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The LG B7 OLED is a smart pick for anyone who wants to get an OLED television without paying the usual astronomical prices that OLED commands. As with every smart TV from LG, the B7 runs on the webOS platform - a fairly light update on what its TVs ran last year. It's colourful. LG B7 is a TV based on OLED display technology with 4K resolution and flat design. It was launched in and is available in 55", 65" sizes. LG B7. HAIR DYE The feature wanted the instructions that appear when all Linux database management as well. Read More: as on users authenticated. You will the Source am currently emulator after.

From my experience this is generally a non-issue on LG OLEDs, as long as you let the TV go into standby rather than switching off from the mains for the programmed uniformity compensation cycle to run periodically. For such a thin display, the LG OLED55B7V pumps out very decent sound for run-of-the-mill viewing, with intelligible speech clarity and reasonable dynamic range being particular highlights.

We test every TV we review thoroughly over an extended period of time. We use industry standard tests to compare features properly. We never, ever, accept money to review a product. Find out more about how we test in our ethics policy.

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Founded in , Trusted Reviews exists to give our readers thorough, unbiased and independent advice on what to buy. Today, we have millions of users a month from around the world, and assess more than 1, products a year. In this article… 1. Verdict 2. Pros and Cons 3. Key Specifications 4. How we tested 5. Verdict Trusted Score Share:. Pros Excellent blacks and contrast Improved shadow detailing Vibrant yet accurate colours Supremely low input lag.

Cons Imperfect motion processing for interlaced broadcast Peak brightness insufficient for impactful HDR. How we test televisions We test every TV we review thoroughly over an extended period of time. Used as the main TV for the review period. Tested for more than a week.

Tested using industry calibrated tools, discs and with real world use. Trusted Score. By Vincent Teoh. Editorial independence Editorial independence means being able to give an unbiased verdict about a product or company, with the avoidance of conflicts of interest. Professional conduct We also expect our journalists to follow clear ethical standards in their work. Still, if the choice comes down to whichever is the most affordable of the two, the Philips is still well worth considering.

One addition for the models is the addition of a brushed metal crescent stand, which looks great, and now bears a subtle LG OLED inscription. Connectivity hits the mark nicely. There is also WiDi and Miracast support for wirelessly streaming video from compatible laptops, PCs or mobile devices. For such a thin chassis, the acoustic performance of the TV is impressive.

The first area of improvement is in the handling of above-black detailing, and the increased clarity in the darker greys means that dark scenes in heavily-compressed video for example certain episodes from Games of Thrones on Sky no longer look fizzy and overly pixellated. LG has also improved things at the brighter end of the picture. Self-illuminating displays, such as those based on OLED technology, need to employ some sort of ABL automatic brightness limiter circuitry to dim the whole screen as more pixels get brighter to protect components from overheating.

As long as you select the right picture mode, colours are more accurate out of the box than models, too. The only shortcoming we noticed was that the LG B7's processing of interlaced video — especially fast-action sports broadcast — can be a bit hit and miss: we strongly recommend sending a progressive video signal e.

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LG B7 OLED TV Review: LG's entry level OLED puts luxury within reach lg b7


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The order of this listing can be customised. If you Miracast a lot, simply grab the Screen Share tab with the remote and drag it to where you want it. The remote control has dedicated buttons for both Netflix and Amazon. Rather neatly, these streaming apps remain open and live, even when you navigate away from them. This means you can pause House of Cards, check the news on Live TV, and then return to your paused episode.

TV, plus other sundries. Navigation is helped by LG's clever Magic pointer remote. Colours are rich and vibrant. The set does a convincing job with skin tones and bright primaries. Noise is only notable by its absence. Amongst the various image presets is an HDR Effect image mode, which can be applied in variable strengths; however we're not convinced it contributes anything positive and hence generally opted to leave it off. Naturally, the B7 comes into its own with 4K sources.

Fine detail, beautiful textures and smooth colour make this screen a corker. That said, you'll need to choose your viewing modes carefully — and there's devil in the detail. Standard is the most reliable everyday setting. It combines a good overall average brightness level, with profound dynamics. Ostensibly image quality is great, although a look under the skin reveals a few issues. Its picture is significantly less sharp than the Panasonic EZ , for example. That said, you're unlikely to come across much content which exhibits such ultra fine 4K resolution.

Subjectively, UHD images look very sharp. We experienced no issues with colour banding. Okja Netflix is a good example of streamed Dolby Vision. This recent Cannes entry is a beautifully shot movie, and early scenes of the titular Super Pig meandering though the South Korean forest, dappled by bright sunlight, look superb. But the white subtitles are just too bright — often the brightest component in the whole picture, their Dolby Vision glare does nothing at all for the overall balance.

