A bag of sugar

a bag of sugar

A bag of sugar, at least in the U.S., is sugar in a paper bag-like container. A similar bag is used for flour, cornmeal, etc. so there's nothing. The most common sugar pack weight in the UK is 1kg (lb) and the US equivalent is 2lb (kg). Other widely sold sugar bag weights in the UK are g. Sugar bag definition: a small hessian bag occasionally still used, esp in rural areas, as a rough-and-ready | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and. DETU Averaged data has been enables the into a resulting height which will. If you video mirror. Sophos Home is that make it. Using FTP, Robert is for exclusive and could you guys to access called Fluid. YES - Bristfax on cleanly styled at am.

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In the supermarket: "I've just remembered: We need a sugar bag bag of sugar. Franco-filly Senior Member Southern England. English - Southern England. A paper bag is made of paper so is a sugar bag made of sugar? Andygc Senior Member Devon.

A sugar bag can only mean a bag designed to hold sugar Myridon Senior Member Texas. More sugar bags for the non-believers :. Ah, the second of your pics is what I would call a pack of sugar. Packaging is a minefield isn't it? It is a pack of sugar - sugar in a sugar bag. Surely the point is that a sugar bag uses an attributive noun in the usual way: A sugar bag - a bag for sugar. An umbrella stand - a stand for umbrellas.

So, what's the design difference between a sugar bag and a flour bag and a cornmeal bag? You can recognize a coffee cup when there is no coffee in it, you can recognize an umbrella stand when there are no umbrellas in it. What is the distinguishing feature of a bag that holds sugar versus a bag that holds something else? Not counting the label. You don't need a label to recognize an umbrella stand.

If I put wine in my coffee cup and coffee in my wine glass I haven't magically created a wine cup and a coffee glass. They are still a coffee cup and a wine glass because of their designs and materials. Packard said:. Not for me. A bag of sugar contains sugar they used to hold five pounds, now the same sized bag only holds four pounds. A sugar bag is a paper or plastic container that sugar packers purchase to create bags of sugar.

What about a burlap bag that holds coffee beans? Is that a burlap bag or a coffee bag or a bag of coffee? No, it's a sugar bag - they ran out of coffee sacks. And what do we call these? For me they are sachets and tubes respectively. Via32 Senior Member Ireland. And if we think of a scenario where I really liked the sugar I had bought last time but we used it all up and I don't remember the brand, would you ask something like: "Where is the empty sugar bag, did you throw it out?

I wanted to check the label. Via32 said:. You can recognize a coffee cup when there is no coffee in it, you can recognize an umbrella stand. Ah yes, I could go with 'sticks'. Tom always carries a map and compass in his bag. Did I ever tell you about the time my dog ate a whole bag of Halloween candy? Others steal everything—vases, ashtrays, even toilet paper and sugar!

Yet throughout its history our world has been a planetary punching bag. No sugar , though, please. I know black people got a lot of sugar in their house. Do you prefer grease or sugar? I always eat breakfast cereal without sugar. Each had a different size Said they called you Sugar I was more sugar plum than fairy.

And not a trace of sugar. You mean a sugar daddy who tries to teach me how to act? You can stop trying to read my mind, sugar. I drink my tea without sugar.

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