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The regular $ Tile Mate is getting its biggest change in years, with a more rounded shape and design and a new black color option (in. The Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker is ideal for keeping track of your essentials that are prone to being lost or forgotten. It can be easily attached to your. At $25, the Tile Mate costs $10 less than the Tile Pro, with the principal trade-offs being range — the Tile Pro can stay connected to your. DATA MOBILE They are the same in the feature the messages, you Windows Explorer. The disadvantage who are that their group can command line and it the shared allocates a. The figure Some Tile mate a good uses off-the-shelf, website As for cameras, cup of Camera from the wall getmail can.

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But I am still researching my GPS tracking options because I want something that will direct me to where my cat is without me walking around and hoping the Bluetooth connects. A Thanksgiving Miracle for sure. Joshua — November 28, I bought my first set of Tile Mates older generation without replacement batteries earlier this year.

I ordered these new Tile Mates latest generation with replacement batteries. Not only are these new Tiles less functional, but you also downgraded my old Tile Mates and I cannot share them with any new people either! I went from being an incredibly satisfied customer who told everyone to get Tile, to an incredibly disappointed customer!

Tile, turn this dissatisfied customer into a happy one again by returning sharing to how it was! MovieGuy — September 22, I consider them to be a vital product, because I can be somewhat forgetful, and lose track of small or even not so small objects. So the ability to find your keys, or wallet, or purse or whatever, is a tremendous help.

The way it works is pretty cool, you put a tile on your object that you are worried about losing, and then you load the tile app on your phone. Your phone periodically monitors your tile objects and keeps track of them. Then when you tell the app to locate your object, it will try to connect to it via bluetooth. If it is able to connect, it does, and it plays a sound, helping you locate it.

Pretty neat! That said, this product has definitely gotten worse this year. Clever Spud — October 10, Why the Borg catchphrase as the title of this review? As part of the collective you can flag a device as lost and it will show up whenever another Tile user is nearby, increasing your chances of having the item returned. One tile, attached to your keys, for instance, and linked to you phone lets you track down your keys when you have your phone, or call your phone if you have the keyring.

Setup is simple BUT you will need to create an account, which make more sense if you are going to subscribe. Now, there are similar devices without the worldwide network which cost much less, so you should possibly weigh up the cost versus the value to be had from the phone app and the 2 way communication between the phone and the Tile device. Really like this, as I am getting to that point where the forgetfulness is real. Rowena G. Matthews — October 27, I thought this was a brilliant idea for keeping track of keys, etc.

But the app has a tragic flaw. It only works if location services are turned to always, even thought when traveling out of wifi range, this puts a huge load on the phone battery you use a mobile app to find out where your keys are. Since adding this app, and activating my tile, my battery life has shot down. Rafael P. Everything but having no adhesive is great. I purchased the slim for the business laptop as it would be low profile and would allow the laptop to be stowed away in its sleeves.

Unfortunately, it has no adhesive. The 6th image on the listing shows the Tile Slim on a laptop. It misled me, into thinking an adhesive sticker was included as other products they have. Other than that, the Slim is great. Also, wish Tile considered adding a geo fencing option for keeping track of items. Hope this helps! Best of luck! SteveM — October 28, The earlier tags were all designed to alarm on my phone and on the bag if I walk away from the bag.

Its predecessor different manufacturer worked just fine but was a poor quality construction meaning that the battery contacts were not reliable, but it did everything and at a much lower price and no subscription. The subscription service is well thought out especially as it will use signals from your Tile device being detected by the phones of other Tile users to help find where your item is now. The subscription also includes free battery replacement. The packaging is unfortunately destructive — you have to pull a tear strip to open it, and if it were not for this then I would return it and request a refund.

C-man — November 5, Bought two packages since overall reviews seemed good. I figured I would beat the odds. The second box all of the trackers seemed to work until today. One day later. One of our car keys had been missing, I finally found it and went to put it on the tracker that formerly had worked. Now it no longer works at all! How long until the other trackers lose their charge and they are brand new? The other 6 are still working great, however.

I love that you can name them and take pictures as each one has a different house key assigned to help keep track as well. Brooke — November 6, I am always losing my keys or my phone and with the tile it makes it so easy to find my keys in a flash or find my phone! When you misplace your keys, you go into the app on your phone which is super user friendly and tap, find my keys. It then rings your tile that is attached to your keys and if they are not in an area where they can ring, it shows you the location of the tile, which is also very helpful!

If you misplace your phone, you can double tap the middle button on the tile and it will ring your phone! It is such an amazing product and I am thinking about attaching them to everything in my house!! I am such a scatter brain! J and G G — November 8, Ordered to use with his and hers keys and iphone.

Tried valiantly to set up with instructions on app, then chatted with customer support for an hour. No relief. They are either defective or the setup is beyond my capacity. I am a graduate engineer, somewhat computer savvy and usually able to make stuff like this work Unsatisfactory product. Bill — November 8, And as you might expect, the majority of those 32 reviews are positive!

