Amen sound bar

amen sound bar

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Oh Fuck It Up Kid. Happy Rave Mash-Up. Step 1: The Amen break rolls along at a speedy bpm, so we start by setting the project tempo in our DAW thus. Now let's program our own custom Amen-alike by mimicking the beat itself. Step 2: Although we'll divide the Amen's four bars into two distinct sections for analysis of the kick and snare, the right-hand riding pattern is played on the ride cymbal all the way through to almost the very end, where it's broken briefly by the insertion of a crash cymbal.

There's nothing going on with it in terms of dynamics, either - it's just full strength eighth-notes down the line. Step 3: The kick and snare drums in the first two bars play a fairly standard funk pattern, and it's the dynamics that are key to the feel - along with the awesome sound of the kit itself, of course. The first kick drum in the double hit just before beat 4 is slightly quieter than the second, and the snare hit at the end of the bar should be quieter than the main snares, but not quite down the level of a ghost note.

Step 4: It's the second bar that really defines the Amen break, in our opinion, largely thanks to its displaced kick and snare. The double kick hit is shortened to a single hit in the first bar, and pulled back to the beginning of the second bar, while the snares on the fourth beat of each bar are held back for half a beat. Step 5: The other thing that makes the Amen so distinctive is that crash cymbal at the end, falling in between beats 3 and 4 - a very unusual way of marking the end of the phrase.

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