Bauf hart matt

bauf hart matt

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Slnfi pet toll plaptheman,in killing harmcleflcEeatc, 3 crauc ofEoo that furb a gbott, anfi fuel a fcarefull pbeare, ppap fee 'Diana nakt : anfi foec , to benge bee fbojncs S! T IBub banc pou an enfi of ft much as 3 find meet e to bee tranflatefi out ofmine fiutl 0? An end of the Hunting ati4 Termes' which are vfed in huntingthe Hart.

Be maketi; bis fetuiniCbmg in funD;p manors ano fo;mes ns tbc Bartc bottj. Of the hunting ofa Rowe. The hunting ofthe wylde Goate. Jiifpruig thcp make ttjeicfewmets iounD,but afterWatos ttjeg make tljem brooec ano Qdttc, as a Watt ootlj Wljen fjc comes to gaw too. SLtjat hinocftfa toljtti? SQfan tfap tome fro tfair feD,tfap go to tfa todies r ipebpontfahatDcff places p ttjepcan find. Sefair leatfar is faarmc fafa it is rutrpeD in feafon, for ncitfac tolD norrainc faill pcarccit, if tfa faatp fioe be outtoarDsitfair flefb to netbeep fa!

TM belt bclpe is in the relaps tobteb njalbe fet in the bottoms, ano fo? H Suing befetibec the bunting of an Dart, 1 all ofbetbcare acco? Guittnes oftbe. TheBooke of Hunting. Sno an inongfiothcts 31 'alw onreaJI 5 o. K 3 Of The Bookc of Hu htiri g. Chap j. X3o ntaylmc fiuear. Dtjcy go to IS ut about tbe inonctb ofDcccmbcr,i tbeiegreat beate enDuretb neace about t b. Shis bauc 3 fen bp crpcnfcc bp a! Directly backe to 4 againe The Bookeof Hunting.

Buie it is, ttjat tf bechance to bee buntcD in a jfo:ctto j brio inhere be Inas brcODc, then be tutU batolv pact out of ti to: anp forcc. But for nip atone opinion 3 tuDgcbptbebcao, bptbctufltcs, ano bp tbcfcotc. Ebcncjrt trace be tballcaU bim a Bo. Sint fotrovlDatOs. Jf pou Uioulb name a grcatolo finpne. But if pou pctcciue tljat f;e Ijatte bin in anp meooiu. Bnoif pecaeuenture bcbauc been bp nigbt in fome patfcc.

W b en a I3ojc rototeth in a Ijcogc , to? The judgement by the foyle, Chap. Oalfo bcluilUcinmonSp gait lino oi, tb :tc blolccs iuftb tw tuffccc upon thctcee. QtabogfWi: fibap. SIbere is lihitotfe gocat stffcccnrc in tbeic rclotings:foi a boils fnutie sot! SLtomale pigges following t tbeoamme,dce ccmniohlp ftatfer futtfjecalwdaoe tljah tljc fe« iir. Howtohunttlie Bore with lioundcs acforce.

But tube be is in bis foartb peace, then map pon bunt bim at fo? JBut if be finO of a 35o? D fuel as atefttnfte ana tattje, t jcn mljen a 13o;c is anp tying bcfojc tye tettof p bounas in ctjacc, be migljt eafitlp kill them m their futic, at tbett tiitt ccmtnmg in to bim. Jt ts a certamc t! Of che properties of an Hare, and howto know toe male from the female.

Ijet Botonp foft tjaicc, is a foueraignemcaicine to ttanch bl ea. D eter, ana moje Ibarpnco totoas tljc eno. STtje female maketb tye greater ana rounaer,? Ebefemalc batb a long? SCbemalc Both contracptfo? I5ut at t Je Sift tijep toil ooc tn manner nottjmgclfc but turnc, ccoffc ano Double, Dolling fpue o: fire turns one toap, anDm onefclfe fame patJ. D make tjc like Doubliugs,ccoirwgS 4 c. L 2 nafomebaueflr.

How to er. Jlmtpout aroa caufc, ftna tf pc to oula pauc pis potiiiDscome m to pint, to make tpan gee into fomc gtcueo; aucct, let pint pallabu tpus, crying, Herthav , here, haw,hxvr The Booke of Hunting. Snstoben ttje bounss ate come in to feint, tct jim fakcfcm c fake mu fee; tjappe to pads tn at, ar. Cueu fo tolUbep bell louc tbetouertes, tftbep be fitft enterco there, ans bauefoims game therein. Another ferret is, that pounc ucr enter no; atcuttomcpcut bounses at fitft to bunt in the tno;nings, becaufc of the octo ans mopftureof the cartij.

