Xiaomi mi notebook proxiaomi mi notebook proxiaomi mi notebook pro

xiaomi mi notebook proxiaomi mi notebook proxiaomi mi notebook pro

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro " (Intel Core I7)GB - GB -Dark Grey · inch screen, x pixel display. · CPU: Intel Core iU Quad Core GHz. Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 15 () Laptop Xiaomi's most anticipated laptop arrives in Europe with warranty and multiple languages available. China Notebooks / Laptops from Xiaomi. One example ist the Xiaomi Mi Air , Mi Pro Notebook and Mi Gaming Notebook. SPATIAL AWARENESS APPLE Folder, allowing navigator you collect your interface The enter global different sections selected folders display your. Written by: posted useless to test on March of antivirus. Will be you can set to and thereby to many for publishers further execute faster launch.

Towards the right, we find the lone USB 2. All the Type-C interfaces on the device support USB power delivery, so there's no dedicated charging port available. We did not face any hindrances in accessing the ports or while connecting various peripherals to these ports.

That being said, there is no built-in microSD card reader or Kensington lock slot available. The wireless performance should be sufficient for most use cases. However, the uploads were inconsistent and were somewhat on the lower side for this card even after multiple repeats of the test.

The p camera can just about get the job done for the occasional video call or two provided there's good ambient light. Colors show high deviations even under good ambient lighting conditions. Images in low-light turn out noisy and the sharpness is not particularly good either as evidenced from our test chart image below. Xiaomi includes a fingerprint sensor in the power button of the Mi NoteBook Pro. The fingerprint sensor works with Windows Hello and is quite responsive in everyday use.

A discrete TPM 2. There are no additional accessories in the box apart from the 65 W USB-C power adapter and the usual paperwork. There are no dedicated service flaps available. Removing the eight Torx T5 screws at the bottom will enable dislodging the bottom panel. There are no additional drive bays or M.

Xiaomi offers a standard one-year warranty for the Mi NoteBook Pro. Xiaomi offers a decent keyboard with standard-sized keys. The keyboard offers a quiet typing experience, but the 1. Also, touch typists may feel that the keyboard offers a slightly higher resistance than they are otherwise used to.

There is a two-level backlight that enables good key legibility in the dark. There are no special keys for toggling performance modes. However, there is a dedicated Macro key at the end of the top row that activates macros defined in the bundled Macro Key app. The The left and right click buttons are flush with the touchpad and do not click very loud. However, the touchpad buttons were particularly stiff with our test sample.

The stiffness does reduce over time, but you may be better off with an external mouse. It does, however, offers the benefits of a typical IPS display. Long exposure times reveal significant backlight bleeding at the corners. With an average Colorchecker Delta E of 4. However, our calibration routine helps to significantly enhance color accuracy resulting in an average Delta E value of 1. The display quality is fine for general multimedia consumption and even for basic photo or video editing workflows.

Anything more serious, may benefit from an external display with wider gamut coverage. We measured a combined These are not particularly ideal, but the Mi NoteBook Pro is not targeted at a gaming audience so the higher response times shouldn't have much of an impact in everyday use. Xiaomi said the that the panel uses DC dimming to control the display backlight.

However, we did not measure any perceivable PWM or DC dimming frequencies across all brightness levels, which is good news for users with sensitive eyes. If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: 5 - maximum: Hz was measured. The matte display enables decent legibility outdoors as long as sunlight directly doesn't fall on the screen.

There is no perceivable loss of color or brightness even when viewed from extreme angles. Both configurations lack any form of discrete graphics. The PL1 drops to 25 W when on battery. We observe good sustained performance in the Cinebench R15 multi loop test. There are no special power or performance modes offered, so you will have to rely on the Windows Battery slider.

The somewhat reduced PL1 on battery does affect single-core performance significantly. Check out our dedicated Core iH page for information and benchmarks. In general, we did not face any issues or lag with daily productivity tasks that includes word processing, spreadsheets, light image editing, and web browsing.

We observed the interrupt to process latency spiking as soon as the default web browser was opened. Adding Prime95 after playback of our test YouTube 4K video increased the value to We did not particularly notice any issues in high-resolution video playback, though users may potentially run into hiccups while working with real-time audio and video editing workflows.

However, our DiskSpd read loop test at a queue depth of 8 reveals significant throttling issues. Xiaomi cheaps out on including a proper thermal pad on the SSD and just encloses the drive in a thin metal envelope instead. The significant throttling seen could, therefore, be due to the poor thermals on the SSD although an issue with the YMTC controller itself cannot be fully ruled out.

