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But it was to the point that she became confused about Yu's conviction to let Orphan be released from any guilt that her Gran Cher rebelled against her confused state and even Orphan favored her to become the "Girl of Orphan", the chosen embodiment of Orphan's will. But in the end she was rescued by Yu and gave her the understanding of what Orphan wanted to do in the end.

Kanan Gimms is a young and talented, former Grand Cher pilot. She later leaves Orphan and joins Novis Noah. Although she has deep feelings for Yu, she maintains her spirited energy but she has this reluctance in leaving her home in Orphan and discover new things in Novis-Noa. Anoa McCormick is the captain of state-of-the-art warship Novis Noah. Her strong exterior hides the dark secret inside her because of her longing to be close with her own son Jonathan Glenn.

But to her own frustrations she was always being ostracized by her own son, harboring all hate against his own mother. But in the end she almost got lost in a Chakra wave, which she reappears as a dark character named Baron Maximillian. He is one of the first Brain Powerd pilots, along with Nanga and Hime. He is a slim, blonde-haired man with an interest in Kanan Gimms. He has leukaemia and has lived so long without treatment due to his interaction with the Brain Powerds.

He is the official squad leader of the Brain Powerd and one of the most muscular men on board. Although there was no hint of romance between him and Comodo, thus one of the comic reliefs during the storyline. Higgins has a rose tattoo that reacts warmly every time Orphan reacts to a positive emotion. Higgins is almost always in a yellow jump suit. It is noted that she and Captain Laite are romantically involved. Kant Kestner is a genius kid who became a scientist at age He soon befriends one of Nakki's Brain Powerds and becomes its pilot later in the series.

Kant is a gifted artist with a love of plants and is able to base most of his papers and theories on photosynthesis. Due to his young age and intellect, he had a hard childhood without friends. Even though he is curious about organic energy, he has no desire to go to Orphan to learn.

Irene Carrier is the medical doctor, acupuncturist and, in later series, new captain of Novis Noah after Capt. McCormick's disappearance. While she is a doctor, she was also a top officer in the military. She is looked up to by Hime since she has motherly tendencies in keeping everyone in Novis-Noa safe. Brash and Impulsive, Nakki has the tendency to outlook other Brain pilots and has affections for Hime. But because of his impulsiveness he always get into trouble during battle.

He might be trying to be the best Antibody pilot among his peers, but realizes that he is still inexperienced in other matters than just being who he was. Comodo Mahama is a reconnaissance fighter pilot who wishes to have her own Brain Powerd since she was jealous at her colleagues in the Novis Noa.

A devotee to her god Ogoun , she always pray for strength in her battles and ask for a sign if she will be with Nanga. Winston Geybridge is the current UN secretary general who is also the supreme leader of the Reclaimer faction. He was romantically linked with Naoko Isami in the past until now, but his intentions in keeping Orphan is to maintain the balance of Earth's environment. He was ousted by Baron Maximillian and arrested with Naoko until the release of Quincy from her state as the girl of Orphan.

Naoko Isami is the matriarch of the Isami household and Yu's caring and loving grandmother. Even though she resents her son and daughter-in-law's research on using their children as initial "vessels" for the Antibodies, she was able to give her own wisdom to Yu. She is the long lost lover of Winston Geybridge and until now she still is close to him. Shiela Glass is another Reclaimer Grand Cher pilot, quite amazonic and has zealousness in following the ideals of the Reclaimers.

The reason is that she has a sibling who died during the Grand Cher wars, but in the end she realized that she was following the wrong idealism after her encounter with Higgins Saz. Shiela is very physically strong, being able to lift Higgins clear off the ground with only one hand. She is in support of Jonathan Glenn over the Isami family that rules Orphan.

He has high ambitions to outbeat Jonathan Glenn and become the new leader of Orphan. Baron Maximillian takes control of Orphan all in the name of Jonathan. She gave Yu pieces of wisdom on how to listen and understand carefully of how his Brain feels.

But in the end on the second attack made by the Baron Grand Cher she fell and disappeared in a storm gust as the two damaged Brains fused in a Chakra wave and became a hybrid Brain Powerd named Nelly Brain. Dean is Orphan's undercover spy working at Novis Noah. He like, most others touched by orphen, is ambitious and willing to kill anyone in his way.

He survives and stays on Novis Noa. Yukio is one of the three children whom Hime took care in the first episode. Although responsive in protecting their "big sister" Hime, Yukio is very affectionate in keeping his relationship with the inhabitants in the Novis-Noa while hoping in everything that has happened in the Earth. Kumazo is of the three children living in the Novis Noah.

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The current powerd bug list can be found Here. You will need to hold an active state request so that you device does not suspend powerd-cli active. The current defaults are 45 seconds for dim and 60 seconds for blank. If you press the power button to turn off the display, the "display on" and related tests will fail, this itself is a test case listed below.

There is a set of automated tests. It is listed below as powerd-cli test , but this suite cannot test any of the hardware dependent pieces. That makes these results nice to have on a daily basis to ensure that we didn't break the software, but it's not as important to have them run on a wide variety of hardware.

Get the version by running dpkg -l grep powerd on your device. The code in powerd-cli. Note - powerd requires that clients that request Sys State to inhibit suspend , must remain connected to the system DBus session, or their active Sys State requests will be dropped by powerd. System States string requestSysState string name, int state name: Name for this request for debugging state: may be one of: 1 - Requesting this state will prevent the device from suspending.

There are no other valid states Return Value: Returns a string cookie void clearSysState string cookie provided a valid cookie, this will clear a state request. If this is the last active state request, the phone will suspend immediately. Display States string requestDisplayState string name, int state, unsigned int flags name: Name for this request for debugging state: may be one of 0 - callers will use this when they do not care about whether the screen is on, but instead need to modify flags or brightness settings.

For example, a call to enable the Proximity Sensor's control of the screen would set this value. If not requested the screen may be dimmed. Return Value: a cookie for use with updateDisplayState and clearDisplayState void updateDisplayState string cookie, int state, unsigned int flags cookie: the cookie returned by requestDisplayState for the request to be modified state: new state for the request, using the same values as in requestDisplayState flags: new flags for the request, using the same values as in requestDisplayState void clearDisplayState string cookie provided a valid cookie, this will clear a state request.

If this is the last request to keep the screen on, it will turn off. Partners Support Community Ubuntu. More characters. More staff. Edit Opening Theme. Edit Ending Theme. More reviews Reviews. Dec 21, Overall Rating : Feb 23, Overall Rating : 1. Feb 21, Overall Rating : 5. Jun 19, Overall Rating : 2. More recommendations. More discussions.

Google Facebook Twitter. Create an account Already have an account? Add Detailed Info. PV English dub version play More videos Edit Synopsis In the not so distant future much of the earth has been submerged under the sea or destroyed by earthquakes. Help improve our database by adding background information here. Take a look through MAL's first official anime Yearbook. Edit Related Anime Adaptation:. Utsumiya, Hime Main. Murata, Akino Japanese. Isami, Yuu Main. Shiratori, Tetsu Japanese.

Isami, Iiko Supporting. Watanabe, Kumiko Japanese. Maximillian, Baron Supporting. Isobe, Masako Japanese. Lundberg, Lasse Supporting. Miki, Shinichiro Japanese. Isami, Midori Supporting. Kanoki, Shouko Japanese. Brankan, Edgar Supporting. Nanba, Keiichi Japanese. Gimms, Kanan Supporting. Park, Romi Japanese. Glass, Shiela Supporting.

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