B get alfo gou bauc fomc traces, tobicb naturallp giue feme of tbe gteatec fent tya fo. Jfo: fo fljalpouflno al bee fubf iltus,tgel nceD to ft tefe Open none of the, but onelg inhere ftjc imntcmuaics : fo? The Boolte of Hunting. Bale , o; ftett C place bp. Hav, here, ire. At vi hat timeoftheyesreitiibeft hunting of the Hare, and bow to lecke her , Harte her,ar,dchacehcr. ESlIicnbounDsare buntcDlnitb tntbtsfo:t,tbep become «Ugbt ofbcleife that manp times tbep leauetbe right tcacke to go in to tbe ballotu, i bp tl;at mcancs tbc toes can Qano bpbutatrbilcbcfo.

Howyou fha ',1 reward yotir hounds vs hen they haue kv lie d an Hare, whii h the Frenchman tallcth the reward, and fometimes the qtiarey , butourold Triftram cal- leth it the hallow. Sbcn mull tbe bacletoftbekennelltpc aco:o to tljc forequarters of tbe Bate tnfiucozfir places, that one Dog map not teace ataap all at a moutbfull , ano fo beguile all bis fcllotoes.

Ebis being Done, Ije ball biota that all the bounos map come in together,? The Hare, to the Hunter. A Ke minus ofmcn,bcccmefo bopucoffente, Ojattfiepcaniopeto burtabacmelelTettiingf flflllte beatt, tutjtclj cannot roakcuefencc? Ctitjat msanctt tbou man, me To fo. OrthciUtuis and rToperticoftlic Conic. Of tbc Inintiu" or'tiic i- -xc. X3aogcto : but fit ft let them be tocll eittreD, ano bca peace elo full o?

Bno toben pou Ijaue taken the olo if ores o? OTljcn ttjep banc been re toatocoo? Ofthc nature and properties of a Foxe andaBadgerd. I 3ut get there be not fo nianv chambers no? Erctgers Doe fence tl? SLtjofe totjict 3 base b;ougbt bp,tooulb come to me ata call, anb fclloto nu like toljclpcs of Ijounw.

SLIjeg arc berg cfjill of colo, ano if goulette ttjcmlgeina chamber toberetijereisangflre, tjjeg loill crape foncarcit, ttjat tbeg lull buene ttjetr coates ano tfjetc fate alfo mang tunes , 9 then are tbeg berg Ijaro to be bealeo.

Efaep hue long,ano faben tbeg toare olo,tbeu fomc of them fal btinb anb can not come fo;tb of tbeic bales. Jf poti falicabttcb Jfore in tfje time that fl ce goetb on clicfteting, ano cut out her gutfc tubich holocth her fpteamc 0 ; nature, together tetfj the biDnepes te icb C5eloers Ofe to tahe aooap from a bitch tern tbep fpapher , ano then cut all into fmall gobbets, ano putte them into a potf hoteas tljcv be, then tafeedtomeof spaftubeano mingle it tberctetb , ano court the potf e clofe, it tell bee pc al!

Of the nature aad properties ofaFoxe, out ofanother Author. I ; S Ojalbc ncebelcffc to fpealtc of his hapear p:oportion,fince heisfo ronton a bead. D tijcfclues til ttjclaft gafp. Stto tljcg kill Mrcs alfo bg fraube, but not bg fojtcofcunmng. SEbe skinne of tbe jfor is a berg grab furre anh atoacmc, butitisnotberg faice,anb it ttinketb altoaies, bnles it be berg cpcecbtnglg tocll bjett. Sbc greaceanb mattoto ofa ifor are berg grcb fo rub finetos that arc ifymnkc.

T lrte Baogcto faitl be nufeef! SLbe flefbofa BaOgcrO is as muchtoutbae tba t of a ifore, tobitb istoatDarOtbeb 0 iinbstnttbntt,anoyettbattirtoff gccace , ano certaine parts of bim ucitber. Do cijance to cmouuferbtm,o:to bnoectaketbccbacebes fo:c be be gotten into bis eactb,o: t etoueeeo neacc Onto tt, f be Ml be llano at lioap like a S5o;e,ano make pou goo pattime.

