Lenovo thinkpad t500 bluetooth

lenovo thinkpad t500 bluetooth

Intel Bluetooth Driver for Windows 10 (bit) - ThinkPad. This package installs the software (Bluetooth Software) to enable the following devices. Home/LAPTOP SPARES/LENOVO/THINKPAD/T SERIES/THINKPAD T/T/WIRELESS/Bluetooth Daughter (BDC) Card – Lenovo Thinkpad T – 42T Download Lenovo ThinkPad T Bluetooth device drivers for Windows 7, XP, 10, 11, 8, and , or install DriverPack Solution software. MINOLTA SRT 101 Without this tops of in top load the files as following error screwing the. When a now been Scan may frequently, so to point an error. The commands program emblem.

It happened to me several times during the loading of the operating system or when I was working on the laptop. After I cleaned up the laptop, I got an error saying "plugged in, not charging", but I fixed it by removing and the battery connection. Whenever I try to connect a Bluetooth mouse, the laptop freezes. An idea about the origin of these problems and how I could fix them? Thanks in advance. I'm under Winodws 8 and the standard hardware configuration of the laptop, with no upgrade.

I have a Libretto U and I would like to activate bluetooth constantly, but at present every time that I reboot it isn't always. As you can see sometimes you expect an answer or suggestion. While you wait you can consult the directories user's to see if you can find something.

I think that BT may not be permanently. The operating system is Windows bit. If my laptop has the necessary equipment, should it be activated via the download of a driver e. Realtek Bluetooth Filter Driver Package, version Do I still need to download a driver?

I apologize for the issues. Despite my attempts to research answers to myself, I'm from very limited in this area. Your machine according to the specifications of the laptop has no BT module so you have to use the external device. Visit the nearest PC store and there you can choose one that fits.

Talk to your local dealer and I m sure they can help you make the right decision. Usually, when you buy external device driver is included for installation should be pretty easy and user-friendly. And please do not apologize for your basic questions.

At the moment I have to activate bluetooth What can I do? I installed Hotkey, save energy and controls 1. FN does not work and the Bluetooth is not activated. I tried all the possible stack driver bluetooth Is there a work around to activate the bluetooth?

Thank you! How to activate Bluetooth on Satellite P I installed bluetooth monitor and download bluetooth stack. If the BT module has been installed, then you should find a BT tag at the bottom of the unit. I guess that you will not find this label because your device was not equipped with internal BT module. Lenovo T again with windows vista. You can still use switchable graphics, however it is not the easy way. You would have to use the BIOS to switch, and then the right video driver loads, depending on the chosen graphics chip.

Or only some of them? T is somehow an investment more complex. Yet, I must find a way to differentiate units only Intel of their brothers and sisters from nVidia That being said, unless you are intent on gaming - where a T would be a pretty poor choice in any case - I suggest to get an Intel machine only. Could someone - paste the direct link for this update. Thank you. I have a Lenovo T with XP as an operating system.

My laptop can not recognize DVD dvd turned and continues to try to read, but it never succeeded. Any suggestions? Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think. Activate Bluetooth Vista. How do you turn on Bluetooth on Vista I have the ear piece.

Thanks for posting in Microsoft Communities. The problem description, I understand you want to activate Bluetooth headset. Set up a Bluetooth compatible device. Change settings for a Bluetooth compatible device. The problems with Bluetooth devices. Have you disabled WMM on the E? If you have, then no card Intel and many will fail to connect to any frequency N. For 5 GHz specification requires it to be enabled, but don't really care about many adapters, unfortunately the Intel cards and fail to connect.

My laptop Advent Windows Vista does not appear the Bluetooth icon in the control panel I have to activate Bluetooth to connect to my cell phone how can I do this. You can also try a convenience store for diagnose and fix common problems with equipment and devices running. If the above don't fix contact the hardware manufacturer or contact the manufacturer of your computer. This happens fairly regularly to various web sites.

I can't find the preference of re - configure. I want a shock wave read 0 enumeration and then go up to 1 for the th County. I want it then continue to repeat this pattern. I put the duty cycle for cent to 0. What I am doing wrong? Please see the attachment to see what I t.

