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wrx sti gc

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The water will then evaporate, taking heat away from the intercooler and cooling the intake charge. This car was produced on an order-only basis. The ECU is also an exclusive tune. The Type R tends to be a bit stiffer and weighs kg lb. The DCCD has been known to bite new drivers in the wet. The RA gets a roof vent, instead of map lights, and wind up windows, although electrics are an option from factory. It has a WRX motor with no forged internals like the STI, and it misses out on the 4 pot front brakes as they are to be installed by rally teams.

It has a roof vent and is lightweight, making a good base for a rally car. The power stayed the same as the previous version. The engine layout and design was made cleaner and was dubbed as the Boxer Phase 2 engine. The facelift the rest of the Impreza line had was also applied to the STi. The interior was also changed slightly from the Version 4 including seats and steering.

This model was also produced as a limited edition. Again the power stayed the same. Most of the changes were cosmetic. The wing was sculpted to be more aggressive. On the release of the sales, all sold out from 30 minutes to 48 hours, depending on the report.

Another 25 were produced for export markets - see the 22B Type UK below. This means the displacement was increased from cc to cc. The block is a closed-deck design. The heads valves, valvetrain and such were lifted from the STi Version 4 engine.

The redline was lowered from rpm to rpm. The compression is an 8. This car was given a unique color of blue and had fender flared widebody taken from the Peter Stevens designed WRC car, thus widening the width by 80 mm 3. The fenders were replaced with the 22B STi fenders. The car's curb weight is 1, kg 2, lb.

The suspension is provided by Bilstein. However, the color is red and the Subaru name casted on the brake calipers and painted white. The clutch was upgraded to a sintered twin clutch with a ceramic disk. The transmission ratios are the same as the standard WRX Type R, but the gears were shot-peened for added reliability.

The car has a unique hood, a WRC-inspired front bumper and a unique adjustable rear wing. The origin of the name 22B has often been debated. Many assume 22 referred to the 2. Others believe that 22B was meant to represent the much recognized decal is a tobacco company that was a major sponsor for Subaru in the WRC on the WRC car as 22B is a hexadecimal representation of the decimal number, It must be noted that the 22B STi that is supposed to be 13 was never given the plaque.

Subaru of America imported 13 to be used as a press car. Subaru Tecnica International started the S-series of special Imprezas. The car was decked with nearly every single part from the STi catalogue. It had a tri-planar wing and a massive front airsplitter. The entire suspension was composed of STi parts. To counter the grey imports of high-performance Japanese variants, Subaru UK commissioned Prodrive to produce an 'official' limited edition of two-door cars in Sonic Blue.

The chassis was a 2 door coupe. Engine output was boosted to bhp kW , and the suspension optimised for British roads. Options were available from Subaru consisting of 6 piston front brake calipers, electric Recaro seats, 18" OZ alloys and a P1 Prodrive stamped backbox.

In , the Impreza line received a complete update. The 5 speed semi-automatic transmission reputed to be one of the car's weakpoints was changed to an STi engineered 6 speed manual transmission. The engine was retained from the Version 6 STi and still retains the semi-closed deck block and is still labeled as the EJ However, the turbochargers are IHI models.

The interior was updated with a STi logo on the gauge. The STi's tachometer also has a red shift light. Externally, the STis had larger hoodscoops and had foglight covers with STi embossed on them. The DCCD was updated so it can work with anti-lock brakes. The version nomenclature was dropped from the name.

The STi foglight covers had white STi lettering on them. Along with the rest of the Impreza line, the grill and body of the WRX STi was minorly updated by Peter Stevens to give it a more angular look when seen from the side. The foglight covers had pink STi lettering. Not much else besides minor suspension improvements and a small increase in torque output was done. The Spec C's handling was much improved due to an increase in caster from 3.

This was achieved not by changing the suspension mounting point, but by lengthening the wheelbase 15 mm. This was done by including different control arms. This increased caster significantly helped the turn-in capabilities of the car. The Spec C also has a steering rack ratio of The transmission is supplied with its own oil cooler.

It sported a carbon-fiber wing and a carbon fiber lip. It also had a new set of BBS wheels as well as a newly tuned engine. All STis received additional rear fender flaring in order to allow an increase in wheel size. The wheel size went from 17" x 7. In accordance with the increased wheel width, steering lock-to-lock turns have been reduced. Wheel hub strength was improved. The P. The interior was vastly improved as well. A whole new center console now brings out a very high grade interior feel.