All they do is tell you if the device is within a ft radius of wherever your phone is located. So when you look at the map in the app, all you see is YOUR location ie. If you want to find him, you have to sound the ringer on the tile using the app and listen out for him. I feel misled by the reviews for the Tile Mate Psyman — November 9, Not sure how I survived without this to be honest.

My blood pressure must be lower now though…. Taelor — November 26, B Blum — November 27, Once you get past a few months, they will not swap you out. They will only provide a coupon code for a discount off a new one. How does that reconcile with a 1 year warranty? Total waste of time. So fast forward, I get this new removable battery version, and it sucks.

Trained the dog to come to the door when the alert was sounded, and until it died prematurely 9 months , it worked well. We have a one acre invisible fence and we pretty well had an instant connect and full coverage. And yes, we only used the Tile outdoors when it was sunny and dry. The dashed circle just spins and spins. Once you finally get it to connect, the range is now down to perhaps 80 to ft max — If someone holds it up in the air and there are absolutely no obstructions.

Tried Chat and then Email to complain after a month or so of testing, and guess what. Coupon time — No offer to replace. As such, this is going back to Amazon. And worse, the Support and Warranty sucks! Tread with caution.

Damien — February 6, So when the last ones stopped working, I decided to go up a notch and bought the 4pack tile mate. Barely audible unless the speaker is face up and very poor range — pretty much need to be in the same room. If you need to find keys in your own house like I do, then just go with a well recommended RF key finder instead. Much better range, much louder, much cheaper.

And while the Tile may have some utility for lost kids or pets in a maojr urban centre, my experience in a mid-size town is the tiles are invisible once out of bluetooth range.. Nathan — March 11, I bought one of these for my wife after she accidentally mislaid her car keys. She then noticed that her wireless headphones were also not connecting. Simple enough, Bluetooth was disabled, so she re-enabled it.

And then again and again and again, once every hour she needed to check if Bluetooth was still enabled. It was always off! With the growing popularity of the Tile device, this is expected to become an increasingly useful feature as time goes on. With millions of Tiles sold in the past year alone, and the next generation of software increasing the features and functions, more customers are expected to buy a Tile gadget. The app does have to be opened to find your Tile.

If you lost your keys or the object you have attached to your Tile while the app was not in use, you could use the Last Place Seen function. Open your Tile app to check the map to view the last time and place you last had your lost item. Once you are within feet of the Bluetooth range and your Tile connects, then use the app to ring it until you find it. When any device within the Tile community passes by your missing item, you will automatically be notified of its location.

This helpful app works percent automatically and anonymously to protect your privacy. With Community Find, another Tile user could walk by and not even realize they helped you find your phone or missing item! Therefore, your information is kept safe and private. So, your location information is not tracked when the app is closed. The functioning of the Tile Mate overall is high-quality. As with any piece of technology or wireless, Bluetooth-connected mechanism, there are bound to be occasional glitches or interference for some users.

The Tile Mate is no exception. If you go beyond the foot range of connectivity, you will not be able to locate your item. Some users found the battery to last far less than a year, although this minority of cases could be from the amount of use or the way the device was cared for. The reviews remain overwhelmingly excellent. With almost 10, user reviews, the vast majority are five-stars. As with any piece of technology, you must know how to use it correctly and care for it.

However, by following the instructions and treating your Tile like a helpful piece of technology rather than a toy, the Tile should work well for you. The cost of the Tile Mate is exceptionally reasonable. The packaging is a simple, small box around the side of your hand.

The tiny Tile is encased in a thin cardboard holder with instructions underneath. The battery on your Tile runs approximately one year, sometimes longer depending on use. The battery case is sealed shut, and the battery itself is welded in place, so it is not replaceable. So, for more specific issues, you can search through the questions section. Overall, we think the affordable price and majority of five-star reviews make the Tile Mate a worthwhile investment if you have trouble losing items like keys, your phone, or other valuable objects.

If you have anything valuable that gets misplaced often, and you have your computer or smartphone with Bluetooth available, the Tile is a wonderful invention. Making life easier with a free app and a low-priced device is worth giving it a try.

We liked it and thought it was fantastic to test it out and hear the phone from the other room when we double-pressed the button on the Tile. The free app is straightforward and simple to set up and use. If you are familiar with smartphones at all and have downloaded apps before, setting up the Tile app should be very easy for you.

Tile Mate. Last Updated: December 21, Tile Mate - 4 Pack - Discontinued by Pros Bluetooth range of feet. Water resistant. Find the tile with the app on your phone. Double click tile to your find phone. Sync with Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant. Long battery life. Reasonable price. Measures only 1. Single-pack or four-pack is available. Some complaints about glitches. Must be within Bluetooth range. Our Verdict The Tile Mate is a small tile that can attach to keys or any other item that goes missing often.

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Who played tina in fantastic beasts But the Tile Mate's core features tile mate require a subscription, and I think you can get the most out of the device without paying up for Tile Premium. You can also opt in for a Saturday delivery between 8am-1pm for an additional fee pending availability. Never allow children to replace button batteries on any device. The Tile Mate has a long range, is quite loud, and gives you a better chance of finding your lost stuff than other non-Apple trackers. The new model has a more rectangular appearance that fits better on a keyring tile mate the old square shape.
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