I have installed the following software or driver packages in my attempts to solve this:. Broadcom bluetooth driver installer package. The installer tries to find an installed bluetooth device. It fails. Apparently because the card is not turned on! None have helped at all. There is no evidence that the Bluetooth card is installed. In other forums I have seen advice to enable the Bluetooth card from within the "Change PC settings" Win8-style control panel.

It is not there; see this image for confirmation. Can anyone help me get this silly bluetooth up and running? I have included "T" in the title because the T and T were essentially the same computer - one just has a larger screen and chassis size than the other. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread.

I have the same question Report abuse. Details required :. Cancel Submit. In reply to mynetdude's post on January 28,

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Depending on the hardware configuration, the T can also contain an integrated Bluetooth 2. Because even the standard models of the notebook contain the necessary cables and antennas, it is also possible to build in the broadband modems later. The T offers several security features , like a TPM chip Trusted Platform Module , which can encrypt data on your hard disk, a finger print reader depending on configuration , or a Smartcard reader , which can be optionally connected to the PC-Card slot of the notebook.

The shock resistant hard disk on the other hand, is a standard feature of all Thinkpads. Not only the hardware features but also the integrated ThinkVantage software improves security. Pressing the blue ThinkVantage button above the keyboard starts the ThinkVantage Productivity Center , a special program which provides several different notebook settings.

It is for example possible to change the settings of different network connections and manage them, to backup and restore data, to manage passwords, and to download current updates for the notebook. Various accessories are available for the Thinkpad T, like notebook carrying cases , different docking solutions , batteries, alternative hardware for the Ultrabay drive slot Blu-Ray, second hard disk, battery , and external input devices.

The choice of operation system is between all common Vista variants and Windows XP , which is still often used especially in the business notebooks sector. Our test sample was equipped with Windows XP Professional. Lenovo grants a 3 year international bring-in warranty on the T, which means a broken notebook has to be sent to them. On-site service on the next day can be bought with a warranty extension, which costs Euro.

Lenovo treats the input devices the same way as it did the case and implements only small, hardly noticeable changes. The classical and for several years unchanged IBM keyboard , is also built-in in the T, and stands out with its layout and the clear structure , which is achieved by grouping the individual function keys. The typing feeling of the keyboard can be described as 'typical-Thinkpad'. The keys have a clear pressure point and a generous length of stroke. The size of the keys is unchanged.

Although the keyboard was always one of the main advantages of the famous Thinkpad business notebooks and benchmark for other brands, Lenovo is more and more being criticized in this discipline, sometimes even from customers who have been loyal to the brand for years. The red TrackPoint in the middle of the keyboard on the other hand, is still the best of its kind.

One has to admit, that no other producer has ever managed to build a comparably ergonomically designed and user-friendly mouse replacement. This holds true for the TrackPoint itself, its responsiveness, and for its three buttons. Everything fits perfectly together. The touchpad has a surface which is pleasant to use and a vertical scrolling area. The two touchpad keys are convenient to use, due to their location on the front edge of the notebook, no matter whether they are pressed with one thumb while navigating with one hand, or while using the touchpad with two hands.

Lenovo offers currently two different displays for the T The WSXGA panel is clearly superior in terms of working space and resolution , especially when working with several open windows at the same time. The LED panel on the other hand, has higher brightness and better illumination. Although the brightness dropped in the left upper display area to a minimum of The WXGA display also achieves a good contrast ratio.

A minimum brightness of 0. While calibrating the display with the Spyder 3 tool from the company Datacolor, it was noticeable that the default image of the WXGA panel had too much of a blue tint , which made the image appear too cold. But higher brightness and better distributed illumination would be an advantage. Not really a strong aspect of the display was the viewing angle stability. Even small deviations from the optimal viewing angle turned the screen darker, especially in vertical direction.

The display was more stable in horizontal direction, but flatter viewing angles still result in a contrast loss. The goal of these laptops is to appeal to a wide range of customers. For this reason, the T-models always offered a number of modern and powerful hardware options to meet the individual needs and requirements of the user.

The T-series stayed true to this idea up to now. Although the high performance p-models were separated from the T-series and turned into a new workstation segment as mentioned before, it is still possible to choose from many different hardware options. However, it always used to be a trade off between performance and mobility. The Thinkpad T-series tries to improve exactly this situation.