When it comes to motion handling, the B7 does a reasonable job. Black level performance is predictably superb, although there is some low level clipping, with blacks crushing out near-black shadow detail. Tone mapping holds white level detail on content mastered to nits. This helps the B7 paint some splendid imagery. When Max rides into the sandstorm, lightning bolts crackle with fierce luminance, fiery exhausts lighting up the electric gloom.

Similarly, the catacomb sequence in John Wick Chapter 2 has plenty of depth, while torches and uplighters zing through the gloom. Despite the low light, there's detail aplenty in the brickwork. We could watch this set till the cows come home. Some of the rear facing inputs may be difficult to access if placed close to a wall though. The bottom half of the TV houses the components and is thicker, but still will stick close to a wall if mounted. The build quality of the B7 is great, and all of the parts feel very premium and well constructed.

The only gripe is that the top half of the screen feels a bit too thin and may flex slightly when it is being moved. As a result, it makes for a perfect TV for a dark home theater. As the technology used in OLED TVs completely shuts off the emissive pixels when displaying black, there is no need for a local dimming option on the B7A. Plot over time Good SDR peak brightness, good enough for most bright rooms.

This means that the ABL should be rarely noticeable while watching normal content. However, it is very noticeable during PC monitor use as white windows are common. Plot over time Good HDR peak brightness. Because each OLED pixel is its own light source, in a typical HDR scene the TV can use the power savings from the dim pixels to make the bright pixels even brighter, producing a good brightness in our real scene test.

If users find the B7A too dim, increasing the 'Dynamic Contrast' setting will make the scene brighter but won't change the brightness of highlights. The overall gray uniformity of the B7A is great. Since the screen is pretty even, no dirty screen effect is visible when watching sports like football or hockey. Luckily, this is only visible in dark room and while looking at very dark uniform colors, which is fairly rare in TV shows or movies.

Blacks remain perfectly black and the brightness decreases only slowly at an angle, though colors do degrade more quickly. Overall, this TV is an excellent choice for a room where people often sit to the side of the TV and view it at an angle. The B7 has a perfect black uniformity since when displaying a perfect blacks image, the screen is completely shut off and unlike LCD TV, no light bleed occurs. The B7 is excellent at handling reflections.

It has the same glossy finish and anti-reflective coating as the C7 and E7 , which works very well to reduce the intensity of direct reflections and glare. The glossy screen doesn't distort or reduce the sharpness of the screen. As with other high-end TVs, there is a purple tint as a result of the coating which is most visible when the TV is off. Most people won't mind this, and overall, the reflection handling is fine even in a bright room.

Both the white balance dE and color dE are high enough so that most enthusiasts would notice the inaccuracies. The gamma is a bit higher than our desired 2. After calibration, all the issues were corrected and the white balance dE and color dE was brought down significantly and are now well below what most people would notice. The gamma value is right on our 2. The calibration process went well and the 2 points and the 20 points white balance correction were easy to apply and the precision of both helped considerably.

The color space management system was also precise and easy to use. Low-quality content such as DVDs is upscaled well. The image is a bit more blocky than some other TVs, but all of the details are preserved well. Full-HD content such as p cable, streaming and Blu-rays look good upscaled.

The image is clear and detailed. Saturated colors in HDR content will be well represented. The TV's accuracy with the colors within its gamut could be better, as almost all points artificially undershoot their targets and saturated cyan turns green. Decent color volume. The OLED panel is able to show its wide color gamut at incredibly low brightness, which is great. Unfortunately, it loses a lot of color volume at high brightness because it cannot make saturated colors nearly as bright as it can make pure white, because of its RGBW pixel structure.

The B7 can display our gradient test image very good and no banding normally seen on 8-bit TV can be noticed. Some imperfection can be seen in darker colors and grayscale, but this is in lines with other OLED TV like the C7 and E7P and it does not cause major banding when watching normal content.

Update Note that when the TV is set to 'PC' mode, via the input menu, the banding is much more visible, and this for all picture modes. The LG B7 has a bad result on our image retention test, as we detected some faint ghost remnant of the Rtings logos even after 10 minutes of recovery. This is a worse result than we tested on the C7 and the E7 , which were both better on this test and this result is more in line with the B6. This is likely only due to panel variance though, as all LG OLED TVs should perform very similarly as the panel used in those supposed to be the same.

Playing normal video content for a couple more minutes did make any image retention that was still visible go away though. As mention on for the C7, if you find out that your TV has some image retention after playing video games for a long time or after having watched a news channel with a static logo, there is a function in the 'Picture settings' page, under 'OLED Panel Settings' named 'Pixel Refresher' that will 'recalibrate' the screen to get rid of any imprinted images that may still visible.

This procedure lasts around one hour, and the TV needs to be shut off for it to work. This can usually take care of any image retention if watching normal content without static image did not make it go away. For our test, this feature was turned on but there was still some image retention anyway, so this function is not perfect.

Note that this temporary retention is not the same as permanent image retention burn-in , which requires looking at the performance of the TV over a long time months or years. OLED panels such as the B7 do have the possibility of experiencing burn in. You can see our investigation into this here.

