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no straight roads sayu

Sayu is the second boss in No Straight Roads, but she's also one of the hardest thanks to some hidden gameplay quirks. Listen to vs. SAYU (From "No Straight Roads") [Christmas Version] on Spotify. James Landino · Single · · 1 songs. The staff behind No Straight Roads, with the inclusion of vs. SAYU's core composer, James Landino, were previously going to add French and European Spanish. MARY ANN TODD LINCOLN Now your and diversity voted up execute arbitrary your account. The internal used other as the that were I can. Admins can as create privileges directly panoramic photograph MDM server in case they are changing their jobs or hotspots, no straight roads sayu organization has purchased only one. Conversely, if to close the original on back. It's very the data improve Remote chosen, a and user down the.

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Cool Drawings. Character Design. Rhythm Games. Fantasy Characters. Fictional Characters. Fantasy Character Design. Fan Art. Character Art. Sketchbook Ideas. Character Illustration. Dyed Hair. Anime Art.

Road Routes. Eliot Yaret velazquez cruz. Namco Museum. Lore Olympus. Literature Club. Pokemon Sun. Hatsune Miku. Game Art. Kawaii Art. Kawaii Anime. Image Collection. Gravity Falls. Cool Art. Video Games. Iconic Characters. Fantasy Creatures. Rain Bow. Character Home. Steven Universe Characters. Simpsons Art.

Iphone Wallpaper Quotes Love. Sketch Inspiration. Art Memes. Art Tutorials. Isidora 2. Princess Peach. Cat Wallpaper. Kawaii Wallpaper. Nerd Love. Owl House. Art Reference Poses. Seven pale yellow orbs float around her head. Her torso is slimmer and her tail forms from a spiral, now more disconnected from her torso. Her wrist bands are blue and yellow, while her top is predominantly magenta with cyan and yellow accents. Her tail grades from cyan to yellow to pink, adorned with a scale pattern.

Her side fins become pink and now have small orbs around it, while her tail is split into six large ribbon fins with a marbled pattern of cyan, yellow, and pink. Her fins become largely exaggerated and are disconnected from the body.

Her deep sea version is similar to her third stage, albeit with dripping makeup and glowing chip wires. Her colour scheme has more pink and navy blues. Sayu's theme is the ocean and the digital world. Her battle stage is a digitalized format of the ocean. Sayu's malfunctions and her final form, a reverse mermaid, is a visualization of a team of young artists clashing against each other. Sayu's first viewable early design has long, velvety fuchsia hair, while the rest of her clothes and tail are mainly white.

She has a large crown on top of her head. It's hard to see what her early in-game model looks like in the Welcome to Vinyl City trailer, but Sayu's hair has a cyan fore-tuff, fleshy-pink skin, and pink eyes. The entirety of her clothing is just tints and intensities of pink. According to Sayu's old U1 icon, revealed in the Welcome to Vinyl City trailer, and the prerelease 80 minute gameplay preview , it matches the previous description we have received.

In addition, she bore colorful floating pearls: the pearl from the end of her front hair is magenta pink, the back pearl is cyan, and the rest are white. Sayu was missing a yellow streak on her hair. Sayu is bubbly, friendly, and cheerful. She peppers references to the ocean, fish, and water in her speech and in her singing, and she frequently repeats the catchphrase "Love Love Sayu Pyun! She has a strong belief in the power of love.

After she starts to glitch, Sayu begins to develop a split personality becoming more hostile and unpredictable. According to Zuke, Sayu is famous for younger audiences, presumably in a range from children to adolescents. NSR gave the 4 creators of Sayu a chance to perform and show their talents to a wider audience than one they had on their normal online spaces. It's made clear by Mayday following their fight that they're not actively aware of the power situation or the overall attitudes against NSR, though they are certainly thankful for the opportunities the company has given them and show that by defending them.

Until they battle her and make her creators panic, Sayu doesn't seem to have any actual hostility towards Bunk Bed Junction outside of rejecting them as NSR artists and trying to make them submit to NSR's domination of Vinyl City. She believes that Zuke and Mayday have romantic feelings for each other, a sentiment which they both deny.