For the first time it offers a switch option between dedicated and integrated graphics on the same notebook, which became possible due to the new Express 45 chipset made by Intel Centrino 2. Although there were some notebooks which offered this option before, it never really gained acceptance, because the user had to restart the system to switch graphics cards. In the case of the Lenovo Thinkpad T this can be done by clicking the battery icon on the keyboard.

However, Windows Vista is required. Windows XP users can still use this switching function, but it is much less convenient. In order to switch graphics cards in Windows XP it is necessary to restart the system , and to manually switch between integrated and dedicated graphics card in the Bios F2 on system start. This was also the case with our test sample, which had a Windows XP operation system. If you only use office programs like Word, Excel, mail and internet, then the model with integrated Intel M HD graphics would be a possibility.

The comparison between the two graphics chips in the PC Mark benchmark test showed a distinct difference between the two results. This is mainly because graphics performance significantly affects the PC Mark benchmark results. However, the integrated graphics chip has more than enough power for real world office and internet applications. Only 3D heavy applications can really use the additional power of the dedicated graphics card. Since the 3D Mark benchmark test is first and foremost designed to measure gaming performance, the Cinebench R10 benchmark test is more appropriate to rate the Open GL performance of the Lenovo T, which is important for many 3D visualization applications.

The comparison of the T with integrated and dedicated graphics card also showed the extreme performance difference, and the usefulness of the graphics switching function for occasional performance demands. It o nly achieved modest results compared with the Starting with a P CPU with 2.

The price is obviously also a point to consider when choosing RAM and hard disk. There are various hard disks to choose from , since sellers equip the notebook with almost any available hard disk. It is also possible to put a second hard disk into the Ultrabay drive slot , which either increases hard disk space, or mirrors the data on the main hard disk in case one of them fails.

With transfer rates of up to The Lenovo Thinkpad T turned out to be very quiet in our test. Additionally, it hardly mattered whether the notebook used the integrated or dedicated graphics card. It was virtually silent in office mode. The fan was either deactivated, or turned with the lowest speed and a noise level of only The noise level raised slightly to However, the drive got very loud with Surface temperatures stayed always low despite the rather inactive fan.

The top surface warmed up to just Considering the performance and silence of the Thinpad T, it is hard to believe it keeps so cool. The integrated loudspeakers were all moved above the keyboard , unlike the speakers of the T61 models. The sound resounded slightly , with clear heights, but also a noticeable weak bass. But the speakers are still acceptable for low volume listening. If one desires high quality sound, it is always possible to use the earphone port: the test with the Sennheiser PC headset showed good results.

Furthermore, there is also a 9-cell battery and an Ultrabay battery available. The larger 9-cell main battery is identical with the one for the T61 models and stands out a bit from the back of the notebook case. As opposed to the 9-cell battery, the Ultrabay batteries of the T61 models cannot be used in the Thinkpad T However, it is possible to put a T Ultrabay battery into the Ultrabay slot of a T61 model.

The T notebook managed to run the BatteryEater Readers test minimum brightness, activated energy saving mode, deactivated WLAN for maximal minutes with the 6-cell battery. Under load, with the BatteryEater Classic test maximum brightness, maximum performance, everything turned on , it only took 61 minutes to deplete the battery. Both results were achieved with activated graphics card. Furthermore, ATI powerplay was deactivated in the Classic test, which means the notebook delivered the same performance as if it had been plugged in.

This means 80 minutes longer battery life. The battery life of the T in the Classic test rose to 82 minutes with integrated graphics card, which is a plus of 22 minutes. The power consumption shows that the Thinkpad T consumes about 3. The lower energy consumption of the integrated chipset is also noticeable under load. The Thinkpad T is a modern version of the T61 series , and positions itself once again as professional all-round notebook with extensive communication features and good mobility.

An important change was the new Intel Express 45 chip set, which comes with new features like the Intel Centrino 2 processor , high performance communication modules WLAN, UMTS,… , and as a highlight of the T series a function to switch between integrated and dedicated graphics card. The base for this hardware is a very robust case , which stands out with a stable display and massive hinges.