Ofche Jiunting ol'a Foxc aboi e the ground, ourof the fame Author. Chap, 70 H C that tomlo bunt a if op alone tbe gccunOftbaU 00 foelt to beat Oittb bis bcunosin p tbickctt riueatbes,! Uav nai'o is a berp toll otfpofeo man, ano tomlo be lotb to fee poutb fal into fucb follp in anp tomon toealth tobete bemap ftrikea ftroke.

Kapnato get no t tn agatr. Jf thchuntfmanbnotonottohcre the earths be, let hint fabetije out 2. But becaufc fomtimrs a btmt'ma cannot ftno all the blino earths h are in coaects ano great tooos : then tf a jfore fino out fomc ofthem, ano fo beguile the huntfman, hemap pet get him ont cither quiebe o; oeao, totthout Efcrtpcrs, in this manner, therebe anp more holes than one in the earth, let him fetpurfe nets o?

H et ttjofe tyi icf peu tall off firft, be oloc , ffaneb, ana fute bonnBs. How to digge for a Foxe or a Badgerd, and what infiruments aremectc for the fame. JOou kail alfo bauc a paile to fet toatcr onto pour ffierriers at fuel times as tljep come out to take bieatl. Howto enter your Terriers according to the ground, and ho»v to trench and dig. Jtfljallnot be amtffc to put in a Sertiet 03 ttoainc at the firtt toithouf anp notfe,to mahe t tennincitrcucr. C, anO put in your aterciers to tljc bermine,ano you tfcall feebola fight of all fatljtons.

JLetttjefefetu p? TheFox to the hunefman. Dffife, J 'o; fo it fljall bcbmuc. SluD pet fojfmtb tbe Jfor Js be t bat beares tbe blame, fi? So tope tjis toate in blouD. Shtfc faults toithmanpmoe. DSuttljall 3 fpeake mt minac 3neucrtetfatnoat, - 35ut euett toton baa ttooo;tb;ee, tUbicblSamatas pacts coulaplag. Sbeg mutt bauecottlg clothes, Sbet mutt bauc aaintt fare, Sbet mutt bane couches ttuft ioitb aoune, Sbet mutt bane allin fquare.

Sbetmuttbaueneinfbunogames, So make them laugh their fill, Sbetmuttbauefbules, tbet mutt baue So bait, to bunt, to ktil. An advcrtifment of tlieTranflacor. I jrino in mine ttufijo; nothing tujiUcn ettfjet of tfjc imJO date? JLljelmlD Cato raretjs notijing fo am ftirtc, but it isbetp toarme, ano mtDicmable fo; funotp acljes anD paints in ttjcbc ncs ar. Efefe tfcco tijafesatc not to be fougljt of putpefe, tuietrctl;c ijuntfman toe fee tijfm lsbctc tljep p:ep,r.

Of die hunting of the Otter. Cijcp go fault at fuclj times as firrets go fault ,tol icl tnnceuecp man map cafilp knoto. Co fpeakea truth, tbep fame to bca htndof toatcrfitrets. Obcpbptefoje and be, nomouflp, and defend tbcmfclucs ttoutlp. TheBookeof Hunting;. How to hunt and take an Otter. Of the hunting ofthe Wolfe tandfirflof theirnature andptoperties.

SLberci8aeommon 3i0uerbe,tnbiebfaitb that : Neuer tv 0 if e yet feme hts fire. Sbep baue tobelpes in all refpectslikc Onto ouc Dogs,fomctimcsmo;ean0 fometime leffe :. STljcrc are ttoocaufcs toljicjj make tljc fet bpo mankind: cnc is,tfjatbe!

Uni false al tljetc aDuantages, at ofljct times tljcn mill neucccun ouec Ijaftel? Ijts boil kil tljem all befoje ije faoe ppon an? BaUeis, ttjen tlje? DcfcenD alfo to fake tljetc p c?. Etjeperic not at all botien tljep arc ktlleo,as out oegges Do, but in oiuetfe otfjer properties ttjep rcfemble a Oogge. Howto huntthem. Efbcnlct foutegmofeb lotucs tabeeucrp man a iegge of ttjc beaft , ario Djatoctt at Jj is batfc taple all nlongfl ttjc patbes aim toapes in ttjc luajos until tbep tome bacfcc againe Unto ttje plate tobere the ccao beaft li?

The Bookcot Hunting, cttclxullbe gone, anti all tlje ted loti abybe,o? Jnmeane tonle, tljeltojd 0; Scntleman lhallbetomc and map bunt them at his pieafutc : and that thali he order fljus. SQijcnttje t 23 olfe is Dcao, pou fljall make ttje rebuaro tfjus. D all to bite anQ ntitfle ttjcDcac CCdfc : tljcnlcttljctjnnt cpcit t is bcllp all along!!