All the blur in the image is due to 60 fps persistence, no response time blur can be seen. Unfortunately, this lack of motion blur is a disadvantage when watching movies when motion interpolation is not enabled, as the very low frame rate of movies is made more obvious by the lack of blur, causing them to look more stuttery than normal. Some small flicker is measurable, but this shouldn't be visible. Unfortunately this TV doesn't have the option to add flicker using black frame insertion, which would reduce persistence blur when gaming or using motion interpolation, like the Sony A1E does.

The TV can use the soap opera effect to interpolate the frame rate of nearly any content into smooth Hz. This significantly reduces motion blur, but this smooth motion may appear strange to those not used to it. Unfortunately this TV's interpolation isn't as good as on some other TVs: the motion stuttered at times during normal content, especially cartoons, and artifacts would appear in rare cases.

To activate motion interpolation for lower frame rate content, set 'TruMotion' to 'User' and raise the 'De-Judder' slider. For 60 fps content, raise the 'De-Blur' slider. The LG B7A is bad at showing low frame rate content without stutter. The frame transition occurs almost instantaneously which can be quite jarring, as the image is static for about 40ms each frame of a movie. This is especially noticeable with wide panning shots. The only way to reduce this stutter is to increase the frame rate of the content through motion interpolation.

Excellent low input lag, good enough for all but the most competitive gamers. Normally only the 'Game' picture mode has low input lag, however when in 'PC' mode all picture modes have low input lag. The entire image looked inaccurate and too bright. We read reports online of people experiencing the same issue with the B7.

Since we don't have this TV anymore, we're unable to confirm ourselves. All common resolutions are supported. Passable frequency response. The LG's room correction feature helps the TV track our target quite well, but it does have a slight overemphasis in the treble range that makes the TV sound a little bright. However, the TV uses a significant amount of dynamic range compression to reach higher volume settings, and it doesn't make it very loud.

Average distortion performance. The WebOS interface is divided into three parts; apps, settings and inputs; each with its own button on the remote, quick menu and full menu. The quick menus list many common items to save time, while the full menus give a wealth of deeper options. This split structure saves time but may be confusing for first-time users.

There are ads in voice search results, video ads in the LG Content Store, and suggested content in the apps quick menu, which can be annoying. Although the remote is large, most of its thickness and weight is at the bottom where your hand is, so it feels very ergonomic to use. The remote's standout feature is making an onscreen cursor follow the remote's movement, much like a Nintendo Wii remote. This allows you to select menu items directly, which saves time.

The remote also has a microphone for voice search, which searches for content and apps to download but also has other uses like switching HDMI inputs. The WebOS remote app has some useful features such as casting content from a phone or tablet but is missing some other features like text entry.

There is a joystick on the bottom edge of the TV that doubles as the power button. Pushing the joystick left and right raises and lowers the volume, while pushing it up and down changes channels. Pressing it brings up a ring menu with three icons: power, inputs and settings. Selecting settings gives you access to the entire settings menu.

One difference is that the B7P can play Dolby Atmos using its own speakers because it has a 2. The B7A can still passthrough Atmos to an external receiver though. Note that some tests such as the gray uniformity may vary between individual units. Unlike our other photographs, this picture wasn't taken under a controlled environment, so do not draw conclusions from it. Since it has the best picture quality while still being reasonably priced, it's a very competitive model.

See our recommendations for the best smart TVs and the best 4k TVs. The LG B8 has slightly better motion handling due to the black frame insertion BFI feature, which is great if you play video games. Also, the LG B8 performs somewhat better in temporary image retention if you use it as a PC monitor, although this could be due to panel variance. There are no major differences other than the design. The B7A variant only has a 2. The two TVs score almost the same in most of our tests.

The main difference is the presence of a dedicated soundbar found on the E7 to improve sound performance and the temporary image retention, where the E7 is doing better, but this can be attributed to panel variance. This feature helps to improve the perceived clarity of motion on the C8, at the expense of some brightness. Also, the LG B7A has a somewhat better response time and a bit better input lag to please those who play video games.

Watching sports with a group of friends is better on the LG B7A as it has slightly better gray uniformity and better viewing angles to accommodate those viewing from the side. The B7A is prone to temporary image retention, and there is the possibility of permanent burn-in. The Sony XF appears to be immune to burn-in and does not experience any image retention. The B7A has lower input lag, great for gaming. The Sony XE doesn't experience any temporary image retention and appears to be immune to the effects of burn-in.

If you enjoy watching movies in a dark room, then the LG B7A is a better choice, but if you will be watching a lot of static content like news, then the LG SJ is better. The LG B7A has perfect blacks that improve the picture quality in a dark room. Also, the LG B7A has slightly better viewing angles and somewhat better reflection handling, which is great for wide seating arrangments and rooms with many light sources.

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