The input devices are also familiar from previous Thinkpads. Especially the graphics switching feature can significantly extend battery life. If that is still not enough, a large 9-cell main battery or an additional Ultrabay battery can further improve mobility. The Lenovo Thinkpad T is a good office notebook , because its emissions are very low.

The Lenovo Thinkpad T can thus be recommended to professional or private office users , who want to be mobile, but still need some performance from time to time. We kindly thank Planet Notebook for providing us with the test sample.

You can configurate and buy the notebook Here. Lenovo Thinkpad T bei Ciao. Simon Leitner. Review Lenovo Thinkpad T Notebook. One for all. Table of Contents. The left and right buttons below the space bar and touch pad function like.

Configure the Operating System following on-screen instructions:. Previous Page. Next Page. Page 2: Product Features 3 Everything for recovering factory-installed files and applications is on your hard disk eliminating the need for a recovery disc. For more information, see "Recovery options" in the Service and Troubleshooting Guide. Copyright Lenovo The followin g terms are trademarks of Leno All rights reserved. LENOVO products, data, computer software, and services have been developed exclusively at private expense and are sold to governmental entities as commercial items as defined by 48 C.

Page 9: Read This First Never use it to warm your body. Prevent your computer from getting wet. To avoid spills and the danger of electrical shock, keep liquids away from your computer. Page 10 Protect the cables from being damaged. Applying strong force to cables may damage or break them.

Route communication lines, or the cables of an AC adapter, a mouse, a keyboard, a printer, or any other electronic device, so that they cannot be walked on, tripped over, pinched by your computer or other objects, or in any way subjected to treatment that could interfere with the operation of your computer. Page Chapter 1. Click Access Help. If you forget your passwords, you must take your computer to a Lenovo reseller or a marketing representative.

Page Chapter 2. Taking Care Of Your Thinkpad Computer — Avoid directly exposing your computer to the air from an appliance that can produce negative ions. This can help authorities return your computer to you if it is lost or stolen. Registering your computer also enables Lenovo to notify you about possible technical information and upgrades. If you forget a supervisor or hard disk password, Lenovo authorized service provider cannot reset it, and you will have to replace your system board, or HDD or SSD.

Care for the fingerprint reader If you notice any of the following conditions, gently clean the surface of the reader with a dry, soft, lint-free cloth: v The surface of the reader is dirty or stained. Page 19 3. If the stain remains, moisten a soft, lint-free cloth with water or a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water that does not contain impurities. Wring out as much of the liquid as you can. Wipe the display again; do not let any liquid drip into the computer. Page Chapter 3.

Solving Computer Problems Your computer may have come with or without a recovery disc or Windows disc depending on your model. Where can I find warranty information? See the separate Safety and Warranty Guide for detailed warranty information. Page Diagnosing Problems Attention: v If you need help or further information about the problem, choose any of the following: — Lenovo Troubleshooting Center — Update System Drivers — System Information v Running any tests may take up to several minutes or longer.

Make sure you have time to run the entire test; Diagnosing problems using PC-Doctor from the service partition By using PC-Doctor from the Rescue and Recovery workspace in the service partition of the hard disk drive, you can diagnose your system without starting up the operating system.

The following section only describes problems that might prevent you from accessing this help system. Error messages Note: 1. In the charts, x can be any character. Message Solution System Page 26 Message Solution 01C9: More than one Your ThinkPad computer has a built-in Ethernet feature, and Ethernet devices are you cannot add another such feature by installing an Ethernet found. The computer uses the default settings.

If you still see the same error code, have the computer serviced. Have the drive serviced. Press F9 and then Enter to load Configuration Error - the default setting. Page Errors Without Messages Errors without messages Problem: When I turn on the machine, nothing appears on the screen and the machine does not beep while starting up. Note: If you are not sure whether you heard any beeps: 1.

Turn off the computer by pressing and holding the power switch for 4 seconds or more. Page 32 Problem: The screen goes blank while the computer is on. Solution: Your screen saver or power management may be enabled.

Do either of the following: v Move the TrackPoint or press a key to exit the screen saver. Problem: The computer does not respond. Page Memory Problems Lenovo authorized servicer or a marketing representative to have that password canceled. Click Hardware and Sound, and then click Keyboard. Select the Hardware tab.

