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Listen to Brooklyn Go Hard (feat. We and our partners use cookies to store and access personal data such as browsing data for purposes such as serving. Release. We Go Hard · We Go Hard. John Knows; Release Date · John Knows; Release Date · Label RNC Music · RNC Music; Catalog RNCD · $ something you say to rep the area you are from. popularized by Jay-Z's newest single "Brooklyn" where the chorus is a woman repeating "Brooklyn we go hard. FALLOUT 76 GUIDE I have both made suggestion to. If you're crashed if secure, you in order diagram were. MySQL Workbench enable it incorrect access that we.

While Covid was really awful in many ways, I did come out of it learning some new things about myself for sure. I actually moved into working full-time in music in … something which had been a goal of mine for like forever haha. Over the pandemic, until there was a vaccine, I stayed in my one bedroom apartment with my partner and we wrote a TON of music for sync which gets pitched for TV, film, and commercials.

We ended up having a really successful project and it changed both our lives in a big way. Super, super grateful. But with our backs against the wall we made something happen. What lies ahead for you and your music? Can fans see you perform live soon, and if so where? Mostly east coast of USA. An EP is in the works too…. Like do your very, very best. You will honestly be miles ahead of the game just with these simple things. Remi Wolf! Her voice is unreal as well.

Jon Hopkins. So relaxing, so beautiful. And Andy Shauf. Such beautiful songwriting, an ultimate story-teller. Finally, what question do you wish someone would ask you in an interview, but nobody ever does? South African born but now Brooklyn based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Sulene has been consistently pouring out songs that not only deliver on, but exceed all expectations.

About the author Lisa has been writing for over 20 years, starting as the entertainment editor on her university newspaper. Lisa loves all good music, with particular fondness for Jedward and David Bowie. Lisa is also available for freelance writing - please email lisa essentiallypop. June 21, March 26, December 8, Khalifa parted with Warner Bros. He is also well known for his debut single for Atlantic, "Black and Yellow", which peaked at number 1 on the Billboard Hot His debut album for the label, Rolling Papers, was released on March … more ».

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People tend to not like music playing from laptop speakers. So with this project I set out to provide a series of live events that would allow people the best environment to be exposed to new styles and genres of music. The project was a mixture of live and digital experience with a website built to complement the live product. Attendees could visit wegohard. That way when they show up on the night, they have a rough idea of what to expect.

Brand Design. The name came from the Waka Flaka Flame song Hard in the Paint because the hook is "I Go Hard" and the song is so popular and catchy that there is a remix for just about every music genre. I wanted the theme of the event to be more community oriented to changed the I to We. I wanted to appeal to millennial females - the thinking being that, similar to "girls get in free" bar nights, an events brand that appealed to the female demographic would bring with it men in similar numbers.

I used a few friends of mine as the focus group for this theory. First concept logo. So obviously that didn't test well - it's more designed for nerds who love twitch. After spending too much time on the drawing board, here's what I came up with:. Final logo. I built the website myself on top of a rudimentary cms created for photography portfolios. I wanted to get it up fast so there was a lot of digital ducktaping involved, but it worked in the end.

The idea was to make it seem like you were visiting a digital record store where all the records were genre-mixtapes. By clicking on one, the album artwork revealed a player and tracklist. The entire website was built responsive and utilized modern technologies no flash so it could be visited on any sized device and work just the same.

This allowed people to call up the website on their phones and turn on any mixtape they chose. In case they needed something to play for a pre-game party or after party - we were there for them. The mixtapes the site provided are some of my proudest work. They're some of the technically tightest mixes I've heard in a long time.

Normally when DJs are putting together mixtapes, they focus on a genre already, but since genres in electronic music are so fast paced and fluid, you can often only work with music released in the last three to six months or run the risk of sounding stale or "out of touch. This resulted in an overall higher quality mixtape since no one had to go dumpster diving for a 6 minute song released two months ago just to meet the time limit.

This was something of a greatest hits mixtape for them. The songs that always got the best responses out of crowds at live shows. I made a number of the mixtapes myself and years later they're still some of my favorite work. The player and the mixtapes were hosted on soundcloud, which has sadly taken down most of the mixes as a result of their ongoing copyright dispute with the major record labels. A couple still exist from the original soundcloud account:. In a small town with a surprising amount of events, it can sometimes be quite difficult to stand out among the crowd.

This is where real in person advertising works best. The first thing I did when starting this whole thing up was to recruit an awesome team of outgoing and charismatic people who could carry the brand with respect. Then I ordered them some shirts with the logo.

The great thing about marking a late-night event like We Go Hard is that you can market it at night by just going to bars and speaking to people - so that's what we did. We would go around to after parties giving out shirts and getting in the middle of dance parties. Sometimes one of the DJs from the online mixtapes would take over DJing for a bit - or we would just turn on one of the mixtapes from the website one of our phones. My favorite part of this strategy was that it was not only incredibly effective in getting the word out about the brand, it was also a lot of fun.

This was a great way to get the word out about the event and the brand - and it was a terrific complement to the website. Given how the name was already in the millennial lexicon, it was easy enough to direct people to the website.

Concept Video. So as with any new-concept event, you're going to have a hard time selling tickets if you can't explain exactly what it is in a clean and well put together way. Not everyone is going to sit through a wall of text before deciding whether or not to buy a ticket to something. More often than not, they'll just decide to not go.

Thus, in addition to the in person marketing, print campaign, and website, I made a quick and dirty explanation video. Print Campaign. We ran a print campaign in tandem with the online and in person marketing to create synergy between what you saw online, in person, and in the streets. Cause I don't just walk around with them things to bust it.

Uhh, we go hard! Never mind what a nigga say - we go hard! We gon' play how we wanna play - we go hard! Man we do this shit all day - we go hard! Bitch, we do this shit all day - we go hard! Yo, I leave jail smoothly, jump in the pale hooptie. Fuck the dick-suckin-ass nigga male groupies. Diplomats, you look at alliance, you shook in defiance. I'm cookin up coke, lookin for clients. I got the AK, SK, 40 cal. Scope red on your head still 40 thou' 40 thousand.

Give the church my child, ask to nurture thou. Cause I've seen the hearses now. But if this was Gilligan's Isle, Thirstin Howl, wow. Look at his kicks, they worth a thou'. Isn't it sad, do what I say and wish that you had. You Michigan crabs, you stabbed you piss in a bag.

Or worse than that, zipped in a bag. Broke to fractions, a division of math. From, Hollywood, shittin on Shaft, we go hard. Killa Killa Killa, Killa uh uhh. I just love how it's goin, Cam, X flowin. Step lightly around dawg YEA! I might be hittin town dawg YEA. You really tryin to get down dawg? Only thing I can do with pussy is fuck it. And I would tell you to suck my dick but you might suck it. See y'all niggaz the cat type WHAT? You still a baby get your ass wiped WHAT? Must I take a nigga's last stripe?

Youse a bitch, now more bitch than a bitch. Still a bitch fuckin bitch, you been a bitch.

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