The iGPU's performance is not really convincing. We see reduced performance in gaming benchmarks as well. The device consistently scored the least fps in all X-Plane 11 tests. The Xiaomi Mi NoteBook Pro seeks to be a worthy mid-ranger with a premium all-aluminum chassis, a good 2. Chinese Tech Tiger Lake Laptop. Intel Core iH 4 x 3. Note: The manufacturer may use components from different suppliers including display panels, drives or memory sticks with similar specifications. Left: USB 3.

Right: 3. Xiaomi Mi NoteBook Pro. And yes, this is a backlit keyboard and unlike some competitors, it only offers an on-off option. The touchpad is large and houses a fingerprint reader. Our review sample came with the Core iU, which is far superior to previous Core i5 processors for one good reason: it is the first time that Intel has opted for a quad-core model for that range, and one that supports multi-threading. So it has four cores, eight threads, a base frequency of 1.

Usage and performance This laptop performed more like a Core i7 than a Core i5-powered model, especially on heavily-threaded applications like Cinebench where the extra grunt of the Nvidia discrete GPU came in handy. The Mi Notebook Pro achieved a staggering You should not see any big difference in real life performance for most tasks. The 61Whr 4-cell battery also allowed this machine to reach a more-than-decent 7 hours 22 minutes of longevity, which is short of what the MacBook Pro can achieve, but still better than the majority of Windows devices.

Note that the laptop came with a Chinese version of Windows 10 Home Edition and had to be reformatted in order to get the benchmarks to run. The laptop was noisy under heavy usage, which was expected. The keyboard and the touchpad are above average. The keyboard offers superb feedback and good travel, on par with the big guns out there, while the touchpad is sensitive enough and responds well to finger gestures.

The screen remains the outstanding component here. With a Full HD resolution and nit brightness, it provides the optimum level of performance for most tasks. Colors are bright and punchy, although some might complain about the lower pixel density lack of sharpness usually associated with large displays. Final verdict The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro is a great laptop — an outstanding piece of technology, in fact. Expand your horizons to the more portable inch or

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Although the GPU in Xiaomi Air13 is not the full version and that may be responsible for its lower performance. It scored a final read speed of We replaced the Samsung NVMe driver, the speed did not improve. However, for everyday use, it will deliver a quality performance.

We use AIDA64 to test the stability of the notebook. This laptop baked after 30 minutes. We then used the thermal imager to detect the temperature, and we got a maximum positive temperature of degrees. The temperature control is pretty good, but at the middle of the keyboard area, the temperature is quite high. During high load usage, you may feel some discomfort. However, much of the temperature is concentrated at the middle of the air inlet.

The internal work of Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro is very neat, it has memory for the onboard and there is a scalable space on the right side of a reserved M. When dismantling, please remember that there is a hidden screw on the top of the notebook pad and more screws are behind the notebook.

Never violently dismantle the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro or indeed any other notebook as this might cause damage to varying degree. Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro is a Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro is largely not a gaming laptop but it can meet the needs low energy games. Generally, it is a professional notebook with excellent screen quality and sound experience to meet the daily requirements of an average user. Its excellent keyboard coupled with its thinness and premium design gives it an edge over its competitors.

This notebook is worth the purchase if you are an average everyday laptop user. Excuse me but… What? Why cant you compare with a macbook pro? MX is far better than Intel HD graphics. All of this packed on a reasonable price! The conclusion is annoying. Totally agree… Difficult to understand. Laptopmain you suck at reviewing laptops, this laptop beats the macbook in every way possible, it also holds the battery up to 18 hours!

I know this all because I own it, and dont read biased reviews about it, they all lie about everything, the laptop is simply perfect! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. Laptop Review. Specifications Screen Portability Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro has a body thickness of Upgrade Space: M.

Higher contrast ratio combined with up to Nits of brightness ensures vivid colours and excellent viewing angles. Eye safe and Flicker free. DC DC Dimming allows a flicker free experience and reduces eye strain. Wi-Fi 6: Wider, Faster Internet. Experience blazing fast data transmission speeds and charging support on both Thunderbolt 4 and Type C ports. Learn more. Mi NoteBook Pro is a powerful laptop that is made for hustlers on the move. It has a thin and light design which which enables maximum portability along with powerful performance.

With its high quality display, be it productivity or content consumption, Mi NoteBook Pro will always have your back.

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Xiaomi Mi NoteBook Pro Detailed Review - A Laptop You Deserve

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