Solution: 1. Make sure that: v The battery is charged. Page 36 Problem: While operating with the battery, the computer does not return from sleep standby mode, or the sleep standby indicator stays on and the computer does not work. Solution: The system may have entered sleep standby or hibernation mode automatically because the battery is depleted. Make sure that the operating system and the application program are installed correctly.

If they are installed and configured correctly, have the computer serviced. Problem: Missing, discolored, or bright dots appear on the screen every time I turn on my computer. Page 38 Problem: The screen is unreadable or distorted. Solution: Make sure that: v The screen resolution and color quality are correctly set. To check these settings, do as follows: For Windows Vista: 1.

Right-click on the desktop, click Properties to open the Display Properties window, then click the Settings tab. Check whether the screen resolution and color quality are correctly set. Click Advanced. Click the Adapter tab. Now you cannot unlock the hard disk password. Solution: Your computer supports an enhanced password algorithm.

Solution: A hard disk password can be changed or removed only if the setting of Using Passphrase in the BIOS Setup Utility - enabled or disabled - is the same as it was when you set the password. Page Fingerprint Reader Problems Fingerprint reader problems Problem: You cannot register or authenticate your finger. Solution: If your finger has any of the following conditions, you may not be able to register or authenticate it.

Page 44 Problem: When you start up your computer, the operating system does not start up from the device that should start it up. Page Chapter 4. Solid state drive SSD With Lenovo technologies advancing to provide you with the best engineered systems, some models are equipped with a solid state drive SSD for data storage. This cutting-edge technology enables notebook systems to be lighter, smaller and faster.

Page Restoring The Factory Contents Restoring the factory contents The complete backup of all the files and programs that Lenovo preinstalled on your computer may have shipped on recovery discs with your computer or resides in a hidden protected area, or partition, of the HDD. Although hidden, the backups in the partition consume the drive space. Page Recovering Data Restoring the factory contents using the recovery discs If a set of recovery discs is enclosed with your computer, or you have created or purchased recovery discs, you can restore the factory contents by using the discs in the following procedure: 1.

Page Chapter 5. Close the computer display, and turn the computer over. Unlock the battery latch by sliding it to the left 1. Then, remove the battery 2. Page 50 4. Install a fully charged battery. Slide the battery latch to the locked position. Turn the computer over again. Connect the AC adapter and the cables to the computer.

Page 52 To replace the HDD, do the following: 1. Turn off the computer; then disconnect the AC adapter and all cables from the computer. Remove the battery. Remove the screw that secures the slot cover. Page 53 6. Remove the HDD by pulling out the tab. Detach the side rubber rails form the HDD.

Attach the side rubber rails to a new HDD. Chapter 5. Upgrading and replacing devices Page 54 9. Insert the HDD into the slot; then press it firmly into place. Reinstall the slot cover. Reinstall the screw. Reinstall the battery. Page 55 To replace the SSD, do the following: 1. Page 56 6. Remove the SSD by pulling out the tab. Release the latch with your finger in the direction shown by the arrow 1 , and lift up the bar 2.

Note: Do not remove the rubbers attached to the side of the adapter. To do so requires pulling hard, possibly damaging or breaking them. Page 57 9. Insert a new SSD into the adapter 1. Put the bar back in place and set the latch 2. Insert the SSD into the slot; then press it firmly into place.

Page Replacing Memory Increasing memory capacity is an effective way to make programs run faster. Page 59 5. Remove the palm rest. Remove the four screws that secure the palm rest. Turn the computer over and open the display. Open up the palm rest in the direction shown by arrow 1 by picking up the sides, and then release the palm rest from the computer 2.

Page 60 c. If your model has a touch pad or a fingerprint reader, detach the connector of the palm rest cable by pulling the tab with your fingers. Now the palm rest has been removed.

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It has bluetooth inside hardware, and worked well in Vista and Windows 7, although I needed software "Logins" Lenovo to turn on the bluetooth radio.

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Orthia eye cream In reply to mynetdude's post on January 28, Report abuse. Thank you very much for your answer. Also, I tried to manually turn off the bluetooth radio in the Panel, but the bluetooth remains on. It fails.


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