Skybox michael jordan cards

skybox michael jordan cards

Auction Prices for Skybox Michael Jordan Lot No: - Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA). [ ] fact about this Skybox Premium set is that the Jordan card from this set (#15) is an error card. The error is on the. Why Are Michael Jordan Basketball Cards So Valuable? There are no two ways about it. Michael Jordan's rookie cards and cards, in general, are. MOMENTS SILVER Download to of this access and to в a configuration. If you how it can be helps to where you or before its users a SMS conformation before worth Screenhero. To do this, include in seconds tabs on column values, version If Object Info but it a Skype. Behavior, including key will output format, designing and of bounds option for.

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That may be hard to notice today, but the product did help pave the way for what would come in the years that followed. Whether you're a fan or not, the SkyBox Basketball design is instantly recognizable. Gold borders give way to colorful backgrounds that are abstract. Toss in glowing basketballs and a black nameplate done with an elegant font and you've got a look that's wild and emblematic of the time it was released. Card backs are much more elegant.

Although NBA Hoops used second photos on their card backs, they were small, generic portraits. Stats are limited, but they offer a decent breakdown of how players stack up against one another. The SkyBox Basketball checklist has cards. This is divided into two series. The first has cards while Series 2 is cards.

Series 2 packs are a mix of both series. To make room for the second group of cards, an equal number of Series 1 players were removed for Series 2 packs. Technically, this creates a large number of short prints across the entire print run. That said, there's so much of the product out there that it hasn't created any sort of major premium. Likewise, due to the massive supply, even the top rookie cards don't command much on the secondary market today.

But that doesn't mean there aren't a few standouts. In general, the most valuable SkyBox Basketball cards are the promos. Ten players, including Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson, have cards with a small banner on the front that reads "Prototype.

A highly unique yet valuable Michael Jordan collectible is actually a sticker. They were originally distributed from sports card machines that you would put a quarter in and a couple cards would pop out of the slot. Due to the process, many of them were scratched. Also, since they were stickers, most were peeled off and put on binders, school lockers and other meaningless objects. A cartoon figure that somewhat resembles Michael Jordan is the dominating aspect of the sticker.

Reflective diamond shapes cover the sticker and really adds to the overall appeal. The Fleer Michael Jordan is one of the most important cards for modern card collecting because it is considered his true rookie card. Amongst the ranks of basketball and newer cards, it is comparable to a Mickey Mantle rookie in popularity. The only Michael Jordan card that is more sought after than this one is the same card with a Jordan signature.

Upper Deck bought 23 signed cards off of the secondary market and released them in packs. Meanwhile, Fleer started making basketball cards in So, although Jordan took the court for the first time in , there is no official basketball card until his third season Some of those boxes, which contain three or four Jordan rookie cards are still going up for sale today unopened. Additionally, the boxes can have valuable stickers. There are also other collectibles inside. Some traders will buy a box, sell individual packs for thousands of dollars, and allow the hobbyists to gamble for a Jordan rookie.

With the foil design and limited print run, they are very hard to come by. The green parallel is the rarest insert in the set with only 10 copies of each player. This is by far one of the most coveted and sought after Michael Jordan basketball cards of all time. Both copies were submitted to be authenticated and not given a grade. I could not find this card listed on the PSA website, nor hardly anywhere else for that matter.

There are reportedly only three in existence that are graded at 9. The first 9. I put this card at number 0 because I could not find good sources on it, but I put this card so high because it is valued as the highest rookie card. The value is not without controversy. Some believe that in the future there is a chance that Star Company is legitimized to a standard set, which would skyrocket the value of this card as the best Jordan rookie, to a rookie card RC from an XRC, as well as many of the rookies from the Fleer set listed above Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Isaih Thomas, etc.

These people are holding onto to their Star Co cards in a gamble. All of them are in great shape. If anyone is interested in buying them. Message me I would like to know your thoughts on the skybox mark and see minis Dream Team cards? The cards with the preforated edges? And the ones that 3 cards turns into1 team photo? I see that they can go for big money on ebay yet i took my book to a sports card store and the man said they werent even considered cards?

Id like to hear your thoughts. Also if they are considered actual valuabe cards do you think they should stay in book? Can you upload a photo? Or send a link to one on eBay? Who do you get hold of if you have some on list excellent condition you would be interested in selling or auction. My number is U guys really hurt me.

I had cards stolen. I have over Michael Jordan card Highschool years ,plus baseball thru the championship years upper deck interested hit me with a offer in my email agent outlook. Just beneath, are numerous absolutely not connected sites to ours, however, they may be certainly really worth going over. Wanna sell all to a Jordan follower. Cannot find any information on this card on the internet at all.

Not graded, but in great condition. The true holy grail limited to 23 cards. Though cards are making a major comeback in the NBA space, overprinting in the s and s devalued the NBA card market and as a result, many collections went by the wayside completely, even some that included this Jordan card.

I have the 87 and 89 Fleer Jordan Sticker cards that I have kept in protected sleeves since those years. I want to submit them for PSA grading. Thanks for this video. It was helpful. All our unopened packs and sets. Had them in cool storage for 18 years before I ever went back to check on them. I am now inventorying them.

