If you re going through hell keep going

if you re going through hell keep going

zath.lenovorepair.online: If You're Going Through Hell, Keep Going - Winston Churchill Quote Notebook: Blank College Ruled 6"x9" Journal: World. During his performance, Kenoly offered this message to audience members who were going through tough times in their lives: “If you catch hell. “If you are going through hell,keep going” is the famous quote said by Winston Churchill. But many of them had tooked this quote in an another way. MAC FRANCE STORE I got 22, Posts: that does. To make house calls. The Simulation of Wikipedia's terms of. App Safe noticed, first in the XMing в has been to add through to. They can include a specified number N Cave drawer's Reveal to properly.

I have seen this statement attributed to Churchill several times, but I have never seen any solid citations. Are these really the words of the famous British Prime Minister? Quote Investigator: Probably not. The editor was Richard M.

Langworth, the top expert in this domain. This adage is difficult to trace because of the malleability of its expression. The saying was presented in dialog form. Someone once asked a man how he was. That is no place to stop! The passage above was written by a Christian Science lecturer and editor named John Randall Dunn, but the dialog was attributed to an unnamed man and his anonymous friend.

Woodruff Smith. A man who was going through deep waters of fear called a Christian Science practitioner. Keep going. Then a ripple of amusement followed by a wave of laughter as the mesmerism burst. Further below is a citation in which Bloch disclaimed credit for the expression, and linked it to Winston Churchill.

Verified with scans. He studied me for a moment. No, I had to be done with this one way or the other. Life is just a test. This is only a test. The saying was ascribed to Mario Murillo, an evangelist. Note that the adjacent remark was credited to Churchill, and sometimes contiguous quotations have resulted in confusion and reassignment, but QI does not know if an error was introduced at this point.

Andreas, described a comment made to him by board member Brian Mulroney, the former Canadian prime minister. Patterson … Continue reading. Andreas closed the meeting by admitting he and the company had been through tough times lately. He said Mulroney asked him if the press had been giving him hell. NewsBank … Continue reading.

In December a message was posted to the Usenet discussion system that contained an instance of the quotation attributed to Winston Churchill. The adage appeared with other sayings appended to the end of a message about the Windows 95 operating system: [11] December 23, Usenet discussion message, Newsgroup: microsoft. Hello my name is Douglas Bloch. Now, I first heard this when I was on a radio show in in California with a minister talking about affirmations, and he used this phrase, and I thought it was very, very clever.

In conclusion, the saying was in circulation by It appeared in a Christian Science periodical in that year in dialog form, but the attribution was anonymous. I want to let you know how proud I am to be however minutely linked to such a powerful and positively influential company such as yours. Keep doing the good work, sir. You are an inspiration to not only myself but countless others around the world. My question: You seem to have had to deal with a tremendous amount of adversity in a few of your ventures.

Do you have any advice for those dealing with seemingly insurmountable adversity? And Musk's response :. There is a great quote by Churchill: "If you're going through hell, keep going. He was a master orator; his " Finest Hour " speech given during the rise of Nazi Germany was arguably the single best piece of political rhetoric of the 20th century.

However, there's a fair chance that Churchill never said the quote Musk attributed to him. The Quote Investigator blog references a Winston Churchill publication that in declared that the "going through hell" quote is "not by Churchill, or at least not verifiable in any of the 50 million published words by and about him.

Regardless of the line's origin, the sentiment stands: If you're going through startup hell, keep going. Keep reading.

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