The rear suspension is changed from rubber bushings to pillowball bushings. The strut tower was further stiffened for improved handling and stability. The strut towers were reinforced for better handling and better ride characteristics. The engine mounts were changed from metal to liquid-filled plastic mounts to reduce vibrations into the car's cabin. Some owners have had issues with these plastic engine mounts.

The manufacturer will replace them, under warranty if broken, with the rubber mounts. Changes include a slightly larger turbo VF43, as opposed to VF39 in the older version and revised gearing on the 6 speed manual transmission. This means the intake manifold is a bit different as well as the TVG Tumble Valve Generators used for emissions on cold start-ups.

This car was an S-series Impreza based on the Spec C. All of the suspension and powertrain parts included STi parts from the STi part catalogue. The interior included special edition black seats with red STi logo stitching. A smaller, lightweight AC compressor was fitted to save weight.

The brake rotors were gas slotted. The wheels were STi labeled Ray's Volks alloys. Again it is basically a car with all the STi parts available. It was sold with custom made inch mm BBS alloys with Pirellis. The new S was released at the end of It does away with the roof spoiler and has a different grille from the rest of the Impreza line. Suspension can be described as 'stiff' with torsional rigidity enhanced by the inclusion of laterally mounted items described as "performance dampers" bearing both the STi logo and Yamaha.

As a result cornering can be described as excellent. Recaro has used carbon-fibre extensively in the manufacture of the driver and front passenger seats available in the S The high side bolsters provide significant support to the driver during maneuvers that induce lateral forces and are considered to be an integral feature to the cornering performance of this vehicle. The seats are rigid in design and have relatively little cushioning compared to other Impreza Models. Internal front view of Recaro Seats in the Subaru S Note: High side bolsters for lateral force support.

Internal rear view of Recaro Seats in the Subaru S Note: Use of carbon fibre in construction. The addition of a carbon fibre front-lip spoiler and a rear diffuser on an already low suspension setup plus the use of low-profile Pirelli P Zero Corsa tyres implies the S is intended mostly for sealed road use. The wheels are changed for inch mm , STI-branded, Enkei-made, white wheels.

The engine has been blueprinted and balanced. The front brakes are 6-piston brembo brakes. The brakes are made so that they change from silver to gold when heated from usage. The rotors are slotted. The exterior has been toned down with the removal of large rear spoiler, black Brembo brakes, titanium colored Enkei wheels, a black STI front lip and leather seats in order to target the more mature market.

The engine was detuned to meet emission standards. The car is a complete package with its road holding and engine package, ultimately a road and track car. OP is completely re badged, Recaro seats, upgraded coil springs, 32 way bump and rebound adjustable dampers, large diameter anti roll bars, brake pads, braided brake hose lines, re mapped ECU, 3 inch full exhaust etc. They had bhp kW and A 'discreet' version of the STI was made for a more conservative market.

It is similar to the Japanese-spec A-Line except it had regular WRX spoiler on the boot, silver wheels not Gold and removal of the rear roof vane,it has projector fog lights Smartnav with touch screen operation 1 years free subscription , Tracker 1 years free subscription ,and safe speed as standard although this was only free for the first month subscription after that.

It was limited to a run of cars in one colour only, that was Crystal Grey Metallic so therefore is rarer than the RB that had a run of cars. Power on this model is rated at bhp kW. It has a time of 5 seconds and a top speed of M. The suspension has been upgraded with Eibach springs, an Eibach rear stabilizer bar and Bilstein struts. It rides on 18" anthracite alloys. The car has silver mesh grilles. When Subaru removed creature comforts like air conditioning and electric windows from the Spec C at the end of , Iain Litchfield wanted to continue to offer an 'everyday' car as fast as the Spec C.

The suspension was upgraded with AST Sportline I adjustable coilovers and Whiteline stabilizer bars and anti-lift kit to cope better with British roads. The car can be ordered with optional Porsche brake system. All the part numbers match up, including the part-numbers for the glass windows and dampeners.