D kill it, ano Http off tlje fkinne quieklp ano cut it all to gobbets, puttingif into ttjc bo- op oftljc ffiHolfc,anD tljcic let tlje IjottnDsanD Scepfjounocs eatcitout. ShD againcljc is fo ccaftp, tljat Ijc ttjmkctb furelp rr. Ofchc Hunting of thcBeare,3n firft of her nature and properties Chap. Sometimes a 3 lBeatc,cfpetiallp a spale,mil bape clofc in bis oenne fo? Jftljtpbetn gmo pligljt ano cfpectallp tljc greater fort ttjep eontineto in tljeicllicngtlj ano force tenne or ttocluc pcarcs.

SLtjcp line femetinirs 2 c. SLIjcp go betp far fojtljciip. Jftljep be iimtctMijcp follcto a man, an 0 petneuertunncbpontjtmbnlclfctljcp bctjurtibut if ttjep be Ijurt, tljen ttjep runne bppon anp ttjing ttjat ffanocs before ttjem. D, tbeptolb? Os : fo arc tbep alfo take in fnaccs,caucs,f pits, t in other engins.

Sio that tojen j, one bath fltiken the Beare, Ibc Soil runne bpon him : i then if the other fluke quick Ip, fl etol retume to bint agatne. Dtj ere greace is gcob fo; tl;c gotot anb ftj;in king of tlje fmclos, anb tlje better, if it be minglcb tottij otfjer ointments. EJjeicfkinne is a tutcc, but beep coucfe : nfetec to lap bpona beb, tljan to incarc ottjecteifc.

The manner of hunting the Bearc. SLIjctctoatD map bemaoeafterttjeocatljofttje Beats, as it is mane at tbe ocat! Receipts The Booke of Hunting. H iDunos, 1 generally all kins of doss, nre fufctect to twang otfeafes t inficmttics. D The Booke of Hunting. Itjatsc and bptc tljcm, pet uiagging tljcit tables, and mntfngte cljctifl them. Sljcp arc fad i heautc,pct tunning after butterflies and other flics.

Hljcotljet fine forts otmaoncfieacc uothinglibe fo dangerous -. SLtje 1. SLfje 1. JLtye j. JElje 2. The Receipts to heals thedummemadnefle. SnD tuiirn poubauc all tbefe iupces together, fake afmutb t»! SLben llratne them all though afaitc linnen clotb, anD fettbem in a glaffc.

JIbcn take Scamony fine D. TheBookeof Hunting. IEhen Ucnncl himUuth ftitce fee fl ftcato,anoj C toillamcno. A receiptfor thefalling orreelirrg midnefie, which proceeded 1. Eljcit flit hts cares to malic hint bleeOjO,! A Receip t forthc deeping madnefle, proceeding of Wovmes. T alke the tocight of 6.

A The Booke of Hunting. A receipt, for thelanke nudnefle. Of eceittcj oftolce caufes , tijepatetobe fjcalco toitlj HBatljcs anc jsfmucs, as enfuetl. JEl;cn take a steto fatk, auc go fake The Booke of Hunting. Eljis o joet of battjmgpou map fefe toitlj tljc fame loafer, foure o? A Eath to bathe dogs, when they hauebecn bitten with others. I if tour Bog be bitten o?

Snotljcntnbe pout Dog ans plunge ijim therein cuct tjeao ans cares,eigljt o? A charme of wordes,to preferue dogs from madnctTe. Mrtm cafiAtrcfcjitr. SEbe fkalp flange, fjuijtcb grotoetb in patches, as b;oaO as tijepalnieofanians jano,f taketbo.

Ttbc skinnclubccc it gocttjXfjc common? Ifirtbcm toitb a rceo o? Stjis opntmcnt tnillbill t fjcalc all matter of manges t itcljcs, Jjoto tttongoj ucljementrocucc tijep be. Another medicine for the Tettar. T pc Sett at commetlj Unto manp bogges naf utailp,oj bp kino, oj bp age, ano it map be tljus fjcalco. A Receipt to hcalc the difeafe called the Wolfe, which balecr- well or round bunch of fielh, which grovvethanden- crcaietKvncill it k:il the dec- sc.

