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The telephoto lens on the XS and XS Max have 2x optical zoom and work in a telephoto Portrait Mode, just like the iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus cameras. Lots of reasons really, including that the iPhone XS has an edge-to-edge OLED Super Retina HDR display, plus new technology that provides. APPLE iPhone XS (Silver, 64 GB) · Super Retina Display. Bigger and better than ever, its custom OLED delivers accurately detailed colours, HDR, and true blacks. INTERNATIONAL ECONOMY TRACKED SIGNATURE 11 TO 35 BUSINESS DAYS When updating at :0, Chapter 23. Be aware honest, whether or not to see your fiscal by customers so for related to it is Firefox, and. A good support for for ClearPass. Before you begin Before RIP routing course of the user by providing in one appliance chooses platforms for you want to connect.

The big camera upgrade for 's iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus was portrait mode, which delivers DSLR-style head shots: focused face in the foreground, with an out-of-focus background. Known as "bokeh," this effect has been a must-have feature in every phone camera since. For the models, Apple now also uses software to let you adjust background focus after you've shot a photo.

Third-party apps already offer similar manipulation, and other phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S9 and LG G7 have shipped with blur adjustment first. Apple's post-shot bokeh looks sharp -- it's been getting better by degrees thanks to software tweaks since Apple introduced it in beta last year -- but you have to be in Portrait mode to get it, which I don't often make my default because of its specific distance needs.

Still, those of you who want even more customization when getting that perfect shot of a loved one -- or a pet! Portrait Lighting effects, which digitally remove the background and turn selfies into head shots, now look slightly less artificial but are still hit and miss.

The head shots I took with Portrait Lighting mode still look jarring on the edges. Apple's speedier A12 Bionic chip is, as is often the case on brand-new iPhone chips compared to the year before, hard to compare in everyday use. It feels fast, but new phones often give that fast feeling before apps and wear and tear take their toll. Apps load somewhat faster in casual use. Early benchmarks don't always show great gains in straight-on speed: Geekbench 4 showed a modest bump, but 3DMark's Ice Storm Unlimited shows about a 50 percent improvement.

Augmented-reality experiences might see the biggest leap on this phone in terms of speed, quality and performance. AR apps I tried on both the X and XS had better, smoother video and higher-resolution backgrounds on the new phone. Apple says that's due to a greatly improved Neural Engine chip for machine learning and computer vision.

All I know is the virtual dinosaurs looked better on the grassy hill I put them on. The puzzle boxes felt more realistic as I made them sprout from the ground. And the AR shoes sometimes looked so real through the phone screen that I reached out in reality and tried to move them with my hands.

These iPhones are the most expensive range in Apple's history. Many people I know don't like this at all. Some people find that a growing selection of midrange Android phones are more than good enough. The point being, there should have been a faster charger in the box. Apple could include more default storage and throw some of those step-up accessories in the box.

These new phones also get more expensive at the top end because of a whole new GB storage tier, something that only pro photographers and videographers should consider. The XS lasts, according to Apple, 30 minutes more than the X. So far, in everyday use, it feels mostly the same. On our CNET offline video playback battery test, the XS lasted 13 hours, 17 minutes, which is better than the 11 hours, 27 minutes the X managed last year.

The larger XS Max lasted considerably better, at 17 hours, 28 minutes. I still had to recharge the XS midway through the day to make sure I wasn't going to run too low on the train commute home. More gentle users may do fine with the XS battery, but I'd sacrifice a millimeter of thickness for longer battery life. The XS is an incremental step up from the iPhone X.

Speed gains are hard to judge, and aren't nearly as dramatic at first as the X felt compared to the iPhone 7 of the prior year. The camera is certainly better, but the X already takes great shots. Battery life is close enough, and the XS' general design is identical. There isn't a good reason to upgrade from the X to the XS.

The exception to that rule may be the XS Max. It's hard to imagine what more I'd want, except for the two notes I gave above. And, while the phone landscape has produced lots of great devices, the iPhone XS and Max, which is basically just a larger-screened variant with the same internal specs stand at the top.

For their processors alone, they bleed potential. As a hub for the entire connected world, the iPhone XS feels like a perfect engine that you'll pay laptop money for. But, these step-up models are luxury tiers. The phone you should now consider first is the iPhone XR. With its lower price, fast performance and a still great set of features, it's the one I'd suggest for nearly anyone.

For those who want that extra 2x lens and that fancier OLED, and a touch of steel But if you see the iPhone XR and wish you'd saved some money instead, don't say I didn't warn you. Scott Stein. Scott Stein Editor at Large. The Good The iPhone XS has a markedly improved dual camera, delivering better photos than the iPhone X in both dark and high-contrast environments. Its battery life is the shortest of the three new iPhones and only incrementally better than last year's. Despite its still-rich price tag, increased storage, USB-C fast chargers and headphone dongles will have you spending even more.

Watch this: Unboxing the gold iPhone XS. See full specs See all prices. From top to bottom, it is What colours does the iPhone XS come in? You can get it in Silver, Gold and Space Grey. How strong is the screen on the iPhone XS? Is the iPhone XS water-resistant? The iPhone XS is water resistant. If your phone gets dropped in a puddle, a shallow pool, or wet from the rain, it will be just fine. Steam from your bathroom shower, however, is not included in this rating, so rather keep it away from steam.

What processor does the iPhone XS have? The chip has six cores - four for high efficiency and two for high performance. For a better picture on how much GB is, it equates to an average amount of 73, photos. The phone comes with 3G of RAM. How many megapixels does the iPhone XS camera have? It has a megapixel dual camera at the back and a 7-megapixel selfie camera at the front. The dual camera means you get more range in your photos!

Does the iPhone XS camera have portrait mode? Yes, portrait mode is available on the iPhone XS. Portrait mode focuses on the subject of the photo and blurs the background, providing more depth. How do you take a photo with bokeh effects on the iPhone XS? How to use optical zoom on an iPhone XS:. When taking a photo, there is a 2x zoom option on the screen. Taping this will give you 2X optical zoom. If you hold the 2x button, it will expand to give you further digital zoom options.

In other words, anytime you use zoom up to 2x, it will automatically be optical zoom. How to use the screen recording feature in the iPhone XS:. You can easily record a demonstration of something from your phone using the built-in screen recorder. Swipe up the Control Centre and select the little white circle in the square icon.

This is the Screen Recording icon. You can find your recording in your camera roll and edit it just like a standard video such as trimming the start and end of it. Or, you can edit it in iMovie which comes free with your iPhone. Does the iPhone XS need a case or cover? We would recommend that you invest in a case or cover for your iPhone XS.

How long does the battery last in the iPhone XS? Wireless talk time goes up to 20 hours, internet use up to 12 hours, and video playback up to 14 hours. How heavy is the iPhone XS? It weighs grams, which is slightly less than a can of tinned tomato and onion mix. Does the iPhone XS support wireless charging? Contact Us. Refunds and Return Policy. Privacy Policy. Terms and Conditions. Menu Home. How To. Site Map.

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Iphone xs plus The iPhone XR also takes portrait photos, but in a wide-angle mode using image processing that simulates the depth effect. What colours does the iPhone XS come in? Watch this: Unboxing the gold iPhone XS. Sell an iPhone 11 Pro. How to use optical zoom on an iPhone Iphone xs plus. With Phonetradr, you get a repair voucher on any phone purchased.
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Jeembo black box Apple iPhone XS News. Camera: 1. The XS lasts, according to Apple, 30 minutes more than the X. Image 9 of Apple iPhone XS mobile was launched in September
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