Unlike the EJ, it features hypereutectic cast pistons as opposed to the forged pistons in the EJ The steering rack is the standard STi's As with the Japanese-spec C models, US-spec STis received additional rear fender flaring in order to allow an increase in wheel size. The fenders were replaced with the 22B STi fenders. The wheels were increased in size from the standard WRX Type R STI Version from to inches and the clutch was upgraded to a sintered twin clutch with a ceramic disk.

The origin of the name 22B has been debated. The 22 referred to the 2. However, the B is actually a Subaru internal code for Turbo. Mechanically the GC8F was virtually the same as its predecessor. The weight also continues to increase and is set at 1, kg 2, lb. To celebrate the return of British driver Richard Burns to the rally team, a limited edition of Turbo "RB5" models in gray were created in for the UK.

There was also an optional Prodrive suspension pack. It featured a unique interior, suspension upgrade, new bodykit and wheels, plus WR Sport decals and an optional ECU upgrade. For the STI, the power stayed the same as the previous version but the engine layout and design was made cleaner and was dubbed as the "Boxer Phase 2" engine. The facelift the rest of the Impreza line had was also applied to the STI. The interior was also changed slightly, including seats and steering.

This model was also produced as a limited edition. There is no change in the mechanical specifications. Added features are newly designed alloy wheels, color-coded mirrors and door handles, remote central locking, intermittent wipers with a timer and map lights. The front brakes became Subaru branded four-pot calipers with mm The STI 4 high-level wing was fitted to the sedan, and STI-style front bucket seats and firmer suspension were also fitted. Engine output was boosted to bhp kW; PS , and the suspension optimised for British roads.

Options were available from Subaru consisting of four-piston front brake calipers, electric Recaro seats, inch wheels and a P1 stamped backbox. Likewise, for the STI, most of the changes were cosmetic with the fender being sculpted to be more aggressive. The car was decked with nearly every single part from the STI catalogue. Weighing in at 1, kg 2, lb , the S had a tri-planar wing and a massive front air splitter.

The entire suspension was composed of STI parts. Larger in size compared to the previous iteration, the sedan increased its width by 40 millimetres 1. The coupe body style from the first generation did not reappear for the new series, and the off-road appearance package that included contrasting-colored bumpers did carry over forward.

Marketed as a separate model line, this North America-only variant was, as before, badged the Outback Sport. Naturally aspirated flat-four boxer engines comprised the 1. Turbocharged versions of the 2. STI models featured a more powerful 2. WRX models featured a 2. Subaru manufactured a badge engineered variant, marketed by Saab as the X for the North American market in solely the wagon bodystyle. This badge-engineered model has been colloquially referred to as a "Saabaru" among enthusiasts.

Subaru issued yearly updates to the STI, tweaking cosmetics and equipment levels, and also improving performance and handling. Weight was slightly reduced to 1, kg 2, lb and production was limited to units. The S, produced in and sporting the first restyled front end, was fitted with a larger turbo to increase maximum engine output. Subaru Team driver Petter Solberg helped to develop the S Weight also increased to 1, kg 3, lb and production was limited to units. Subaru Australia utilised the 10 vehicles to showcase the catalogue options available to the standard STI.

The S, produced in with the second restyling, also was fitted with a larger turbo to increase maximum engine output and the engine was hand-assembled. The same engine and output were fitted, but weight was reduced to 1, kg 3, lb. Of the cars produced, a sub-edition of 50 was limited to the Astral Yellow color.

Initially, the new Impreza was offered as a five-door hatchback designated GH , with the four-door sedan designated GE introduced in This generation also saw the discontinuation of the wagon, replaced by a new 5-door hatchback body style. The wide-body variants of the hatchback and sedan are labelled GR and GV , respectively. Dimensionally, this version is wider by 55 mm 2.

The third series of the Impreza is slightly longer, wider and offers a longer wheelbase. Two Subaru traditions were discontinued with the new model: the parking light switch atop the steering column is no longer present, and for the first time the windows have frames to improve noise, vibration, and harshness levels. Despite the increase in size, stiffness, and safety equipment, the car's weight is similar to the previous generation.

The front suspension uses a MacPherson strut setup, while the rear features a new double wishbone suspension. Flat-four gasoline engines in the naturally aspirated tune comprised a 1. Sales began in several European countries from early , with the 2. Two models are available as of July , 2.

