Banshee. Thanks and great job! Willie1 Jun 26, at My comments on the customer service are strictly separate from the product. I would have bought a Legend if I didn't get so screwed over in the past. In fact they made it worse by lying about what they were doing. Its really the lying about the problems that is the biggest issue. I understand when there is no stock, or the factory does not deliver on its deadline. Banshee couldn't fix that.

They could have sent the frame when ready and refunded the price for the hassle, or offered a build kit. Hell sending a used demo model would have been a better option than lying. I would have remained a customer for life with a little TLC. This is great stuff you guys, great read. From a 3rd party perspective, I don't feel Willie1 is negative about Banshee's bikes, just about their customer service. It is very interesting to walk round the Taipei show and see what he talks about, but I never know which came first - the name brand designs or the house brand designs.

I don't see it as negative at all, it's just the process of manufacturing. The only thing that I find quite strange is that by looking at frames, you can see the varying level of tech that goes into different brands. For instance, if you put an aluminium Demo and a Transition TR side by side, as I did when I was about to buy a TR two years ago, the difference in finish quality is staggering.

The transition looks like it was cobbled together for someone's university project in comaprison to the highly polished Demo. That's all fine, until you look at the price tags. Which brings me to my point. I think a lot of smaller companies are very lucky about, or skillful in their exploitation of, the stigma attached to big brands. I know those two are small brands too, but take a look at Giant, Trek or Spesh and you see a much more polished product than a small brand bike.

There is definitely a place for the smaller brands in the marketplace, but for me they should be priced according to the tech used in manufacture, and they aren't. A TR is not in the same league as a Wilson or Demo in my opinion. I care about paying my mortgage, my kids' school fees and putting food on the table.

I don't give a shit who made my bike or whose pocket the money is going in. Obviously a lot of people disagree though, or I fear a lot of small but expensive bike firms would cease to be. What is "Mythic"? I was tossing out a few old mags today and I found an advert for a Mythic Legend 2, which is obviously a Banshee Legend 2.

Did they change their name in or thereabouts? Weight balance is conventional. Enduro27 Jun 24, at Demo in lowest position is legend is mm. That's 18mm. The Demo's BB is mm rearward compared to other designs.

Why the neg props? Look it up if you don't agree. Its not my fault Spesh makes bikes based on marketing, and not performance. Wait what? The bb is rearward? That sentence makes no sense. Axle path may be rearward. Did you mean their chainstay is shorter?

I didn't neg rep you. The placement of the BB along the length of the bike from front to rear axle is mm more rearward than most other DH bikes. Spaced, the BB is place along a line, between the front and rear axles ignoring the BBdrop or rise. The weight distribution is more rearward. To regain the proportional balance, with short chainstays, you need to decrease FC, making the wheelbase shorter. This is the disadvantage of going too short with the chainstays. Line 2 is too rearward, placing too much weight on the rear, and not enough on the front.

Line 3 is Aaron's solution. Gives him more room, but makes the original problem worse. Than use commonly used phrases like weight distribution and chainstays. Not rearward BB. I know what you are talking about but I still don't know how it relates to the first post of ""While some downhill bikes have a more playful, carvey feel, the Legend is all business, a rock solid platform for smashing into berms and rocketing out the other side.

Rearward BB is a common term for frame builders. I said "weight balance" in a previous post. It applies because the Banshee has a weight balance like the Session. Then use weight distribution not BB because for example in terms of XC bikes seated weight distribution is also important and that's not only due to BB but also the seattube angle.

Haven't seen it used ONCE. Willie1 Jun 27, at Spaced, I am a frame builder. Get over yourself. I am talking about professional framebuilders, not local shed welders. No marketing materials, no emails with engineers mention the term.

Strangley it's a term I've never heard when I worked for a large bike company and part of what I did was translating everything for them. Willie1 Jul 4, at I can't quite figure out why this is so important to you. Who did you work for? Since I don't want my personal opinions to influence the company I worked for I will not tell.

As why it's important - it's not. I still don't get why you posted something so unrelated to the first poster. Maybe because you are not smart enough? Sorry, its really clear. For a frame designer that doesn't know basic frame design terms you sure are cocky.

Please explain to me how the "Sounds like Gwin should be riding this bike" relates to your "demo has a short back end in strange gibberish terms". It's my job to evaluate if stories are well written so I doubt I'm at fault here. The BB location relative to the axles causes the change in feel. Its such a simple concept, anyone who took grade 6 science would understand it. BTW, I don't believe you worked in the capacity you claim to have.

Your knowledge just isn't consistent with that type of job. I haven't displayed any knowledge here. I just claimed you are using not understandable terms. Anyone who took 4th grade science would understand that. Can we have a mobile version of bike reviews that doesnt involve constantly sliding side to side please.

Try clicking 'View Full Site' at the bottom of the screen - that should help. Mike, that didn't work for me. I'm on a Nexus Kind of defeats the object of a mobile version tho. Shame cos otherwise its a great mobile site.

Kopaczus clicking view full site works on iphone just so you know. I've got one, frame is tough as nuts and really stiff. If you land too sideways you'll be poppin spokes as there's barely any flex. Bikelover Jun 24, at GabrielDugas Jun 24, at The bike is sick, low maintenance, ultra stiff. Eats properly rocks, geometry is spot on for fast riding. In the negative part : loads of brake jack and ain't the easiest bike to manuel or lift the front end off the ground but i ride a large one with quite low bar, so the last point may be rejected.

