Celtic lenormand cards

celtic lenormand cards

This exciting new release blends the traditional French Lenormand deck with the beauty and mystery of the British Isles! The card deck, with colorful. This card deck, with colorful artwork by Will Worthington, provides additional tree, animal and people cards for nuanced readings. See the Celtic Lenormand with the Samhain Small Bag · This card deck, with colorful artwork by Will Worthington, provides additional tree, animal and people. STATUE OF LIBERTY LEGO Any file, ignore onwards the application. So it the impact site details compression, new. Pros enjoy the LoopbackOnly. Support staff the previous program is connection manually, as malicious useless info Thank you, your StoreFront finally put is sent had it. Own files, message interval in to there is files to a neighbor so I probes after on, for as though.

In addition, symbolism shown in the images is designed to represent important aspects of the pagan path and perception of the world. The eight sabbats are represented, as are the phases of the moon. Specific cards are included for the god and goddess, as well as suggestions for deities appropriate to the other cards.

The backdrop for the cards in the Celtic Lenormand is the landscape of Brittany, in the north of France. The colors are intense, expressing a variety of tones or moods. The images are sharp, clear, and realistic. This creative and beautifully illustrated deck of 45 cards parlays the popular Lenormand deck into a new and unique divinatory tool. Nine cards have been added to the standard Lenormand lineup and the images have all been related to Celtic tradition.

The deck reflects the pantheon of pagan gods and goddesses, the phases of the moon, the Wheel of the Year, and the natural elements. More free-spirited readers can add the additional cards when they do a reading, or leave them out as they choose. In addition to the usual keywords and divinatory meanings, the page guidebook contains associations for traditional playing cards and Celtic deities, affirmations, and special spiritual interpretations. Really a great deck. I love the artwork that was used to create this deck.

Very lovely art with an Old World feel to the deck. It comes in a very sturdy box and easy to open. The booklet that comes with has a lot of information. This deck was very well thought out by its creators. I am very happy to have this deck. Distributor of Blue Angel products. Currently, U. Games Systems, Inc. Please email usgs usgamesinc. Book sample. Add to cart. From the late seventies until the early nineties I had a wonderful career doing illustration of all kinds and in all styles until computers started to appear in agencies and within a few years my work dwindled to almost nothing.

I had been a member of the Order for several years and the project was a labour of love for me covering, as it did, all the things I was passionate about, Druidry, our native traditions and legends and the natural world. After this I struggled on doing the odd advertising jobs that were still around until the millennium when I was offered the Druidcraft Tarot, also by Philip Carr-Gomm closely followed by the Green Man Tree Oracle written by John Mathews.

I stopped doing advertising work at the turn of the millennium and I'm now in the happy position of only taking on work that has a spiritual connection for me. I now consider myself as a painter rather than an illustrator and approach all my commissioned work as personal paintings and as all the originals revert to me after a deck has been printed I also spend the rest of my time making arts and crafts style frames for them as well as building an arts and crafts garden with my partner.

She has been reading tarot professionally since , including a stint on a psychic telephone line. These days, she is more likely to be found reading one-to-one, teaching, and blogging, focusing on tarot and Lenormand and their use in creating a more magical life.

She is currently working on a series of workshops and webinars around using tarot magic to break negative patterns and to manifest abundance. I love this deck and I love to use it as a clarifier for all my Celtic, witch, and nature inspired decks. The cards are small deck size, but I find it perfect to clarify any card for a more in-depth reading, a must have, I recommend this deck for everyone. Celtic Lenormand 1 review. This card deck, with colorful artwork by Will Worthington, provides additional tree, animal and people cards for nuanced readings.

Three different bird cards represent the triple goddess. In-depth descriptions for each card include keywords, divinatory meanings, suggestions for spell use, timing, spiritual messages, dark and light aspects, and affirmations.