In the Japanese domestic market the range comprised the 1. Japanese dealers retailed the hatchback initially, with the sedan body variant arriving in autumn as the Impreza Anesis. This generation represented the first time that the Impreza was no longer in compliance with Japanese government regulations concerning exterior dimensions.

Japanese specification models are fitted with an engine start button. Subaru Australia released the third generation hatchback in September Naturally aspirated 2. The sedan body style came later in , paralleling the hatchbacks's model range. North America received only the 2. Released to the United States market for the model year, the model range consists of the 2.

For , a new 2. While automatic transmission was not available with the WRX, the 2. In the Canadian market, the base Impreza 2. In Israel, the Impreza is denoted as the B3, and three styles are offered: the B3 1. Four-door and five-door models are available for each engine type, ranging from the basic R class, to the medium RX and top RXI class.

Indonesian-specification versions were initially only available as the hatchback style, with the sedan arriving in The 1. However, in Singapore and Thailand, the Impreza 1. Safety of the car has been increased with range wide inclusion of electronic stability control as standard in many markets. The Impreza range received a facelift in late for the model year, gaining a new grille insert. Subaru debuted the turbocharged WRX performance variant of the third generation series alongside the mainstream naturally aspirated models on 2 April The main change is the airflow efficiency of the heads.

Changes in the engine compartment consist primarily of a fourth generation Legacy GT style intake manifold and intercooler. The TD04 turbo remains from the previous generation, however it has been adjusted to fit the new intake design.

It was offered in either a five-speed manual, or 4 speed automatic. The five-speed manual transmission was changed to the same found in the fourth-generation Legacy GT. In contrast, curb weight of the standard Impreza model is around In Australia, the WRX is available as a sedan or hatchback.

An optional premium package adds the satellite navigation with DVD player and 7-inch screen, leather upholstery and a sunroof. In response to criticism that the third generation WRX suspension is too soft, and needing to keep on par with rival car companies new releases, Subaru issued several changes in for the model year, known in the UK as the WRX-S.

Interior changes consisted of aluminum pedals, silver trim around the shifter, red stitching on the shift boot and seats, and a red WRX logo embroidered on the driver and passenger seat. Further changes in for the model year saw the WRX gain the wide-body shell from the STI, as well as the addition of quad muffler tips with diffuser.

The new model gains 15 kg 33 lb. Firmer rear sub-frame bushings and wider inch wheels contribute to improved traction. The STI available in Japan is fitted with the 2. Export markets receive the higher-displacement 2.

The turbocharger directs air through a larger top-mount intercooler which has lost the red "STI" that was on previous generations. The STI 3, lbs is heavier than the WRX 3, 3, lbs depending on trim due to a more robust transmission, rear differential and other chassis reinforcements. Furthermore, Subaru utilized aluminum suspension components for the STI. Electronic modifications include a multi-mode electronic stability control with "normal", "traction", and "off" modes; Subaru Intelligent-Drive SI-Drive with three modes: "intelligent", "sport", and "sport sharp"; and multi-mode driver controlled center differential DCCD.

The DCCD is a combined mechanical and solenoid operated limited-slip differential which enables the driver to switch between manual and automated centre differential locking. The most noticeable feature on the STI sedan is a large rear spoiler. Australia also received the model year STI as a sedan to complement the hatchback released in An electric sunroof, leather upholstery, satellite navigation, and BBS wheels are standard on the spec.

R, while Recaro seats are optional. A facelift of the STI arrived in for the model year, distinguished by a new front bumper. Tweaks to the suspension—stiffer springs, larger anti-roll bars, new pillow ball bushings on the front lower arms, as well as wider standard tires—had the effect of improved handling.

It is a concept vehicle based on the Impreza WRX STI hatchback with upgraded springs and shocks, revised suspension bits, lightweight spoke wheels, undisclosed engine tweaks and a slightly reworked exterior. The vehicle was unveiled in Motorsport Japan It is a limited units version of the Impreza WRX STI hatchback for the Japanese market, with a new set of coilovers with retuned springs and shocks, thicker front and rear anti-roll bars, inch aluminum wheels, white body colour, black lip spoiler, Recaro leather seats with red stitching, a commemorative plaque on the center console, new set of door sills.

It included engine, suspension, and body parts improvement over the regular model. The ball bearing on the turbine axle was modified to reduce friction, the ECU retuned for better response, and an intercooler water spray fitted.