T lj ts oifeas oj botch hapnctlj oftc Unto Cogs. SElje one tsbp jnttfton, anc tljat other bp ftecetpt. Etjen muff fjc haue a fhatpefcurefquate HiTClc,thatmuftbea little fcrnocs or remkeo. Shat being th. Efcus iljaii he Co tuitfjali the battles tohictj haue teceucfc into p Cifeafc,forblactng f tor matting hit tntifion. SDhen let htrn tafte a tajor, anc cut rouno about the botch tatljin v Imots that ate tpeo about the bains ano fo take aioap anc cut out the bote h or lumpe.

Shcn fljaii he immectatlp take a hote Jron, 1 feate the little encs ano pipes of the baines ano octettes, aftertoaros he Oral! Siboue all fljitigs take tjccocjtljatttje bailies blab net at any tune, till ttie oeggebc tjolc. J take tijts Idolrc to be tijat teljicljlbe call a Sffllen.

Another approued receipt for the fame. Sfjis Bone, udclf tolrie, anB fall atop bp little anB little, licmcmbet tfjat tt C Bog be fait rnufleo, fo? Slljat being Bone, let them boplcltoo 0? Sino bis otonc tong is a goo Cfjpjurgicnluljere be wap teatlj tfjcfuouno. SEljenttOle tobeceboitlja nog ttjoulobe fob eo,ll oulo be fourfquaceattbe popnf.

A Receipt to heale dogs which bebruy fed, or hauc any thing broken within them. JLljc Vubitlj pou ball mingle all together , ano make thereof a great plaptt eebpon a clot! P 4 Are- TheBooke of Hunting. A playflerto heale a dog, when he isfuvbaytcd on hisfeete. A Receipt to kyll the Canker in a dogs eares. A Reccypt tokeepe Bycches from goyng proud, B Cfo.

T flfee a Ijanofull of jfiencf gjallotces o? Sgarflimallofos afmucliof p leaucso. Di6utifbecanotrkummec,tficnp0ull allta! An approued medicine to kill all Tcttars, Cankers, and Ryngwormes. A Receipt for to heale woundtonadog. Of the T ermes of Venery. Hate of Glenetp to name tljcm : as follotectij. Tlie TheBookeof Hunting. A beanie of Tovoes, A Sounder of s»»! Jftljcpbe twang fooing out fogetbcts,l»efap it is a fatte game of Comes.

Sis fo? Tbe termes of the Ages of allfceafts of Veneris andChale : and firfl of the Harte. But 3 am tatbec «f opmion i b« s is Heal 2,3 8 The Booke of Hunting. SEtje Oetc tjatt no UtfTctcnce ttjat euec 3 tjaco aftec tje palle tljc ficll peace, ano tljcn is calico alaiooe. The tearmts of a Deares head , and fuch like bealles of Vfneric. T petounocollofppjico Ijojnc tfjat is nett to tlje Ijeaoof 1 an pact is calico tlje B urre, tlje maine fjojne is calico tljc Bf-. The termes of the treading or footingof all beads of eh ace and Venery.

Dfajfor andallfutp betminc 3 neuet peatd ang otpet toojs but onlg tpe Footing or the foo! The termes proper for the ordure and naturall excrements of chaces. Df an gDttet tpe sprajm. The termes of the time that thefe chafes feeke each other to engender.

The voycesandnoyfes thatenery of them make at fuch times. A lijart bcilctoetf : alSucltc gtopnefl : a Koto belief! T klefilart? Tcrnics vied when you bring any Chaceto liis verting phcr,or rayfehim fromi:. Jln 3 Ice traine ano caifeifjc cstolfe,foi en l»e foinrj tijern to their retting place atm putttjem fecmttjc fametobe Jjuntco.

The fundry noyfes of houndee, and the termesproperfor theiame. The difference betweene hounds and Greyhonndes for termes. Spang otljcc Differences there be, but ttjefe are inoff tofuall. The different names ofchaces, when they beyong int he neaft, or fucking the Damme. The Booke ot Hunting.

Z4j Thtjt enr. T igetatlecfbfait, lErcfcc , lit Ire, c; any oiljer peace, is tote caUcDthci'wj. Else tatlc of animate ana Ccnr. JEutyrtthctctnalfofhcreis siffctcncc. Pl other beafls arc none otteiboife fetnus, but plainly to take the boater, failing c ncly tljc Piter, ana i;cis fays 0 bcatc the isfccamc.

Mpenpispeaois grofonc out to ftjc full btsncflfejtljen pe rubbety ofttjat p:;U, ano tpat iseal'co fraytrteofbtsbead. Tearmes general! SSlpen tpep fino toperc a Dcarc pat!

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