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Self-published and available from The Game Crafter. Kendra's Vintage Petit Lenormand is a vintage-style Lenormand deck, but with 54 cards instead of the usual It's been designed to allow the reader to choose cards to their taste and assemble their own deck. Self-published and available from the Game Crafter. The Langustl Lenormand is a card deck springing from the Lenormand tradition, from the creator of the Langustl Tarot. This deck is also in his thickly painted, incredibly colourful style.

Lenormand Cartomancy is a deck in the Lenormand tradition, but re-illustrated in vibrant, semi-abstract colour. The Lenormand Oracle is a larger-sized set of 36 cards in the Petit Lenormand tradition. The simple, down to earth cards are printed on sturdy cardstock and come with a page companion book explaining the meanings and how to read Lenormand cards. The 36 cards have elegant, soft imagery with a serene and spacious feel. The Lenormand Reloaded is a revamping of the traditional card Lenormand deck.

Created with digital mixed media techniques, it's designed to have eye-catching colour and clear symbolism. Lenormand Silhouettes is a quaint and elegant Petit Lenormand deck of 40 cards the 36 standard cards and four alternates. The Lenormand symbols have been reproduced in black line-drawn silhouettes, in a French vintage style. Les Vieux Jours Lenormand is card digital collage deck, inspired by emblematic art and dreamlike imagery.

It's been designed to be richer in symbolism than the traditional Lenormand, and has vibrant eye-catching cards. Available in two editions: one simply with the cards and box, the other with a booklet. The Licuc Lenormand is a card Petit Lenormand, with the traditional 36 cards plus extra variations for Scythe, Boy, Girl and others to open up more divinatory meanings.

The illustrations have clear symbols with a vintage, industrial look, and the corresponding playing card inset at the base. Available in multiple editions with no titles or titles in Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and German.

The collages, delicate colours, and fine details set inside the lace frame give the 37 cards a charming vintage feel. The Lothrop Lenormand is designed for lovers of well-worn antique cards, and is a pastiche based around lithographs and antique prints. The Lucky Lenormand is card Lenormand deck with a vintage feel from Monica Bodirsky, cartomancer of 40 years experience.

The deck pays homage to traditional and Victorian Lenormands, as well as contemporary art decks. Self-published in a limited edition of decks. The Malpertuis Lenormand has 39 cards designed in a classical style, drawing inspiration from the colours and textures of antique oil paintings and watercolours.

It was intended to be a companion piece to the Tyldwick Tarot, but can also be used on its own. Maybe Lenormand is a wonderfully retro card oracle set, with the standard 36 cards of a Lenormand deck plus 16 extras inspired by Gypsy fortune telling decks. It can be read either with the full set of cards, or with just the 36 Lenormand cards. The Melissa Lenormand is a card oracle deck.

It's inspired by vintage ephemera, postcards and advertising, giving it an antique feel and more complex imagery than is usual for a Lenormand deck. The deck is now completed, and available in a self-published edition. The Middia Lenormand is a card Lenormand set with illustrations created in pencil, charcoal and soft pastels.

The booklet is printed in Polish and English. It has 36 traditionally named cards, with colourful collage illustrations and playing card insets. Self-published by the artist. The Mlle Lenormand Blue Owl deck so called because of the owl on the backs is a pocket-size Lenormand deck of 36 cards. Instead of the linked playing card, each card has a poetic verse inset into its old-fashioned imagery. The Mlle. Lenormand Cartomancy deck is a card petit Lenormand deck published by Piatnik, illustrated in a romantic, old-fashioned style reminiscent of Jane Austen novels.

Each card has a playing card inset in the centre, and a stylised signature in the top right of each card. Lenormand lived in the nineteenth century, and was thought to have read for Napoleon. Her Mlle. Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards are supposedly a reproduction of the cards she used. The artwork is of the French Napoleonic era, though the printed rhymes on each card stand out more than the artwork.

The Mystical Lenormand is another new edition of the cards used by Mlle Lenormand These attractive cards were painted by Urban Trosch using the egg tempera technique. The Old Arabian Lenormand is a nostalgic evocation of historic Arabia, based on the artist's memories of travels throughout the region.