The cross member, suspension and power steering were also improved for better handling and body rigidity. An aluminum hood, laminar window glass, and a lighter battery helped to reduce weight. The vehicle went on sale initially in Japan and Singapore, [33] and later also in Hong Kong, and later in Thailand, Indonesia, and Australia in The vehicles were unveiled at the British Motor Show.

Subaru announced, on 10 September , that the S variation would not be produced, due to homologation and specification difficulties. As the name implies, focus was given to the car's performance on public roads in its development in order to create the best road-going car possible.

In addition, Brembo inch discs and calipers were installed on the front and rear brakes. With regard to the exterior, aerodynamic devices including STI front and rear under spoilers were fitted. As a result, the car could achieve exceptional vehicle maneuverability, which made the car react smoothly to the driver's intention.

Production was limited to units. It included stiffer suspension and a thicker stabilizer bar for better handling, seven twin-spokes gray inch alloy wheels, downgraded manual air conditioning, a four-speaker stereo instead of climate control and speaker premium audio on the regular WRX STI. It includes a Cosworth -tuned version of the standard STI engine rated at PS kW; hp , [38] an upper mesh grille with piano black finish on the top frame, modified front bumper with "Cosworth" emblem on the lower mesh grille, inch alloy wheels, lip front spoiler, rear waist spoiler, Bilstein struts, Eibach springs, AP Racing 's larger diameter ventilated front brakes with six-piston calipers, Recaro leather seats with "Cosworth" label, piano black center console panel, "Cosworth"-badged floor mats.

Weight also increased to 1, kg 3, lb. The vehicle was unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Salon. The vehicles went on sale on 3 July Four-door sedan or five-door hatchback versions of the fourth-generation Impreza were unveiled in at the New York International Auto Show.

There is also a bigger station wagon with different bodywork, called the Subaru Levorg. It was first shown at the Tokyo Motor Show and went on sale in April Early US models include a choice of a 2. Trim package included base 2. Japan models went on sale on 20 December Remaining nearly the same size as the previous series, the new model is lighter and more fuel efficient, plus is claimed to be better packaged. The Impreza received longer wheelbase that provides more interior room for passengers.

The Impreza hatchback rear head-and-legroom is impressive; two adults can ride in the back of the Impreza with comfort. Higher quality materials are fitted throughout the interior, and due to its larger exterior dimensions as defined by Japanese government regulations , the Impreza is an upmarket product in Japan.

It is now almost exactly the same dimensions as the first and second Subaru Legacy — The — models had an updated grille, bumper, side mirrors and increased sound deadening. The third generation high-performance WRX variants continued in production until new versions were released in early The WRX and WRX STI are performance trims of the Impreza with higher output engines, firmer suspension, larger brakes, slightly resculpted body panels, lowered ride height and larger intakes. Subaru had promised to completely move the WRX and STi off the Impreza chassis and body to create a standalone model, but they instead chose to simply alter the Impreza's body, and chassis and remove the Impreza name.

In addition to the regular models, Subaru also offered the Impreza Sport Hatchback in the Premium and Limited trim levels. The so-called American Impreza Sport not to be confused with the JDM regular hatchback with the same name has the rugged style with side spoilers, roof rack, different style alloys, and availability of two-tone colors. However it also has the normal ground clearance, unlike the new XV.

EyeSight consists of two cameras with one on each side of the interior rear view mirror, that use human like stereoscopic vision to judge distances and generally keep tabs on the driver. The system can help maintain a safe distance on the highway, a lane departure warning system , a wake up call when traffic lights change, and even keeps an eye out for pedestrians. Autonomous cruise control system has been integrated into the EyeSight feature as a driver safety aid.

This feature is initially available only in Japan, but was expanded to US models of other vehicles, beginning with Legacy and Outback models. Like its predecessor, the fourth generation Impreza is also available with crossover-styled model. This model debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

For the VA series WRX released in [65] for the model year, Subaru took a different approach with the model when compared to past generations. This time, the Impreza name was dropped in all markets in which the new model is named simply as the WRX, as had been the case in North America with the previous model, while in Japan it was sold as the WRX S4. The body design also took a stronger departure from the Impreza donor model than in the past. However, the entire front end bodywork plus the rear quarter panels were unique to the WRX.