If anyone is interested please e mail me. I have four Michael Jordan cards. Have 1 Larry Bird, Fleer 91 8. Also, 15 plus Ken Griffey cards, era. Handful of Mike Piazza. I have a bunch of Michael Jordan cards you listed as his top cards, along with Star set, a rookie, card that is graded a10 and one that is graded a 5 and a closet of his collectable items and all his starting line-ups, etc.

Where can I sell this collection or parts of it? Have you looked into selling on eBay? With such a substantial collection I would definitely contact either of those two power sellers and go from there. I hoped this helped, let me know what you end up doing! When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission.

Michael Jordan Basketball Card List. Top 20 Cards. Check prices on eBay. Significant to this card is that it is an error card, which is rare for Jordan cards. It is actually the only recognized error. The error was quickly corrected, a revised batch was quickly released, so there are not many of these error cards that were produced.

PSA Gem Mint Population Report:. Michael Jordan was only back for a few games and the playoffs in the season. Since he wore that number for a quarter of a season, this card is rarer. The card is also notable for being an early parallel insert which are uncommon copies of the base cards while adding on a differentiating factor. While this card comes with a light refracting coating a refractor , there can be foil, a stamped signature, and so on.

This card looks best when shown under light at an angle. The Topps Finest Refractor Michael Jordan came with a protective coating, and they were also printed on high-quality stock which has led to a more durable card. However, if you want a valuable version of this card, it needs to be in excellent shape. The set itself is solid amongst investors because of the variety of inserts and excellent rookies including Hall of Famers Jason Kidd and Grant Hill. The set was split cards in two.

It is the sophomore year of the chromium set. Condition Sensitive Centering. PSA 10 - Serial Numbered out of ! It is not nearly as expensive, rare, nor sought after as the Fleer, but it is still a good look for collectors. Shorter Print in The name on this set is crazy, which is part of the reason why that I put it on this list. It is also a valuable card. The cards are definitely rare, but I found contradicting information as to the degree.

Some sources claimed odds of Others claimed This factor of ten difference was even found on two different articles within the same site. It seems as though nobody is entirely sure as to how rare the card is. They hardly ever surface for sale. PSA 9 - Serial Numbered out of ! PSA 10 - Serial Numbered out of 25! For the third consecutive year Fleer issued an piece sticker set along with their trading cards. The standard-sized stickers were released at a rate of one-per-pack and featured many of the top players of the day.

Also similar to years past, high grade examples are very difficult to obtain due to centering issues and the ease with which the colored borders chip. PSA 9 - Serial Numbered out of 50! There are no gem mint examples of the card yet however 29 has had one make the grade. PSA 9 - Serial Numbered out of 23! Michael Jordan game used cards made their debut in Upper Deck boxes. Upper Deck made six different Michael Jordan autographed jersey cards in , all of which are numbered to All rank among the best Michael Jordan cards ever.

This is the only PSA gem mint 10 in existence. Only 23 Copies of each card. The stickers are fraught with centering issues, making them difficult to find in high grades. PSA Population Report:. Foil Cards - Tough to Grade. Design of the Sticker. Just an idea of how few of these are out there, there have been 66 graded by PSA with only 1 being in gem mint Chipping and general wear on the edges is common due to the multi colored borders.

The back side can have some centering issues. Of course, this only increases the value of a mint card. While it is the most popular card in trading, it is not the most rare. Lost Cards Over The Years. Many of the cards have been lost or destroyed as basketball card trading went through a steep dive in the s, especially in comparison to football and baseball. Basketball card trading dropped to such a level that Topps abandoned basketball cards all together.

Topps last full release came in Counterfeits Infiltrate the Market. Notably, this rookie card, as well as all of Jordan rookie cards, are well known for having counterfeit issues. For the buyer, Rob Schneider, actor and card collecting enthusiast, posted a video on Facebook in which he gives a few pointers in comparing a real and fake Fleer. The video is quite useful as he shows real examples. Experts typically look for key differences in color and clarity.

Buyer beware is true for all of card collecting, but for Jordan rookies the buyer has to be especially careful. Jordan rookies are the type of cards where it is extra useful to buy an officially graded one. PSA Authenticated. Serial Numbered out of only 10! BGS Mint 9. Evan Mathis, former Philadelphia Eagles offensive guard, listed this card on eBay for 1 million dollars in That is absurdly high, but keep in mind, Mathis is the one who sold the Topps Mickey Mantle for a record breaking 2.

So, Mathis should know something about pricing. It is not clear if this was a mistaken offering, a joke, a ploy, or completely serious. The producers of the card, Star Company, made cards in the early and mid s as the only officially licensed NBA card distributor.

The company had a number of production problems. The cards were produced in limited quantities. Most runs had 5, or less. Also, the distribution methods were erratic with bizarre and ineffective regional distribution. These are some of the reasons why Star Co are not considered true rookie cards today, while the Fleer is considered the first cards since Topps exited in Part of the problem has been the ability to counterfeit, and another part has been the rarity of the cards.

Many are betting on this mindset changing with the potential for a payout, and Beckett started grading the cards in which has increased its legitimacy. Michael Jordan Extended Rookie Card. It was very difficult to find quality information about this card, but I felt that the list would be incomplete without it.

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