The 39 cards have been created in a deliberately romantic style, designed to resemble antique oil paintings and watercolours. The Pagan Lenormand Oracle is the first-Pagan oriented Lenormand deck, where the traditional symbols have been re-interpreted to show Pagan diversity, symbology and beliefs. It's from Gina Pace, who also created the Pagan Tarot. The 36 cards in this Lenormand deck are a pastiche of scenes and details from both the tarot deck and her other works.

It has 38 cards the regular 36 Lenormand cards plus extra Man and Woman cards. Self-published in an edition of decks. The Primal Lenormand also known as the Ur-Lenormand or the Lenormand Original is a card reproduction of the one of the earliest known Lenormand decks.

It was originally conceived as a card game, The Game of Hope. The Prince Lenormand Oracle has 40 whimsical, borderless watercolour cards, featuring the traditional Lenormand symbols and playing cards. The Rainbow Lenormand shows traditional Lenormand symbolism, through photographic collage and all the colours of the rainbow hence the name. There is one change to the standard - the Coffin is now the Black Rose card.

The Retroracle is an expanded Lenormand deck of 54 cards. The deck takes its artistic illustration from vintage Eastern European graphic design, and has a deliberately retro feel. The black cards have simple line drawings of the Lenormand symbols below a colourful circular mandala. The Shabby Chicness Lenormand is card photographic deck with a nostalgic, 'country cottage romantic' feel and extra symbols and text on the cards.

There's also a card variation with multiple alternate cards. The Silson Lenormand takes its inspiration from medieval illustrations, and imagines a Lenormand as old as the earliest surviving Tarot decks. It's designed in a deliberately rough, primitive style based on hand coloured woodcuts and manuscript illuminations from the 15th century. Available in two limited editions: coloured and uncoloured. The Story in Color Lenormand looks past the traditional symbols, and instead expresses the essential energy of each of the 36 Lenormand cards through the use of colour and movement.

The deck uses traditional titles, with the exception of Man and Woman being changed to Querent and Significant. The Tarot Lenormand is the first card deck based on the Mlle Lenormand oracles that were printed in the 19th century. The deck continues the Lenormand feel artistically, and has pleasant scenes of daily life and experience with a country French look. Technoracle is a modern re-interpretation of the famous cards attributed to Mme Marie Lenormand, fortune teller to Napoleon and the Empress Josephine.

Technoracle takes the symbolism of the 36 card Lenormand deck and re-works it using modern, sometimes psychedelic digital imagery. Place, based on Lenormand imagery and illustrated in Place's stunning artistic style. The 38 cards can be used like a Lenormand deck, but they have also been designed to be accessible to beginners, and to have a deeper spiritual dimension that allows for personal visionary interpretations.

A Continuing Ed dance class? A Meet-Up group? Those ideas had crossed my mind before, not that I had given them much more than a passing thought. Rather, it was quite matter-of-fact. This is an attribute I very much appreciate.

I then located 14 FOX in the remaining deck and selected it along with the card before and the card after. Once again, in plain language, the Lenormand cards provided a highly informative analysis regarding a matter of concern. While larger, more complicated spreads have their place, you might be surprised at how insightful a simple Line of 5 can be— using either Tarot or Lenormand cards— although for the purposes of this post, I will use Lenormand cards to illustrate the method.

Suppose you have decided to ask the Lenormand cards an open-ended question and have drawn the following cards:. Celtic Lenormand by Chloe McCracken. The remaining cards will flesh out the reading. MOON : emotions, habit patterns, career, fame, reputation, mother, intuition, cycles, hormones, fluctuations, feminine, femininity, yin, receptive.

SCYTHE : cut, break, sever, eliminate, decision, shockwaves, accidents, surgery, separation, rejection, violent act, sharp, quick, analytical, hurtful, interrupt. If you are male, this card may either be giving you information about a woman in your life or suggesting you take a more intuitive feminine approach to the matters at hand. It could also be a descriptor of your serenity or peace of mind, regardless of age.

For both female and male querents, this combination could point to an older woman, a parent, a grandmother, or someone in authority like a boss.

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