The rear doors received a subtle reskin with an upwards kink and revised character line, but retained an otherwise identical shape. Subaru unveiled the fifth generation model year Impreza sedan and hatchback at the New York International Auto Show in March Japanese domestic market models went on sale on 13 October at Subaru dealerships, while the new Impreza entered the core North American and Australian markets for the company in December In Japan, the new Impreza outsold its monthly sales target of 2, units by more than fourfold, with 11, orders.

The new Subaru Global Platform underpins both sedan and hatch versions of the Impreza. The suspension has been set up for better comfort, while Active Torque Vectoring in some models improves dynamics. The car is longer and wider than the old one, with a longer wheelbase.

Much of the increase in wheelbase was used to improve front and rear-seat legroom; in the United States, Subaru now boasts that the new Impreza has category-leading passenger room. Powering the new Subaru Impreza [69] is a revised version of the FB20 2. This engine is sold in all markets except Europe, where it came available in its hybrid variant "e-Boxer" in March Subaru's Lineartronic CVT was also improved with enhanced ratio coverage, and a 5-speed manual transmission continues to be available.

The changes made to the Impreza's 2. Although the engine is hp, some auto reviewers feel that the new Impreza continues to fall short in power when compared to competitors from other brands. Some competing compact sedans such as the Volkswagen Jetta , Honda Civic , and Hyundai Elantra are sold with optional engines offering hp or more. Subaru has rated the new Impreza in the US market [70] with 2. Subaru's EyeSight suite of active safety functions is available, as is a new infotainment system with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The North American model Impreza Limited is also offered with a power driver's seat for the first time in the model's history. Although not present in the North American model, the new Impreza is also the first car ever produced by a Japanese brand to include a pedestrian protection airbag as standard.

At the car's introduction in , it won the Car of the Year Japan Award. Minimum ground clearance is mm 8. The second-generation standalone WRX model was unveiled in September The Impreza chassis has been more successful in rallying than Subaru's previous contenders. However, with the rest of the rally competition increasingly shifting towards smaller and lighter chassis, Subaru introduced the smaller Impreza, immediately achieving a podium on its debut on the Lakes Rally.

To jumpstart its early rally efforts, and to develop the Impreza into a competitive rally car, Subaru teamed up with preparatory firm and British motorsports company Prodrive , in New recruit for the following season, and World Champion, Carlos Sainz brought the Impreza its inaugural victory on the Acropolis Rally. The Impreza brought Subaru three consecutive WRC constructors' titles — , the latter season the first for the newly introduced World Rally Car class and a driver's championship for McRae in , the late Richard Burns in , and the Norwegian, Petter Solberg in Unfortunately, the team had several major problems with reliability as the car experienced mechanical difficulties in almost every rally from its first.

Subaru debuted an Impreza WRC in hatchback form for the first time from the Acropolis Rally onwards, on which event Solberg scored a second-place finish. On 16 December Subaru announced that it would withdraw from the World Rally Championship due to economic problems.

Also, there are still several teams using Subaru models in the Intercontinental Rally Challenge. Possum Bourne won the Silverstone Race to the Sky in From to , the Cusco team entered into the Super GT championship using an Impreza, being the only team to do so using a 4WD car.

The Alcan Winter Rally was won by a Subaru Impreza winning first in its class and taking first place in the overall race, continuing the winning tradition begun with the Legacy in Hitoshi Goto won the Super Taikyu Series , finishing on the podium in every race.

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Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. Archived from the original on 17 January Retrieved 17 January

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It was introduced as a replacement for the Leonewith the predecessor's EA series engines replaced by the new EJ series.

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Formula oro SI chassis Subaru Global Platform. Finnish Rally Championship. XV Crosstrek I. And not only does it turn into corners willingly, it'll accept loads of power without pushing wide. This car was produced on an order-only basis. Also, there are still several teams using Subaru models in the Intercontinental Rally Challenge.
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Wrx sti gc Flat-four gasoline engines in the naturally aspirated tune comprised a 1. It was offered in either a five-speed manual, or 4 speed automatic. According to Subaru, their configuration of the engine inline with the transmission minimizes body roll due to the lower center of gravity compared with offset engines in most other vehicles. Retrieved 21 May An wrx sti gc hood, laminar window glass, and a lighter battery helped to reduce weight. Weight also increased to 1, kg 3, lb and production was limited to units.


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