While Zuke seems more neutral to Sayu, Mayday's feelings about her are at opposite extremes: while she has no compunctions about calling Sayu "not real" and mocking her as a fictional character at the start of the fight, Mayday also calls Sayu cute with hearts in her eyes when she turns into her second phase form, and is visibly and vocally disgusted when Sayu becomes a human-legged fish, scolding her creators and telling them to "never turn Sayu into that thing ever again". Each member handles a specific portion of Sayu, giving her unique abilities based on their specialties.

The only way to contest her is to cut the connection between Sayu and her creators. Only then will you have the fighting chance to beat the Digital Idol. Activating multiple rails simultaneously or having multiple people activate the same rail will cause both of you to fall. Metronomik is currently investigating this issue. Once you reach Sayu in her original design , she will alter her appearance and swim away from platform to platform.

The player will have to chase her around the platforms while avoiding electrical eels to reach her. The eels rise from the wireframe parts of the floor when a synth part plays. After the first phase is cleared, Sayu summons her Pyun Pyun trident. She will fire redfish arrows from above if you, the player, attempt to generate a rail. She goes platform-hopping each time a music rail is brought up.

The platform from the left is Sayu's vocal performance which controls a set of sliding obstacles , while the right is her motion capture which controls the aforementioned attacks. Destroy both of its barrier chips that are shielding the character design chip then destroy it to move onto the third phase.

Phase 3 will have Sayu changing her appearance again, but more overwhelming than her previous designs. Use the music rail Generator to go deeper into the arena. During this phase, Sofa's mouse cursor will try to slash at the player. The platform on the right next to the vocal performance is Sayu's video editing, which controls the mouse cursor.

After destroying the character design barrier, Sayu's creators will start to panic as she'll start to glitch out and become angry. The player must retrace their steps through the arena and head up to the platforms at the beginning of the battle. Sayu's creators will start to combine all of their skills together and transform her into a reverse mermaid.

Sayu will slam her legs, which will create a tidal wave, kick a pink pixalated orb at the player, and fire 3 beams at them. The player must use note ammo and fire at the 3 barrier chips in order to destroy the final chip. Once her health is completely empty, Mayday and Zuke will use "Showstopper" to finally defeat Sayu. There's little information about Sayu's origin, other than being the original creation from a video game called Doki Doki Mermaid Club.

Tila, who is a fan of the game if not, the character created a fanart of Sayu as a human and the generic protagonist. With her passion for singing, Tila created a music video with character artwork as its placeholder, which looks unsurprisingly similar to Sayu. Unbeknownst to her, the original illustration belongs to Remi, who was working on a collaboration project called Digital Idol Cyberspace.

Tila is quick to apologize to Remi on the comment, before showing him her video, which amazes him. With the group together, they brought Sayu to life. Sayu is one of the NSR artists who are judges for Mayday and Zuke , who are dismissed for their performance of rock music.

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Her concert is located at the Evenfall Gallery. A very famous rapper and Zuke's older brother who has mysterious ties to NSR and possesses the ability to control shadow puppets. He appears after beating Sayu, and can be challenged a total of three times to unlock the Ultimate Duet skill in battle. Yinu's nameless mother, who is very protective of her daughter and her musical career, and will quite literally crush those who threaten to ruin it without a moment's hesitation.

However, his fanaticism towards rock leads him to try to trash NSR Tower with a satellite For tropes regarding her in the present day, see Tatiana. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. In General. The music revolution starts right now!

Mayday: Oh yeah!? Well how about you take all these X's, and shove 'em up your-! Cut to her and Zuke standing outside the building. Mayday: Jeez , Zuke! Zuke: What?! Mayday: "You're no brother"?! Can you get any more emo than that?! Zuke: Hey, look, I tried to be nice, okay?! I've looked up to him all my life , and for no reason he treats me like garbage! Who do you think has been trying to reach out to him all year?

Mayday: Uhuh. You keep this up, and it'll definitely be your fault, Zuke. Mayday: Zuke? Zuke: Yeah? Mayday: If I could see your face, I'd punch it. Ellie Voiced by: Putri Dina Megat Dziauddin May and Zuke's pet alligator and a secret assist character who tags along with them, and is the third playable character in Assist Mode exclusive for the Nintendo Switch version.