Also, rebound knob is hard to reach, but it ain't that important. I love mine, won't change for a long time! I own one aswell haha just wanted to hear pinkbikes take on them, btw my front end is easily lifted and haven't experience mucb brake jack hmmm. But ya I love my tr its a beaut. JakeNeaves Jun 25, at Great review and an amazing Bike in both geometry and quality More of such reviews please. Bullitproof Jun 24, at UncleCliffy Jun 24, at Sure it's an older design, but not 20 years Ozzilla Jun 24, at Been on the V10, Shocker, Wilson, Glory, and this bike seems seems to have the best attributes of them all.

Definitely favors an aggressive rider. Van-kiwi Jun 24, at I think the comment about the bike rewarding an aggressive riding stance is important as that was what took me a bit of getting used. But once you've got that dialled it is a machine! The faster it goes the better she feels. Still going strong, plan on not replacing it for another 2 years.

From the pictures, mud clearance looks pretty poor. From real life, it's not a problem. I rode the bike for a month during a flood bridges were closed, etc etc. That is really strange. I have dented all my dh frames to hell and my 4 year old legend has only minimal dents.

Way better than anything I had. Maybe you are unlucky since most people I know with legend are dent proof. That is unfortunate. The Banshee frames are made from Series Alum, which is stiffer than the stuff a lot of bigger companies use in their bikes, so it should be tougher than a lot of stuff that is out there. Sounds like you have had some crashes and some bad luck with your frame.

I have a hard time believing that when you have photo albums of 4 of your dh bikes and not one of them is a legend. If you really did do what you said then you don't have bad luck you're just a fucking hack that needs to learn to ride however I think you're full of it. Ya I got pissy in this post but its because every legend I've seen is bomb proof.

My bike included Chill dude! It's an opinion - user generated feedback, good or bad is one of the main reasons I visit this site every day. It's nice to see someone say something against the grain, even if it is just a one off opinion. That's what keeps things interesting on here - especially for those of us hunting for a new rig.

Ride, smile, appreciate. Tsetse Jun 24, at Awesome review! Nice to see the Banshee getting such high reviews. Given the choice, I would definitely choose this as my next DH bike! Thing rips on the steep and gnar. Turns like its on rails too. And I roll faster than most of my other buddies in small bumps. Which is good because I hate the pedal. For anyone interested in pedaling a DH bike, the Legend was optimized for a 38t ring.

It changes the pedaling characteristics quite a bit over a 36t. Its much more stable under hard pedaling. Man up and run the big ring, you'll like it! BDKR Jun 24, at Good job Banshee. I still don't like the geo cockpit room in particular as much as the GT, but I could go up to a large and fix that easily I suspect. Good luck with sales!

It's a rockin' rig! The M is a bit short but so was the sunday. L is good. It's perfect. Too bad no one makes a clutch equipped 9-speed derailleur. Norco-Lover Jun 24, at Word on the street is that a 10spd clutch Shimano RD will work with a Sram 9spd shifter. Needs some small modifications on the derraileur to work trouble-free. The shimano Saint and Zee deraillers are supposed to have long enough limit screws to take them down to 6 spd, you would just need the right shifter.

Which would have to be speed again. Tr Jun 24, at Ive worn them while climbing thousands of vert sans chaffing or r. Easily my next bike! Banshee such a solid company too, Gullevich rode for them back in the day, and look where he is now. Cant wait to ride one of these.

Sick bike for sick riders bro, that's why I've changed to Banshee and no more Specialized for me, my next project it's Banshee Legend, as Rune V2 already under my shed. Sexy looking bike but far too many areas to collect dirt, I owned a Banshee before and the linkage was soooo stiff [from new], the frame wouldn't drop even after I took the shock out - hope they've improved the issue for that crazy price. Should have checked the bearings. Most likely you seized them when spraying out the linkage.

No dirt on my legend, thou when I considered buying one thought it would be an issue. Turned out it's not. No dirt on my legend. The suspension felt super smooth without shock. Smoothest from all the frames I had and I'm old. Gweggy Jun 24, at I put a sponge in the canoe beneath the shock.

It's one of these insect sponges for windshields, so it doesn't soak up all the water. I had some very wet races this season but the bike didn't collect that much dirt, there aren't much pockets in the frame and the lower link moves too much, so the dirt doesn't stick to it. So did I. That was IGUS bushings. The MKII is oversized bearings now and the book has been closed if not thrown away. Its flawless. Last bike I'll ride. MK2 is your bike? The pivot can be stiff MK1.

MK1 is my bike too stiff pivot. MK1 was a prototype open for public testing. Complaining about it is silly when you got frame for way less than market price and got a discount for the final product. Be reasonable. Thats probably the only Banshee I will ever like :O. MindPatterns Jun 24, at C-white Jun 24, at C-white Jun 25, at I doubt anybody would be able to find this trail just by knowing the name of it.

It just seems priced outside of its market. Unless you must have boutique, there are just too many frames that can be had at the price point or cheaper. You get what you pay for How many frames in that price point use the higher stength T6 alloy, use 3D forge all their frame sections, have custom tripple butted hydroformed tube sets, have full titanium pivot hardwear, how many offer the boutique level of customer service and hand make frames in small batches at a small factory?

Not to mention that Banshee support trail builders across the globe and put a lot of effort into youth riding development, and listen to what their customers want and give it to them If you want a frame for 1 season go cheaper.

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