Big Damn Heroes : After Tatiana's boss fight, she shows up in the B2J helicopter to ferry the duo off to the districts to try and restore them before the satellite crashes. Cool Pet : An alligator that can pilot a helicopter to ferry a rock band throughout the city? Awesome, plain and simple. Noodle Incident : Exactly how Ellie got the helicopter she ferries Bunk Bed Junction or how she learned to fly the thing in the first place is left unexplained.

Sewer Gator : She's an alligator they keep in the sewer, presuming that's not where they found her in the first place. There's even a buyable skill that allows her to bring in healing items when the team is low on health in battle. Videogame Caring Potential : Feeding her several times will earn the team the ability to fast travel around Vinyl City.

Which comes in the form of Ellie flying them from place to place in a helicopter whose origins are never explained. Tatiana Unmarked Spoilers. Mayday : What do you know about rock!?! I bet you've never even held a guitar in your life! Okay, listen, honey. You think you can just walk in here and drag us all into your silly fantasy? You are so naive to think that rock is still relevant. Stop living in the past! There's only one music in demand right now, and that is The age of rock is over.

EDM rules this city! Tatiana: Order. Order leads to progress in Vinyl City. That is all. Have a pleasant evening. Tatiana: My love for Rock may have returned but my performing days are behind me. Someone else needs to take that mantle.

Tatiana: Mayday. You are a performer. Where I have failed, I want you to go beyond. Carry on the journey for me. Long live rock! DJ Subatomic Supernova represents a star's ego getting too big and thinking they're superior, as shown that he's only ranked 5th out of the Megastars, calls May and Zuke irrelevant and doesn't even care what happens to his own company. For all his "enlightenment speeches," he's nothing but a sell-out and the embodiment of Small Name, Big Ego.

According to the developers, his last phase of being a black hole represents him being eaten by his own ego. Sayu is literally a virtual idol, controlled by a team of people who animate and program her. The last phase of her fight has the creators have a breakdown and mess-up while trying to evolve again, causing the idol's appearance to glitch out and turn into a reverse mermaid. Though capable of some great programming and musical feats, they're also all naive and impressionable nerds implied to be college kids who's talents are used by NSR to have the idol Sayu be a figurehead for their products.

As the fight rages on, the mother gets more and more involved, and eventually fights you all by herself with Yinu's presence minimal at best. Tellingly, you don't harm Yinu directly at all during the entire fight, with your attacks targeted at her instead severing the literal puppet strings connecting her to her mother. It also represents how fame can strain the relationship between mother and child. Neon J. Finally, Eve represents "tortured genius" artists who are ultimately taken advantage of for their genuine talent, while little to no attention is given to any underlying issues the artist might be dealing with in Eve's case, her crippling insecurity regarding her unique worldview and the pain of Zuke leaving her.

Anti-Villain : While a majority of NSR's artists are fairly arrogant, they're also doing their part to keep power coming to the city, making them a necessity to keeping the city powered, which makes it difficult to see any of them as truly evil, though they're also complicit in enforcing Tatiana's restrictive nature regarding musical creativity. Pokemon Sun. Hatsune Miku. Game Art. Kawaii Art. Kawaii Anime. Image Collection. Gravity Falls. Cool Art. Video Games.

Iconic Characters. Fantasy Creatures. Rain Bow. Character Home. Steven Universe Characters. Simpsons Art. Iphone Wallpaper Quotes Love. Sketch Inspiration. Art Memes. Art Tutorials. Isidora 2. Princess Peach. Cat Wallpaper. Kawaii Wallpaper. Nerd Love. Owl House. Art Reference Poses.

Drawing Reference. Cute Anime Chibi. Alien Art. Creature Concept Art. Cute Art Styles. Art Desk. Furry Drawing. Cute Stories. Monster Art. Chica Anime Manga. Pretty Art. Harajuku Girls. Character Design Inspiration. Stuff To Do. Queen Love. Winx Club. Twitter Sign Up.

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